Thursday, December 11, 2008

Operation Christmas: Day 3

Twas a dark and cold night, a lone man looked about, checking the windows windows briefly before stepping silently down the stairs to the door. As quickly and silently as he could, he placed a paper down with a small rectangular package by the door and rang the door bell. No sooner than he pressed it he dashed up the stairs, and waited quietly on the floor above. He couldn't see a thing, but as he waited in the darkness, he heard the door open and heard a male voice shout, "Drat, we missed them again!" Apparently his query was on to him...
And so he waited and slunk to his next query; an apartment of girls, one of which he was good friends with. He climbed the stairs to their apartment, with the parchment and package in hand. He set them gently down and again rang the doorbell again. Again he dashed away, hiding on the floor below to hear his query react to the day's surprise. Surprisingly, the voice he heard said, "Again? Enough with the Chocolate." He wondered if she knew he was near, or if he had been spotted the days previous when he ran instead of hid and could have been seen from a window. No matter, the final package was waiting to be delivered.
This time, it was not in an apartment complex, his query lived in a house. He stealthily parked a few houses down and walked to house, being watched by a dog. He was in front of a house, when a car turned the corner and neared the house to park. He walked on, as if he wasn't coming to this house. As he went further along, he crossed the street to the church, behind a tree. He knew she had seen him, but he wasn't sure who she was, or if she knew him. She left her car in gear, so she was only going to be a moment, so he would have to wait.
A minute or two later she left and he recognized her, it was Rachel, the relief society president, he thought. His cover may have been blown, maybe. It was only a matter of time now before two and two would be put together. No matter, he had to continue on. He went to the door step, deposited the items, and quickly ran for the fence across the street, where he could watch in the shadows. The door opened and a man opened it, quite possibly the brother of his query, who picked up the items, and by the light, read the parchment and went inside.
As the man went to his car, he thought about the next day's items and packages, thinking that although he looked suspicious while delivering the items, he would have to be more careful to avoid close calls like he had at the last house.

So, you can probably guess by now, I delivered the Three Musketeers chocolate bars, the smallish ones that come bundled together.

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