Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Because of you

Well the year is ending, and I, for some reason or another, am at work today. So this is out to all of you, who have visited my blog. I've only had this blog for a little over half a year, but I've enjoyed writing and listening to your comments. So here are some stats, from mid July (when I added Analytics) to now.

Top Ten Visiting States:
1. Utah
2. New York
3. California
4. Texas
5. Arizona
6. Ohio
7. Washington
8. Idaho (Technically #8 is listed as "Not Set")
9. Oregon
10. North Carolina

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Day: 3.5

Record of Most Unique Vistors in One Day: 44 (Friday December 19th)

5% of you have visited my blog more than 200 times.

Top Ten Referring Sites:
1. The Board MB
2. Quiet Mischief
3. Facebook
4. So This Is My Life.
5. Some Twilight Forum (The Shame! ;o) )
6. Fred's World
7. Twitter
8. Chilly's World
9. bismark's Blog
10 Terminal Velocity

Top 10 Searches:
1. most heinous crimes
2. "can't turn palm up
3. "the average runner begs when limp"
4. twilight dating
5. "support proposition 8" persuasive essay
6. ask date guy + "too far in advance"
7. every guy has one-book
8. lurpy string bean
9. obama is an alien from another planet
10. vampire mr darcy

Top 10 Pages Visited (Besides the home page obviously)
1. The Twilight Dating Plan
2. Operation Christmas: Day 12
3. The Most Heinous of Crimes
4. Making-Out isn't Funny (Ongoing Conversation, sorta, too!)
5. Who Really Is Barak Obama?
6. What You Want to See.
7. Randomness
8. How BYU Are You?
9. Secret Agencies
10. The Unanswered Question.

Well I guess we all know what this means, people read this for my attempted humor, and not for what happens in my life. I guess it is true, I live to entertain. Anyways, I'll be in the back, nursing my poor ego and developing a second personality to talk to as no one appreciates my life.

Have a happy New Year everybody!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas With a Side of Mustache

I mentioned before that my family had visited with some cousins, which said cousins are extremely ticklish and many, for unknown reasons, like it when I tickle them and bring tickling upon themselves.

Here are three of them right here, Julie, Amy and Poor John behind Amy. I think I am tickling poor Julie there, but I don't remember.

And me looking asleep, but not. But that is because I close my eyes at the precise moment or something.

And now just Julie. Did I mention that she is getting baptized this Saturday?

And I promised some photos of my mustache since I decided to regrow it. Hope you aren't all too horrified.

Lets try something a little closer.

And finally:

I hope I haven't mentally scarred you all for life! Cya all later!

A Case of Pedophelia?

First off this is a shout out to the most awesome four year old there is, Bob's sister Siri.

She says the most random things, which sometimes can be worrisome, but at times, like last night, the sheer randomness of her statements make them hilarious. I had passed by to give Bob a late Christmas present, a game that I happened to guess correctly that she wanted, (Guillotine) and we were talking when Siri came in and after a minute said out of the blue, "Speaking of Bras..."

Which of course got me started laughing.

So I decided to post that in facebook as a favorite quote, and a co-worker commented on it, resulting in the title of this entry. I am posting the entire conversation here as to simply state it wouldn't do it justice.

Mariachi_Man: Speaking of bras..
Sam: yes
Mariachi_Man: I try to stay away from that subject
Mariachi_Man: for now!
Sam: Same here
Mariachi_Man: sorry!
Sam: The little girl just randomly said that. Which made me laugh
Mariachi_Man: Where at?
Sam: A friends house
Mariachi_Man: :O
Mariachi_Man: What where you doing?
Mariachi_Man: ok
Mariachi_Man: you don't need to answer
Sam: Just hanging out
Mariachi_Man: sure!
Sam: Like I'd be doing anything else in the presence of a four year old.
Mariachi_Man: I don't know!
Mariachi_Man: and I don't want to know, thanks!
Sam: There's nothing to know as I was just talking with a friend
Mariachi_Man: I'm sorry if you have pedophilia. :|

Which started all sorts of laughter.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What to do, what to do?

The moment goes, it passes. The stare, the furtive glance, not once but a few times, but why?

What did it happen? Do I know why? Was it because I was trying to be fair? It passed, it happened, so what? What changes? Has anything changed? How can a simple question be so haunting?

Was it lack of self control, was it because we both wanted to?

I mean, what do I mean? If all it was to me was nothing at all? Why do I feel so guilty? Is it cause I know I took a wedge to make a crack bigger? Were my intentions all good, or were they carnal as well? So much to think on, so much to consider.

My thoughts, reflecting on it all... reflecting on old tv shows were to them it meant nothing at all. Wondering if that is how I truly felt. Feeling a tad guilty. Wondering, wondering and not sure how to carry on.

Oh what to do.

The answer: Live in a monastery of course. It's the only acceptable thing to do. The monks will be glad though that there is not enough money for marriage though.

Out of Defiance.

The Mustache is here to stay! Bwa ha ha!

My objective is to get it to be all curly and look like an old villians mustache, the handlebar stache.

Even bismark says he has a stache, so obviously it is an awesome thing to do.

Pictures will of course be forthcoming.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

So today is the 24th, as if I really needed to state that out loud. But I don't feel too christmasy, which may be in part be due to the whole slice of pizza that I hate an hour or two ago, along with some crazy bread.

But apart from the pizza, I should be enjoying the season more, but I'm not. Well, not as much as I could be. School's been out three days, and I can't account for anything, I've just wasted time. Yes, yes of course it the holidays, and we are allowed to be lazy, I understand that. But there is also the fact that there are some major things that I want to get done, but haven't started.
So I guess I'll make a list of things to do over the next two weeks, and we'll see how much I get done.

1. Get in the habit of writing in my journal daily.
2. Get some family geneology done.
3. Get a new attitude and work ethic about school and such.
4. Go to the temple at least once.
5. Focus some of my time, half hour each day at least, into increasing my programming abilities.
6. Finish reading the book, "A Tale of Two Cities".
7. Start and finish one other book.
8. Start an exercise routine.

I think that is it for now. I will add to it when I remember other things. But hopefully doing this, and improving myself will help get me in the mood for the seasonal spirit.

Also Saturday I am going out for ice cream with a friend at Leatherby's. I am apparently a glutton for punishment since I go for ice cream on cold days. She's cute, and, well we'll see what happens.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Didn't Want to Go Off-Roading Anyways.

In case my sense of adventure and my sense of idiocy team up and defeat common sense, please remind me to never go off-roading in the snow in TC JR. (My Geo-Metro)

This morning I gave a roommate and a friend of his a ride to a car rental place so they could get to Salt Lake. Now as it snowed last night (and is snowing out the yin yang now) the plows had cleared the roads and thus the snow was off to the side, maybe six inches I would say thick. Now I pulled off to the side, as there was an indentation for cars to pull into, and got stuck. Yes, in six inches of snow, my car got stuck in the snow and had to be pushed out. Sadness indeed right.

If the snow keeps up like this, I may not make it to Tooele for Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making-Out Isn't Funny

You all know how I am at one in the morning right, where I am incoherent and crazy? Well I had decided to set my Facebook status to something humorous via my cell phone.

I set it as "Sam won't make-out with you; it is bad for the complexion."
And then two friends wrote on my wall disagreeing with me.

I thought putting the status as; Sam won't make jokes about making-out, he has been berated by practitioners (The kind of people who have girlfriends or who are liberal in such actions...) who disagree with me.

Such is the world, right?

Maybe I should just make my status as sound as vague as possible, something like Sam may or may not make-out with you at some indiscernible time in the future. I don't think that would work, as there may be someone who will think that I am contemplating making -out with them, and just don't have any initiative to do so, or don't know how to go about initiating such a thing. Though, regardless of intentions, the latter is true. I guess that is a good thing though.

So I guess I'll have to put something like Sam has discovered that there is no laughter (or laughs) in making-out. Which thinking about it briefly can mean that I attempted to laugh while making-out. Shall I say there is no humor in making-out? Would that work?

Or would I be better off at avoiding such a thing to poke laughs at altogether?

In the end I had my status as "Sam won't make any jokes about making out while at 1 in the morning anymore." But that just wasn't humorous.

Oh well.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 12. And other Stuff.

Not much to say tonight, delivered them and went on my way, wasn't almost caught. Or maybe I was? Who knows.

Anyways, it's been great doing this. I've had fun and I am glad that I could share it with you. Have a Merry Christmas.

Also, to any people who care about this sort of thing; My heart has been beamed up by aliens. They are performing the semi-annual defenses. Basically this means that when my heart is put back in, if you do have hopes at getting to it, means getting past a solid iron curtain, a brick wall that is several feet thick, with Adamantine plating behind it. No one is sure what is behind the adamantine plating though, only one person was able to get that far, and she only managed a glimpse beyond and didn't get further. She also exiled herself from the city to a secluded place that is rarely visited, except for the frequent skier, or so I am told, to the gift of pen to describe what unfathomable horrors she witnessed to produce the next best seller.
There is a deconstruction crew that hangs around. But thus far the only help they've given is pulling back the iron curtain somewhat. Although there is rumor that they are easily influenced by baked goods. But seeing how they are lazy, you'd have to catch them on a good day, which is quite rare, and they are prone to pulling tricks.

That and the deconstruction crew, and other maintenance crews have been called to work on a huge project together; the reconstruction of the metaphorical Humpty Dumpty. It seems that the eggshell of life has received one too many chips in it and it's gone and cracked wide open. So all units have been called to salvage what they can. It means also that the Aliens get to put in electric fences and landmines since no one will be paying attention to them. They haven't been able to achieve such feats yet as those defenses have been banned by common law.

So the point being, if your goal is to get past all that to the heart, you have to either be superwoman, or work harder than a fake sixteen-year-old Chinese Olympic gymnast to even have a chance at breaking through.

Although... there is word of a hidden, backdoor somewhere. But not one knows where that is. And that option is too horrible to even describe. Lets just say there are various construction workers who have gotten lost over the years who have been found mentally broken and driven completely insane, on all 10 dimensions of existence. No one knows what guards the door, but it is apparently to make a grown make fall down on cry, and shatter his self of personality on all the known dimensions of time and space. (and quite possibly the unknown too)

So a word the wise, find another heart worth capturing. One whose soul that hasn't been put in flasks and desecrated by four year old girls. It's for your own good.
By the way; I'd help but I locked myself out without a key or a spare a few years back. I'm not even sure if I can find the back door.

Missionary Update Friday

Yeah, usually this occurs on Wednesdays, but due to the holiday season Elder Fields and his companion cannot find an open library terminal to send e-mail at, and so he has had to write by hand.

That and due to the Universe hating on my family this week, coupled with the need to brush up on ancient hieroglyphics to just be able to read my brother's writing and type it up, has put this update for today instead of Wednesday. (Basically I am the whims of when my father e-mails Elder Field's letters.)

So here is an excerpt from his latest letter:

On Monday, we finally got back in contact with our only progressing investigator. We taught Marilyn the 2nd discussion. Afterward, she gave us a REFERRAL. Imagine, a referral giving us a referral…. WAHOO!!! At our next appointment we will be teaching both of them together. This last lesson was awesome because it was my first time to teach it.

Tuesday was a good day too. We found more investigators through media referrals than we did when we went tracting. We actually got inside to teach someone!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 11

The protagonist walked slowly up the street from his car to the first house, thinking that today's item was probably the oddest of them all. He couldn't exactly say lamest because he had given away $5.00 Wal-Mart gift cards a few days back...
Oh well, he set the item on the parchment, slowly opened the screen door and knocked on the door hard. From there it was running down the sidewalk and trying to to fall over in the road, but at least he managed to get behind the cover of a tree or two before the door opened and the day's item was retrieved...
He took off and arrived at the apartment complex. For some reason the slush was sticking to his shoes and the stairs and corridor were wet. He eyes it wearily, thinking somewhat smartly that he may try the staircase down the way to be safe this time... He set the items down and rang the door bell. Just as he took the first step to run, he slipped. Sighing to himself, he got his balance and made it partly down the stairs as one of the girls looked his way. He was 20 feet away, and mostly down the stairs, most likely they could only see his head veiled in shadow right? Well at least he made it down the stairs without dying... And dropping off the items at the guy's apartment went smoothly. As tomorrow night is the last day, they may be well prepared for his arrival...

So... I got them a splash proof am/fm radio that can stand by itself or be hung in the shower. It also has a mirror on it...
It was also the only music related thing that could be found for $5 or less, apart from some music, which I don't know what they prefer anyways...
Anyways, tomorrow is the last night, I hope you've all enjoyed this. Hopefully I don't die on wet stairs tomorrow.

Changes; Past and Present.

Today was my second to last final, for Honors English 150. (Yes I know I am crazy for trying to follow the Honors program.) Anyways, for the final we watched a movie called The Weeping Willow. We had to write an essay comparing the movie to our lives.
It is a film about a blind University professor, Yosef, who has to undergo surgery to be able to see. Before he has the operation, he makes a pact with God that he will serve him if he does see.
Yosef, however when he does see, he becomes withdrawn, the beauty in the world that he had from the other senses disappeared, and only sees ugliness around him. He takes the view that he wants to live his own life, be independent, claiming that he was miserable being blind. However it is when he can see that he truly becomes blind to what really matters in life, and the beauty all around us. He defines the past on recent experiences, and lives in the past, not in the present, and not even knowing what he really wants.

So what about me then? I just wonder which things I am blind to, and how in the past I have let my past personal perceptions of myself define me. Am I like Yosef where I say that I was miserable because I now am happy? Am I in reality making myself miserable by focusing on past mess-ups instead of what I have now, what I have achieved now?

It hard for me to put this in words, cause some of it I do and need to stop doing. Such as defining myself based on past failures instead of past successes, and confining myself to what happened then, and thus I don't allow myself to go forward. I guess this is just a type of remainder that I cannot dwell on the past too much, and I have to go forward, doing all I can to grow and expand my comfort zone. It's hard of course, but it is better than sitting around doing nothing all day, playing video games.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 10

There are two more days left!!!
He had the trinkets in hand, along with the daily parchment, and tiptoed down the stairs. Unfortunately those who lived in adjacent apartments were on the sidewalk talking, so he couldn't drop off the item to those who lived below, too many witnesses. Sure they most likely don't have contact with the guys in the apartment below, but still, it is best to not leave witnesses. So instead the protagonist walked on his merry way to the secondary target. No one was there, and he was able to drop them off and not be detected, but no funny comment.... The same occurred at the guys' residency, because no one was around when he returned.
The last house, well it went well, it appeared that no one was around, but apart from that, all went well...

So I gave a little nativity scene with the wise men in it, I hope they enjoy.

Guilting Hackers

I think this should say it all...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 9

Well, today was a normal delivery, nothing funny or out of the ordinary happened.

I gave out scented candles, I think one was strawberry and one was blueberry.

Also I have a large final, have procrastinated it, and I am tired.
The end.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 8

It had snowed, the ground was slippery, and he had items to deliver. The guys apartment below him responded as they usually did, but the girls apartment, was different. They had always taken their time and didn't seem interested in catching him, so he walked down the stairs a tad bit slower than usual He was at the foot of the stairs when he heard their door open and a pounding of feet. It took him a brief second to register what happened, and started running down the corridor. He heard a male voice shout out "Gotcha" but when he turned around, there was no one there. Had he imagined it, or had he been caught? He wasn't sure. He would have to keep his guard up and be more careful.

So yeah, I gave out a half gallon of chocolate milk.

I also did well on my Calculus final, but failed the low level CS exam. Oh well. Two more exams to go!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 7

Today has been a good day for the 12 days of Christmas. One of the dudes is still trying to catch me it seems, so far no luck.
Also the girls apartment, with that girl who made those comments, well another answered the door today and started laughing when she saw what I left. She apparently thinks that a group of people is doing this and that "we" are quick.

By quick meaning that they were preparing to go to a relief society meeting and had left ther door open a crack, and that I managed to put everything down silently and get down the stairs after ringing the doorbell without them seeing me.
Oh, here is the paper I left:

Yes, I left Penguin figures, I saw a bunch at a dollar store for 60 cents each, all fragile, and I delivered them about. Here are some pictures of them

In other news, my mom fractured her wrist last night; she was putting up decorations and fell off the ladder. She apparently needs surgery and will go in tomorrow or Tuesday for it, as my sister tells me it was broken in a few places. Hopefully everything turns out alright. Apart from that, I believe she is ok.

My math final is also tomorrow. Whoopee.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Operation Christmas Day 6

Tell there is not much to report. No one knows when I will come by, due to my inconsistent schedule, so they're caught off guard.
The one amusing thing is, besides trying to run and not slip on the cold ground, was the girls apartment. Generally the same girl answers the door and she amusingly seems put out by all this. I find it oddly entertaining. Her words today was "Oh No." And then said something like "yeah" to someone else, probably confirming the day's gift.
Well here is the paper I made, not that ingenious, but it was what I could think of.

Yeah, I gave a half carton of eggs (cut in half/6 eggs) unsurprisingly.
Anywhoo, I am all prepared for the next few days, just needing to find something for day 11 and day 12, and then all will be set.

Tomorrow's will definitely fun, it will especially be fun to listen to what they will say. I'll let you all know tomorrow what I am leaving them, for suspense and what-not.

Have an excellent weekend!

Operation Christmas: Day 4 and 5

I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to post the last adventures as they were, final assignments and papers to turn in and all.

Well Day 4 could have been better; I sold out and bought $5 Walmart gift cards as I couldn't find any type of phone card for that price, or anything to do with calling birds to be precise.

The one girl's apartment continues to be funny, just saying random things though

And so I gave Keebler ring cookies last night. Apparently though, the guys apartment and the girls apartment know I am guy, or at least they assume I am a guy. I guess a girl would have put more thought into what was being given? Or there is the chance that they saw me one time. That may be it, cause they take their time answering the door, so they must know it's me. Or they just never know when I'll be over as I have been inconsistent of when I would pass by.

Tonight is six geese-a-laying, so no surprise there, I am giving a half a dozen eggs. (78 cents too!) now I only need to find something swan related to 7 swans a swimming for tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 3

Twas a dark and cold night, a lone man looked about, checking the windows windows briefly before stepping silently down the stairs to the door. As quickly and silently as he could, he placed a paper down with a small rectangular package by the door and rang the door bell. No sooner than he pressed it he dashed up the stairs, and waited quietly on the floor above. He couldn't see a thing, but as he waited in the darkness, he heard the door open and heard a male voice shout, "Drat, we missed them again!" Apparently his query was on to him...
And so he waited and slunk to his next query; an apartment of girls, one of which he was good friends with. He climbed the stairs to their apartment, with the parchment and package in hand. He set them gently down and again rang the doorbell again. Again he dashed away, hiding on the floor below to hear his query react to the day's surprise. Surprisingly, the voice he heard said, "Again? Enough with the Chocolate." He wondered if she knew he was near, or if he had been spotted the days previous when he ran instead of hid and could have been seen from a window. No matter, the final package was waiting to be delivered.
This time, it was not in an apartment complex, his query lived in a house. He stealthily parked a few houses down and walked to house, being watched by a dog. He was in front of a house, when a car turned the corner and neared the house to park. He walked on, as if he wasn't coming to this house. As he went further along, he crossed the street to the church, behind a tree. He knew she had seen him, but he wasn't sure who she was, or if she knew him. She left her car in gear, so she was only going to be a moment, so he would have to wait.
A minute or two later she left and he recognized her, it was Rachel, the relief society president, he thought. His cover may have been blown, maybe. It was only a matter of time now before two and two would be put together. No matter, he had to continue on. He went to the door step, deposited the items, and quickly ran for the fence across the street, where he could watch in the shadows. The door opened and a man opened it, quite possibly the brother of his query, who picked up the items, and by the light, read the parchment and went inside.
As the man went to his car, he thought about the next day's items and packages, thinking that although he looked suspicious while delivering the items, he would have to be more careful to avoid close calls like he had at the last house.

So, you can probably guess by now, I delivered the Three Musketeers chocolate bars, the smallish ones that come bundled together.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Operation Christmas Day 1 and 2

Last night was the first day of my delivery of the 12 Days of Christmas items to my hometeachee's and others in my ward. Things went well, thus far my identity is unknown (unless they read my blog, I don't know if they do or not.) but here are the notes I left last night and tonight.

So last night was canned pears, and tonight is a bag of doves chocolate. Also, for the bottom lines, trying saying it in tune to the song. It may be difficult, but it got the job done.

Monday, December 8, 2008

How BYU are you?

77 questions.

[X] You have been kissed at lease once
[_] Your first kiss was on campus
[X] You've had a boyfriend/girlfriend
[_] You lived in the dorms your freshman year
[_] You went to Homecoming or Preference
[_] You hiked the Y
[X] You've taken a social dance class
[X] You regularly attended FHE for at least a semester
[_] You've participated in Choose to Give
[_] You've been to Liberty Square for a party at least once
[X] You've driven around south of campus for at least 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot
[_] You know the cougar fight song
[X] You've crossed the crosswalk without using the flags or biked through a red light
[_] You've been to Friday Night Live
[_] You've performed or witnessed an act that made it onto Police Beat
[_] You've been on a "date" to the bell tower or duck pond
[_] You've been to the Bean Museum for FHE
[X] You've been to Divine Comedy
[X] You've been to International Cinema
[_] You are engaged
[_] You are married
[_] the temple
[_] You were previously engaged/married
[_] You have kids or are expecting kids
[X] Your birth parents are still married
[X] the temple
[X] You have at least three siblings
[X] You've taken a marriage prep or relations class (This shouldn't count though, it was the only class left at the Tooele institute when I go back from the mish)
[_] You've taken at least one religion class that is not based on the scriptures
[_] You have slept on a couch in a restroom
[X] You have been to the BYU Creamery
[_] You have been in one of the BYU choirs
[_] You've been on a date to Fat Cats
[X] You have read Twilight
[X] 2
[X] 3
[X] 4
[X] ...seen the movie
[_] ...more than once
[_] You've waited in line at the Bookstore for the Harry Potter or Twilight book premiere
[X] You have seen The Singles Ward or Sons of Provo
[_] You have walked out of a movie you found morally reprehensible
[_] You know where the "chastity line" is (There's a line? Is it in red marker?)
[X] You can finish the phrase "Nothing good happens after ______"
[X] You read the Daily Universe at least 3x a week
[_] ...and it's the only newspaper you read
[_] You've personally known someone who was reported to the Honor Code Office
[_] You've participated in or watched a Mr. BYU contest
[X] You've received personal revelation that he/she is "the one" (or been told this)
[X] ...and told him/her about your revelation (or been told this)
[X] ...and then they rejected you (or rejected them)
[_] You've been to the Nickelcade
[X] You've been to Classic Skating (Not for a while and before I went to BYU)
[_] You've ignored your parents' phone calls for at least 3 days
[_] ...and then they called the University Police
[_] You've been pulled over by the University Police
[_] You watch The Office religiously
[X] You mostly wear jeans and t-shirts or plain fitted shirts
[_] You own at least 3 things from American Eagle or Hollister
[_] Your sacrament meeting is a fashion show/scam session
[_] You've been on a date to the Provo River

You've kissed in a...
[_] ...campus parking lot
[_] ...Provo Canyon or Squaw Peak
[_] ...on temple grounds
[X] ...on a couch as soon as your roommates left the room
[X] You think UVU is not a real university
[X] You hate U of U with a passion (Only if Mock passion counts)

FOR GIRLS (don't answer if you're a guy)
[_] You own knee-length shorts
[_] You regularly wear camisoles/undershirts for modesty reasons
[_] You are a MFHD, RMYL, Elementary Education, or Exercise Science Major
[_] Your major crush ended up dating a MFHD, RMYL, Elementary Education, or Exercise Science major
[_] You have had at least one roommate who is in hair or dental school
[_] You own The Italian Job or The Princess Bride
[_] You wear makeup at least 3x a week
[_] You do something with your hair (other than brush it/ponytail) at least 3x a week
[_] You went or plan on going on a mission
[_] ...because you couldn't get married

FOR GUYS (don't answer if you're a girl)
[X] You shave every (or almost every) morning
[_] You know when your hair is "too long" (I just shave when I get too lazy to comb it and it starts looking bad)
[X] You know what the "divide by 2 and add 7" dating rule is
[X] ...and you follow it
[X] You've dated freshmen girls as a RM
[X] ...when you already knew better
[X] You've used the phrase "On my mission..." to a girl
[_] At least 3 girls have baked cookies or meals for you
[X] You went or plan on going on a mission
[_] ...because you wanted to get married


A: 68-77
B: 60-67
C: 53-66
D: 45-52
F: 44 or below.

36! Awesome! That means I get an A for not being a stereotypical BYU student. Hazzah!

The Twelve Days of Stress Management

I was passing through the Wilkinson Center and I saw a stress management booth on the way to my dance class. I thought it was funny, so I thought I would spread it here.

On the 1st day of Finals my parents said to me: "Grades won't matter in eternity."

On the 2nd day of Finals I faced reality: "Just do your best."

On the 3rd day of Finals my best friend said to me: "Think of Christmas break."

On the 4th day of Finals a stranger said to me, "Don't forget to breathe."

On the 5th day of Finals I murmured frequently: "This too shall pass."

On the 6th day of Finals on research paper three: "Six more pages..."

On the 7th day of Finals my roommate said to me: "Let's do some Yoga."

On the 8th day of Finals my poor brain said to me: "One thing at a time, please."

On the 9th day of Finals St. Nicholas said to me: "Relax to some music."

On the 10th day of Finals me professor said to me: "You're going to make it."

On the 11th day of Finals the clock reminded me: "24 hours and counting..."

On the 12th day of Finals I finally felt relief: "One last question!"
"24 hours and counting..."
"You're going to make it."
"Relax to some music."
"One thing at a time, please."
"Let's do some Yoga."
"Six more pages..."
"This too shall pass."
"Don't forget to breathe."
"Think of Christmas Break."
"Just do your best."
"Grades won't matter in eternity."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


No, not coffee.

I am just being driven crazy in how to do a non linear structure for my programming class, when we haven't been shown how to do it, the book doesn't show any examples, and and as it is a test like project, I can't, or shouldn't Google the problem.

So... here I am. I'll get it done though. And wondering why on earth I am doing so many things, like seeing The Forgotten Carols this Thursday with my family. Or Divine Comedy and hanging out/party afterward.

Plus I am sick with something. And behind in school work. And blogging about it.
Anyways, I have to go back to it all... hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Operation Christmas

It my mission, if I chose to accept it, to deliver twelve items to friends, most likely my hometeachees, in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas.

In the past, my family has done a tradition where we would do the 12 days of Christmas to someone in the ward and I have decided to adopt the tradition. Although the Twelve Days of Christmas starts after Christmas (kudos to Bob for pointing that out), due to Christmas break and all, I'll probably start on the 12th or 13th, depending on when I decide to go home for Christmas. Each night I will leave that day's rhyme along with something to go with it, such as pears for the first night and onion rings for the 5th night, also written below the part of the song will be a funny little paragraph explaining the items. Those will be placed on the doorstop, I will ring the doorbell and run and hide.

I need some ideas though of what to give though.
Day 1 most likely will be canned pears, day 2 may be dove soap (or Dove chocolate if I can find anything, unless I find something to tie in the winged turtles from Mario some how.) Day 3: KFC? Day 4: A telephone card, to call long distance? Day 5: Onion Rings. Day 6: Eggs of some sort. Day 7: Something to do with swimming swans. Day 8: Some type of milk, maybe Hershey's chocolate milk mix. Day 9: Music to dance to? Day 10: Leaping Lords... hard to think of something there. Day 11: Pipers piping.... maybe Peter Piper Pizza, if it still exists? Nope, just checked. The closest Peter Piper Pizza is in Las Vegas. Day 12: A drum of popcorn?

These are tentative, but ideas are appreciated. And I will of course provide daily updates and pictures if I can manage it...

Hmmn, this message would self-destruct, if only the fuses were remembered to be brought. Such sadness. Alas.

My Lungs are Killing Me.

I think everything this weekend can be summed up in one photo...

Ok, that's not how anything in my weekend went like, I just laughed at QC's comic on Thursday that I thought it was worth sharing.

So what else happened, good eatins, good procrastinatin', good times playin' on the Wii at home. Now I have a lot of catching up to do.

But yeah, I thought I would update so you all wouldn't think I was dead (and rejoice.) But wait a couple of weeks, cause school might get the best of me and may kill my spirit. So if there is a zombie epidemic around finals, you all know who to blame.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missionary Wednesday

Excerpts from the latest email from Elder Fields,

This week i expected it to be much like what's been going on thus far in my mission and I thought that the only thing I would have accomplished this week would be locating the place the loony toons go to worship. They worship at the ACME Baptist church of south Chicago. (The Loony Toons get all there crazy products from the Acme company, Acme paint, Acme dynamite, ect so it would make sense for them to worship in a church that has Acme in its' name)
Fortunately for me that wasn't the best part of my week. Wednesday we taught the restoration to a woman who honestly seemed to be a bit crazy. I am not sure if she understood it all, but I have been wrong before so she could go further than we think.
Friday was even better. we actually had more then one appointment that day that didn't fall through. we were able to re-teach M----. She is the one with the family of Jehovah's Witnesses and knows they aren't the right church. After re-teaching the restoration, she brought up the subject of baptism. this was excellent for us, we were able to teach her about it and commit her to be baptized. she has read all the parts of the Book of Mormon that we have asked her to read and she agreed to be baptized. Unfortunately when we tried to get her to come to church, she told us her situation was the same as most of our members; she would love to come but she has no way of actually getting there. We tried to re-contact her, but her phone has been disconnected and when we went over there this morning to teach her again she wasn't there. we haven't been able to get a hold of her since Friday but we will continue our efforts.
Elder C---- isn't at all surprised by what happened, January is his year mark and counting M----- hes only had a total of three progressing investigators. The first turned out to be literally crazy, the next was only converted because of the elders who had been teaching her and ended up not getting baptized. Then there is M---- who can't get to church and we have loads of difficulty getting a hold of.

Our second appointment Friday was with sister Mi-----. She's the Jehovah's Witness convert with the grand-daughter we are trying to teach. Her grand daughter A---- was actually there and stayed on Friday long enough for us to teach her. We taught her the restoration, and she listened well. She's willing to be taught more but we aren't sure if she actually wants to because she does or because her grandma wants her to. We've been invited to sister Mi---'s for thanksgiving, so I'll let you all know how that goes.
That was pretty much it for teaching this week. The weather this week has not been kind, it continues to rapidly snow for five minutes at a time then completely clears up and gets sunny before getting cloudy and starting all over again.
Sunday was the ward primary presentation. I was eager to see how that would work out. its almost exactly the same over hear as it is over there. after church we went to sister C------'s for dinner. She feeds the missionaries Sunday night, but hasn't bee able to come for the past two months. All the elders have talked about her every week since I've been there and this week I was finally able to get a taste of her cooking. Her cooking fully lives up to its' reputation. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.

Love, Elder Fields.

Monday, November 24, 2008



Tears, Laughter and Dissapointment.

First off, I am a geek, just so you all know. By that I mean that I am a fan of Lord of the Rings. I know some people here don't appreciate such things, *cough*Bob*cough*, but I feel this should be said, if only to point out my geekiness. I point your attention to the Ents in Lord of the Rings. You know, the walking, talking tree's that went to war? Yeah, them. Well there is a scene where Treebeard tells Merry and Pippen that the Ents have lost the Ent Wives, and told them to look out for them since the Ent Wives would have like the Shire. (Where the Hobbits were from) Until now, I have never thought about what happened to them, and always thought that they would would have been re-united after the mess with the war. It turns out that I was wrong.

I was reading and doing a little research, and even asked the 100 Hour Board, and found out the fate of the the Entwives. From the letters of Tolkien himself, he said:
"I think that in fact the Entwives had disappeared for good, being destroyed with their gardens in the War of the Last Alliance (Second Age 3429-3441) when Sauron pursued a scorched earth policy and burned their land against the advance of the Allies down the Anduin (vol. II p. 79 refers to it). They survived only in the ’agriculture’ transmitted to Men (and Hobbits). Some, of course, may have fled east, or even have become enslaved: tyrants even in such tales must have an economic and agricultural background to their soldiers and metal-workers. If any survived so, they would indeed be far estranged from the Ents, and any rapprochement would be difficult – unless experience of industrialized and militarized agriculture had made them a little more anarchic. I hope so. I don’t know." (Letter #144, Letters of Tolkien)

"As for the Entwives: I do not know...But I think in Vol. II pp. 80-81 it is plain that there would be for Ents no re-union in ’history’ — but Ents and their wives being rational creatures would find some ’earthly paradise’ until the end of this world: beyond which the wisdom neither of Elves nor Ents could see. Though maybe they shared the hope of Aragorn that they were ’not bound for ever to the circles of the world and beyond them is more than memory.’...." (Letter #338, Letters of Tolkien)

So when I read that, that the Entwives were dead, I just started tearing up, because of what happened because I was hoping that they would have found each other. so there is my geekiness for you.

Also, Saturday night I saw Twilight with my roommates and some other friends. I must tell you, it was definitely interesting. One of my roommates who hasn't read the books wants to read them now.
Now I don't like the books, but I think the movie was actually better than the book. I won't go into any extreme details, but suffice to say that not having Bella narrate the whole time or even hear how Edward looks like a sculpture and is the epitome of handsome is a credit to the movie. Second, since it is not from her point of view, the world is more complete, and balances everything out. There is obviously the cheesiness of Bella falling in love with Edward with only knowing that he is a vampire, but hey, at least the movie shows them conversing and getting to know each other which isn't present in the books.
There is also some of the one liners and other humor that gets laughs going. Trust me on this, it probably saves the movie.

So, I was definitely laughing more, and I did like the movie, in fact James was much more believable. I think had Meyers written twilight like the movie presented it, it would have been much better. As for the rest, well there is only so much that a movie can do to improve upon a crappy book. But I suggest seeing it. It's not the best movie around obviously, but for the books it's based off, it did a pretty good job.

And may I say that I am extremely disappointed in the BYU-UofU game Saturday as well. I didn't have that much hope that BYU would win, but I didn't think things would go so badly for the team. I would have preferred that the BYU football team give their all and do their best and lose, then throwing the ball in the waiting arms of a Ute and other stupid turnovers. I must tell you that I don't pity Max Hall though, not a bit. I also shaved my mustache because of the terrible loss, that and it feels weird after dancing.

Anyways, that's it for now. I may be coming down with a sore throat, but lets hope that passes before Thanksgiving. Now I have to get back to homework, 'lest I fail.

Cya all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missionary Wednesday

It has been a few weeks since we last heard from Elder Fields, but here is excerpts from the last week;

Dear family and friends,
Here is more i missed to tell you last week. First; on election night after it was announced that Obama won, I heard celebration fireworks going off. It was interesting...

Last Thursday was my first transfer meeting. the actual meeting was only about five minutes long. That's my kind of meeting; short, sweet, and to the point. but it's never that simple. even though the actual meeting was so short, everyone spent about two hours before and after the meeting saying hello and goodbye to each other. i realize that people need time to catch up with each other and say farewell, but two hours before and after is simply to much. its waisted time that you could be spending doing more productive things....
Sam, I was planning on giving info on the people I am teaching and I will do that now. the rest of the week after the transfers meeting was the same as the last six weeks before that. I've been swimming through an endless sea of uninterested media referrals. That's almost all I've done since getting here. Referral after referral after referral. Most of them just want us to deliver our little media package and be on our way. All we are to most of these people is free stuff and once they have what they wanted, they have no more interest in us.
For the extreme few who will let us in to teach them, all we are is a free bible study session, once they figure out that it is a bit more than that they lose interest and we lose contact. It is extremely difficult to set an appointment and practically impossible to have that appointment. I have yet to even teach the second discussion!!!
Tuesday (yesterday) was one of the worst days ever. We had scheduled five appointments and only one didn't cancel on us. Sam, about some of the people we have taught we scheduled second appointments and they fell threw. One was a woman whose entire family are Jehovah's Wittinesses. Another is a man who was concerned by the fact that there were so many churches and they couldn't all be true. Those were great teaching opportunities but unfortunately, we have yet to actually have second appointment that doesn't fall threw on us. Elder C. blames the problem on lack of communication. we call everyone 20 minutes before our appointments to let them know we are coming. this gives them plenty of time to remember that "doctors appointment," "go shopping," or suddenly have a "personal or family crisis." He says if we had cell phones we could call multiple times and at the door. This way they couldn't suddenly forget that there was something that they had to do. I agree with him there.
As far as the one appointment on Tuesday that didn't cancel, She is already a member. We keep trying to go over there and teach her grand-daughter who often spends time over there, but we always run low on time and can never actually teach her anything. We asked her a while back if she had read the restoration pamphlet we gave her and she said she was half way through. Her grandmother is a convert who used to be a Jehovah's Wittiness, so that gives me some hope for this area. but after days like yesterday these hopes feel so empty...
That's it for this week. hopefully next week I will have some good news to report about investigators and not just the same old same old story that I have had thus far.

love Elder Fields.

Office Hilarity

My co-workers are awesome, just so you all know.

I got in, and saw this on the wall:

I'm sorry Fred, I do believe that is an unparalleled level of awesomeness that has not yet been unexplored. It only means one thing Fred, you should grow a mustache too.

Also, may I add that a mission buddy of mine also is growing a mustache. His looks better though, much better.

Also, tonight is Hockey Night with the Chiefs! Yah yah!

Monday, November 17, 2008


You people have got to stop asking for random things about myself. Sooner or later we'll get into the classified stuff and then I'll have to kill you... And Yellow M&M may be nearing the point of no return... ;)

1. I still have a baby tooth.

2. I had sported a beard before I ever started college (I don't have any pictures of it though. QQ)

3. I am the tallest person in my family.

4. I can whistle with my hands.

5. My right hand can't turn palm up.

6. I am secretly Spiderman

7. I am also a board writer.

And to throw a twist in...

8. I am secretly a sports fan.

9. One of the above isn't true. Or maybe one of the above is true. Which is it?

I shall tag bismark, The Giant(maybe this will get you finally update?), Krishna, Kris, and Katydid, and Alan.

Good luck to all in figuring out which is which. Heh heh heh.

Trivial News of the Day

For all you history buffs and lovers of trivial knowledge, let me just say to you that Monty Python humor isn't forty years old, but centuries old.
To quote the news article:
For those who believe the ancient Greeks thought of everything first, proof has been found in a 4th century AD joke book featuring an ancestor of Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch where a man returns a parrot to a shop, complaining it is dead.

The 1,600-year-old work entitled "Philogelos: The Laugh Addict," one of the world's oldest joke books, features a joke in which a man complains that a slave he has just bought has died, its publisher said on Friday.
Story continues below ↓advertisement | your ad here

"By the gods," answers the slave's seller, "when he was with me, he never did any such thing!"

So now we all have the excuse of studying greek humor when watching Monty Python.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Overview

We'd like to take a break from the currently scheduled program to give you this message, sponsored by The Weekend; when laziness is mandatory!
It was full of inactivity, but hey, it was a break from the oppressive school schedule last week.

Anywho, the planets aligned in my favor this week, maybe the Universe is being nice to me, it is hard to tell since I am it's plaything. But as I am in a dance class, I had to, or rather I got to go to Dancesport, which is a dance competition for all levels. It's really good. Well seeing as I was going to that, I asked out a girl from my ward, Electra I'll call her, to go out to eat at Mi Ranchito and then see the competition. It was fun, although looking back, if a girl asks if short hair is attractive, you say yes. So we had a fine date. Criminal Mastermind kept giving me advice on going to a parking lot and slow dancing, and then kissing her at the door, and although slow dancing like that would be romantic, it isn't a first date activity.

And Saturday, as we all know was Divine Comedy(Pictures courteous of bismark. Originally I was just going to buy a ticket for me and friend to join Bob, Unit of Energy, Katydid and others; but then talking with a roommate things escalated into a double date. (I actually ended up sitting in the row in front of them and only noticed as the show ended and we were getting out of our seats.)
But the show was hilarious, and I can only hope to get tickets for the Best of Divine Comedy in a few weeks. I enjoyed the Daily Universe headlines (Cougars use the force to beat the lobos, hilarious) and the skits like the Dinner group where it is a political discussion based on the food. I need to politically analyze my next meal and compare it to the westward expansion of America and the expulsion of the American Indian. Divine Comedy also played the "It's a brand new day" from the Sing-a-long blog of Dr. Horrible. That is an epic win.
Anyways, I enjoyed being with Dana (name changed of course), she's cute and was in the ward a year ago. She is sort of shy, but it is a coy type of shy that I seem to like apparently. Well, we'll see what happens, things are still up in the air, but hey, anything is possible.

Also, my programming test has been moved back a week or two, so that is good news! \

I believe that is all, so we now return you to your regularly scheduled program; Monday Morning!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The ol' Stache

Well, it has been two weeks now and my mustache is coming in, as seen in the following picture:

And a closer look:


It is growing out pretty well, maybe a tad bit creepy, but feel free to comment about it. And remember that I am growing it out just because, so feel free to confirm that it looks creepy, or if it looks awesome. Maybe it is alive and wants to feel validated, or maybe it wants to desensitize the world to mustaches so they are perceived as cool. But what do I know, I am just the unwitting host to the benevolent mustache lord.

Addendum: I finally posted something that may get me shouted at by lovers of Edward everywhere. May I say that if you liked Edward before, and still like those qualities after reading that, drop me a line to have the most hilarious and possibly most psychotic date of your life. Because truly it would be a feat, a wonder, and a laugh riot to try and emulate all that.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Does Adding -ology at the end Even Make Sense?


What is your salad dressing of choice? Dunno. I always ask for the Chipotle ranch at Subway.

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Any Mexican place, but Rancheritos will do.

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Tacos! Real Mexican tacos!

What are your pizza toppings of choice? Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam. Actually pepperoni is my favorite.

What do you like to put on your toast? Butter?


What is your wallpaper on your computer? Umm, just random images. My home computer has a nifty horizon. And yes, I just said nifty.

How many televisions are in your house? My apartment: 1 My house: three, maybe four?

What color cell phone do you have? Gray.


Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right. But attempting ambidextrous for Fencing.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Hair, toe and finger nails, alien probes, Secret government gps tracking devices, and skin from somewhere.

What is the last heavy item you lifted? My backpack?


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? Yes, not to avoid it, but to be able to prepare to make my death as awesome as possible.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Inigo Montoya.(Hopefully you didn't kill my father, or else... well you know what.)

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1,000? Depends on how big the bottle is and how much time I am given to drink it.


How many pairs of flip flops do you own? I own several of their souls. Oh, you meant shoes, not politicians... The answer is none then.

Last time you had a run-in with the cops? Yesterday. We bumped into each other.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Who says I will grow up? But if I do, I want to manage a shelter for lost and forgotten lolcats.

Last person you talked to? Some dude in Europe.

Last person you hugged? Umm... I'm not sure. Hugging scares me and sends me spiraling into forbidden, repressed memories of yesteryear...


Season? Winter.

Holiday? Talk like a pirate day, Festival of sleep day", Opposite Day, Blame someone else day, Christmas! (There's just so many.)

Day of the week? The current day is my favorite day.

Month? December


Missing someone? Maybe just a little.

Mood? Hungry, procrastinative

Listening to? Myself type and my inner thoughts

Watching? Life pass me by.

Worrying about? If I am the weakest link...


First place you went this morning? The Bathroom

What can you not wait to do? Go on a date tonight.

What's the last movie you saw? The Kid?

Do you smile often? Indeed I do, good person.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Testing Center Prayer

The study guide is my anchor;
I hope not to falter.

It maketh me to sit down in merciless desks;
It leadeth me beside the turbulent scribbling.

It converteth my hope;
it leadeth me through the rows of questions for mine Grade's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of failure, I will fear no test question;
for thou art with me; thy spirit and my preparedness, they comfort me.

It prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine fellow students;
It annointest my efforts by study; my confidence abideth .

Surely happiness and rejoicing shall follow many days after the test,
and my score will dwell in the sheet of the TRANSCRIPT for ever.

Speechless Thursday

Only in Tooele...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overflow error

Too much to do, so much time wasted. Mind is melting faster than a Vulcan can blink. Myself is becoming integrated into the system, and the system is becoming me. I now see myself as an extension of school, and therefore, the system.

Universes have collided, stars have aligned, or perhaps refused to align, no one really knows. Nodes torment you, and Sphinx's give you riddles after riddle, rubbing your mind more raw and raw until the very desire to breath and to live subsides and you accept the unacceptable and conform to the wooden platforms on which punishment, chastisement and torment are placed. Only the unacceptable is the only thing acceptable. Reasoning is laid bare and regarded as foreign. Time serves only as a tormentor and laughs mercilessly on end.

The only anchor seems so far away... only Divine Comedy can save me. But too much is at stake, too much free will, too much will be invested in the instruments labeled as the Calculus and CS124 test to save the last glimmer of intelligent thought, whatever may have existed before. Hope failing. No progenitors left to save the galaxy and bring order.
Danger Will Robinson, danger...
I can't do that Dave.
Follow the yellow brick road?
help me! help me!!

Oh no! It's too late.....

Monday, November 10, 2008


It is posted slightly below, but here is a link to the my thankfulness list in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Monday Shoutout

Today I give a shout out to this fine fellow who posted today's Dino comic in his blog. That and he probably has a lot to be thankful for, and is probably skipping for joy due to recent events.

But that isn't my story to tell. If his hockey team has an excellent season, I may buy the movie rights though.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Death Penalty

I now want to live in Lego World and be subject to their criminal justice system...

Benefits extend to the guillotine too!

The 100 Thankful Things of Thanksgiving

This week Giovanni asked those who read his blog to create a list of 100 things they are thankful for. So this is my list, in no particular order what-so-ever.

So lets get this list started!

  1. The Restoration of the Gospel

  2. The Book of Mormon

  3. President Monson

  4. Friends

  5. Technology

  6. A loving Family

  7. Democracy

  8. The 100 Hour Board

  9. Being able to attend BYU

  10. Religious Freedom

  11. The Colbert Report

  12. Laughter

  13. Laughing until I cry

  14. Being able to relax

  15. Forgiveness

  16. Romance

  17. Satire

  18. J.R.R. Tolkien

  19. Alan Turing

  20. Dancing

  21. The job I have

  22. NewEgg

  23. XKCD

  24. Dino Comics

  25. Going to the Temple

  26. Caring Roommates

  27. Cute Girls

  28. A non puritan-like lifestyle that allows me to dance and date

  29. Dating

  30. Fencing

  31. Reminders to write in journals

  32. Blogging

  33. Thumb Drives

  34. Alarm Clocks

  35. A sense of humor

  36. Snow!

  37. Living in Utah

  38. Having served a mission

  39. Being able to keep in contact with all those I knew from Mexico easily

  40. Photography

  41. Settlers of Catan

  42. Computer Games

  43. Shakespeare

  44. Youtube (maybe)

  45. Memes like All Your Base Are Belong to Us.

  46. Or "I am a Banana"

  47. The Ensign

  48. Looking into the depths of friends, preferably a girl's, eyes.

  49. Alarm Clocks

  50. Facebook

  51. Cellphones

  52. Cold Weather

  53. Contacts and Glasses

  54. That the Hydron Collider didn't destroy the Earth

  55. Comic Book Creators

  56. That Proposition 8 passed

  57. The Honor Code

  58. Mustaches

  59. The American Revolution

  60. The Musketeers

  61. FHE

  62. The Constitution

  63. The Declaration of Independence

  64. Christ's earthly ministry

  65. Christ's death and resurrection

  66. The Atonement

  67. You, my readers!

  68. Family Search

  69. Chatting

  70. That we elected the first black alien president

  71. Weird Al

  72. Geo Metros

  73. The drop in gas prices

  74. Mac Vs PC

  75. A loving family

  76. Seeing the mountains every day

  77. Computer Games

  78. Charitable Organizations

  79. Humanitarian causes

  80. The stars

  81. The sun

  82. Wikipedia

  83. Sarcasm

  84. America

  85. Makers of deodorant

  86. The creation of the Arpanet

  87. Childhood memories

  88. Electricity

  89. General Conference

  90. The Smurfs

  91. Alf

  92. Java

  93. Computer Engineers who deal with low level programming

  94. Banks

  95. Holidays

  96. Giving gifts

  97. Monty Python

  98. Princess Bride

  99. An apartment to live in

  100. Shoes to wear

  101. Clothes to wear

  102. Food to eat

  103. My health

  104. The spirit of Santa Claus

  105. Homestarrunner

  106. Snowballs and snowball fights

  107. The ability to love

  108. The ability to reason

  109. My friends, for always being there

  110. That you are taking the time to read this

So I have gone over 100 things, if Giovanni hasn't asked this of you, then go ahead and do it yourselves. Have a great November.


Well, I haven't updated recently, and I figure while I am wasting time I might as well post something.

Today I have a Waltz test in my Dance 280 class, I think I will do pretty well in it. My class is at 1:00 in the main ballroom of the Wilkinson Center if anyone wants to watch everyone test on it.

Also, my other classes are going well. I need to finish up my persuasive essay and turn it tonight for full credit. It is on Proposition 8. I thought things were simpler, but then Imogen pointed out that California doesn't have civil unions but domestic partnerships that doesn't totally have all the rights that California could grant... So I dunno. I of course support Proposition 8 and try to add more backbone by looking some stuff up so I am not just supporting it because church leaders asked us to, and can reasonably defend my views with someone not of my faith. It's just complicated. As bismark also stated a couple times in that thread I linked, the best solution may be to privatize marriage, making marriage only a church thing while in order to get all the rights and everything that everyone wants you need to be joined in civil union first.
It works in Mexico, members of the church there have to be civilly joined or married first before they can be married in the temple because a civil union/marriage is the only legal marriage/union. Of course I am not sure if that would be considered a defeat or not... But if the country were to do that, it would solve the legal problems and fears. With civil unions for all, it guarantees that everyone has the same rights and also removes the fear of lawsuit if a church won't marry a couple based on their gender....

But yeah, I am ranting, I have to go and make better use of my time so I don't completely get bogged down in homework.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Watcha Doing?

So I decided to do this...
1. Where is your cell phone? Right beside me, charging.
2. Where is your significant other? In the future.
3. Your hair color? Blonde.
4. Your mother? Asleep
5. Your father? Also asleep.
6. Your favorite thing? right now? read, but now? Blog I suppose
7. Your dream last night? Something about some stars?
8. Your dream/goal? Graduate in Computer Science, being able to create secure nigh unhackable programs. Maybe hack for the pentagon.
9. The room you're in? My own.
10. Your hobby? Spanish, gaming, reading, blogging, plotting to take over the world in my sleep.
11. Your fear? Shh. They might hear you.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Hopefully in grad school, and married.
13. Where were you last night? Fencing
14. What you're not? Ostentatious
15. One of your wish-list items? A new beginning
16. Where you grew up? Utah
17. The last thing you did? Finished question #16.
18. What are you wearing? Clothes, and the stuff under clothes, and under that, my bones.
19. Your TV? I assume the one in my apartment exists...
20. Your pet? I want this
21. Your computer? Hindered by slow internet
22. Your mood? Slightly irritated
23. Missing someone? Perhaps yes.
24. Your car? A tin can. Almost literally. But cooler.
25. Something you're not wearing? A hat.
26. Favorite store? Newegg.
27. Your summer? Long gone.
28. Love someone? Yes.
29. Your favorite color? Red and Blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? I am in a continual state of laughter.
31. Last time you cried? The last time I laughed hard enough to cry.

I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Search Keyword for the Win

You know, I frequently find it funny how people come to find my blog through the search engine. Sure it isn't much, yet, but there are people who stumble upon with the weirdest search items.
Well I decided to post the five most recent search key words, in descending level of humor.
5. "Weird Al" -- Not funny or strange as I just commemorated his birthday.
4. Giovanni Schwartz -- Also not strange as he comments here and is quite the popular guy. In fact, if there was ever a super genius capable of foiling my fictional conquer the world plans, it would be him. Also the person searching that apparently visited this blog before
3. "Prodigal Roommate" -- I have a post with that phrase labeled in it, although I wonder why some someone is looking up stuff about prodigal roommates
2. Nanti grammar -- Have I spoken much on grammar, or is there some unknown grammatical style with my nym in it that I am not aware of?
1. ask date guy + "too far in advance" -- This is what made me laugh the most of the most recent five. I know I asked for dating advice months ago, but still, to stumble upon this blog, well may heaven have mercy on their soul if they found some advice from me. Which reminds me, Allyourbasearebelongtous, where did you go? We miss you.

I think I will try and turn this into a meme... so I tag Gio, Yellow M&M and... Rate of Energy to post their five favorite search terms. Ready, go!

Some Growth of Sorts

Friday night I was at Bob's and her brother brought up facial hair and his lack thereof. Which, since I was the only other viable guy around, was asked how often I shave (I should shave daily, but I don't.) and I mentioned I might be able to have a mustache in about two weeks. So I may go for it.

So vote in the poll I just added as to if I should grow a mustache or not. Also feel free to suggest the type of mustache I should grow. (For Example, the curly villainous mustache.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just some quiz

I was bored, so I did this, as some others have done so as well.

I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Quality Time

My Detailed Results:
Quality Time: 9
Physical Touch: 7
Words of Affirmation: 6
Acts of Service: 5
Receiving Gifts: 2

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

Take the Quiz!
Check out the Book

I tag Yellow MM, Gio and Rate of Electricity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know it is old news for Utahns, and I probably heard about it around May and forgot, but let me just say that upon doing my civic duty to see what was on the Utah Ballot. So suffice to say that was my true reaction when I learned that Superdell of Totally Awesome Computers is running for Governor of Utah.

I like his commercials before, but in light of that and his, um vocality and history, I think he is just plain plumb tooting crazy.

But it was worth a laugh to see him running for Governor.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Small Resolution

A small resolution to be invisible no more.
I figure I could write a poem and be indirect about all this, but I'd rather not to today.

But I may have stated this, I dunno. I don't think anyone from my ward really reads this, if they do, they haven't said anything. Anyways, usually, like nights like this, I feel invisible in the ward. It may have to do with having just received a calling a few weeks before that after being a year in the ward when my new roommates had received a calling before I did.
It may have to do with that that my roommates have already given a talk in Sacrament, but I haven't given a talk since I got off my mission a year and three months ago.
It may have to do with the fact that I am still struggling to get to know ward members and be their friend, while other new people are getting along great with those in the ward. Not that it is a bad thing, that is god that they are getting along.

But it has occasionally left me with a feeling of invisibility. I could blame them for not noticing me, and not being more outgoing.
I could also revert to how I viewed myself before as a social geek, super awkward and stew over that a lot.
But I'm not.
I've gone done that path of self-hate introspection, and I don't care to do it again. It's not a fun journey, let me tell you that. (And no, this isn't meant to make you pity me or anything. Unless pity can be converted to gold. Then I'll take all the pity you can give me.)
Nor can I blame them, it's not their fault if I haven't gone out of my way to say hi or to step out of my comfort zone.
I think I am just to lazy and expect all social things to fall at my feet instead of calling people up to hang out and the like.
Anyways, back to the point.
I am making a resolution to be more outgoing, to be less shy, to go out of my way to say hello, be friendly and to hang out more. This includes less texting and more calling. (I sent and received well over 1000 texts this past month...)

So I'd like to take a moment to thank you for allowing this break in randomness. If you're in my ward and read this, talk to me. For everyone else, feel free to comment, say hi. The blog feels all alone. It's too quiet, and not even Weird Al can heal the wounds caused by the failure to comment or mask the cries of lonliness. Blogs have feelings too you know. So stop being so cold hearted, and comment. If not for my sake, but for the blogs sake. You know, before the blog goes and attacks other blogs' code. We need to prevent another disaster.

So while you consider the the implications of a bloggicidal Blog, here is a message from our sponsors: Cheese! It comes from cows!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Special Birthday

It has come to my attention that it is someone's birthday today. Someone who has made me smile throughout the years and always has me wanting to sing out loud. (and be arrested for cruel and unusual punishment)

Oh, whose birthday is it today? None other than 'Weird' Al Yankovich!

And to celebrate this day, I shall put up his song "White and Nerdy" I think I shall make it my theme song.

Hail to the King!

White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic

Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Really is Barack Obama?

I know, you are all probably sick and tired of being asked who really is Barack Obama, but the truth must be told. Now I know that McCain's campaign strategy is to paint Obama as untrustworthy, but you should notice that they only allude to what he could be, but they never say who, or what, Obama really is. Maybe it is because they are unable to reveal the truth about him? Maybe Obama is more than just untrustworthy than they claim? What if in fact Barack Obama is an alien? And no, I don't mean an illegal immigrant, but that he could be a true, blue extraterrestial.

Yes you may scoff, but under the pretense of humor at a political dinner, Obama admitted his extra-terrestrial origins, saying that he hails from another planet.
Now you would think that being born on an alien planet would disqualify the senator from the presidency, but apparently Obama, and his alien race, is above such things as a human constitution. Apparently he has an in with aliens, as he would support visits from another race, so long as they were registered in the Democratic Party. That sounds a wee bit suspicious if you ask me... In fact, they recently released a statement saying that they even want to know how his health care plan affects them, and has even gone so far to throw their support to him. Even Steven Colbert revealed Obama's true nature. (go about 4:15 in)

Now with all this, people still support him! In fact, due to the economic crisis, his numbers have swelled! Many pundits claim he looked calm and composed, that while the $900 Billion bailout bailout bill he was in contact with his leaders. Of course he was in contact with his leaders, of course he looked calm and composed, everything is going according to their insidious alien plan!

So America, look again! Don't let those fake human ears fool you! Elect McCain to the presidency. With luck, Governor Palin might fall into a vat of radioactive goo and gain super hockey mom powers. With McCain as president, we all know that no one, not even hostile alien forces, would dare challenge US supremacy, after all, we all know how everyone fears a riled upa hockey mother, especially one that sports a hunting rifle.

So America, do your patriotic duty! Vote for the unstoppable force of team Hockey Mom and Old Guy!