Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That Pesky Glass Ceiling

A few weeks ago the Daily Universe had a front page article about Sarah Palin and while I think she is a loon who should not be given attention, there is something else that I would like to address; the glass ceiling.

All during the 2008 democratic primaries, Senator Hillary Clinton spoke of breaking that glass ceiling, as if being president would mean that equality in the work place and in the culture has been equalized. Susan Merrill, of the aforementioned linked article, said that Sarah Palin has come close to breaking the glass ceiling as well.

Frankly, I think this is bull. I am not so sure there is a glass ceiling. Why? Cause female politicians are elected. They run for office. They are in House of Representatives, The Senate, the Supreme Court and run fairly for president. Is there a disparancy in congress about the number of women elected vs the number of men? Women held 15% of the seats in congress in 2006 I believe. But does that necessarily mean that there is a gender inequality?

I think that since more women and more women are running, that no, it does not mean there is gender inequality. Which is why I think that glass ceiling was probably shattered when Senator Clinton ran for the presidency. She was allowed to run, and no one maligned her for being a woman. She was not treated unfairly by the candidates. Maybe there were some negative stereotypical ads from a small group, but not by the opponents.

So from my point of view, the glass ceiling has been shattered. Shattered and mocked, depending on how you view certain vice presidential picks... But regardless, Senator Clinton ran and was close to winning. She didn't lose the Democratic primary because she was a woman, she lost because more people voted for Obama. Even during the vice presidential debate, Joe Biden could have trounced and ripped Sarah Palin a new one, based on her politics. But he didn't. Doing so would have played in McCain's hands who was using Palin to win the election. In that case, since Biden went easy on her, the glass ceiling was existent, for fear of looking like a sexist.

But regardless, women can run for political office and can have any job they chose. Yes, there are some wage discrepancies, but those are being solved slowly.

So with all that in mind, if a female politician mentions breaking the glass ceiling, I take it to mean that one her arguments for being elected is because she is a woman, and is just using it as a political ploy.

At least, those are my thoughts on it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Deets

As was stated yesterday, the Mormon Bachelor Pad may have been exposed. No one really knows the truth except Jake(or John) and Calvin(or Cameron). Luckily, I did some investigative journalism and found out what is really* happening.

So as it happens, I managed to catch Calvin on facebook chat. I was surprised, even moreso that he was using his time on facebook to speak with some guy rather than one of the many ladies he chats with. Anyways, in talking it appeared that he was stressed out and that something was on his mind. I initially thought it had to do with he and Jake being revealed, but it turns out that it is more than that. After some good time talking, Calvin revealed that they were in fact revealed, but none of the readers knew the full story. Yes, they are both 32 years old and everything they are exposed to be, but the accuser didn't detail what he did. Calvin, or Cameron revealed that the person who accused them was a fangirl of them who did some intense research to find them, but upon finding out that they were 32, became angry and started threatening both Cameron and John. Apparently not satisfied with trying to destroy their blog, the reader took it upon herself to track down Cameron's family and kidnapped one of his children. Not only that, but Cameron's wife stumbled upon Cameron and John reading MBP fanmail, and didn't like what some of the female fans wrote her husband.
So that has put a strain on their relationship. And so given that all this happened in a 36 hour period, it was a lot to handle. So Cameron said that with the blog affecting his family like this, he'll have to shut it down...

And that's when I woke up this morning.

*Really happening, as in, happening in my dreams. As in I dreampt that this happened exactly last night. I need a life. Or a CatScan.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Confession

I am not a crook!

Well, apart from that at least a couple people have asked me about me ratting out Mormon Bachelor Pad. I figured I wouldn't respond, cause I had school and other important stuff to do And then a couple of people asked me about it, and more are probably wondering. Also, I am procrastinating already, so might as well be productive about my wasted time, right?

Anyways, to be clear, I am not the person who revealed to the 500 readers of Mormon Bachelor Pad, but if I was, this is how I would have revealed them(Strikeouts are what I would take out, Italics are what I would put in. It is up to you if it is sarcastic or not):

I first came across this blog a few months ago, back in November and I thought it was an pretty novel awesome idea: two guys who claim to be roommates that write about their various dating escapades and adventures living as young, single, recently returned missionaries. who say they have returned recently from their missions and rediscover themselves in the Mormon world of dating, being a single mormon guy and pushing the chastity line, while having no shame about it. In their stories, they talk about topics such as “horizontal make-outs,” “define the relationship (DTR) talks,” scales of attraction, and other slightly more taboo subjects for young single adults of the LDS faith. "expose" what the typical Mormon guy thinks and does, even at the risk of infuriating many typical LDS women by their supposed behavior, while gaining hundreds of readers and hilarious comments.
I thought the blog was funny and entertaining was entertained by the blog, more-so by the comments though, and though I didn't found find myself relating terribly to some of the situations and stories they described, I still read it. They wrote without fear about some of the things that we, as men, often think about women, but should never say in front of them. Anyways, what and how they wrote often led to the inciting of many of their readers, obviously done for the attention and the laughs. This led to hundreds of responses from readers (mostly women) that were as entertaining, if not more so, than the posts themselves. There quickly became a division among the readers—those who defended the writers for being cool, funny, laid-back Mormon guys, and those who hated them for being typical, disrespectful, chauvinistic men. But the best comments were the comment wars that sparked from nothing and grew to be hilarious. Even I found myself pulled in and participating.
So, even though I felt a little out of place, I would occasionally visited read the blog to catch up when Google Reader showed an update and to have a few laughs. I maintained this activity as a guilty pleasure, except not, since I did enjoy reading them. Since becoming a reader of their blog I came to know some of the women they flirted with routinely. After some time, I knew I needed to get in on the publicity and have girls fawning desperately over me and nonstop flirting. knew that most (probably 85%) of their readers are women. I became aware that many people questioned whether the blog was real, and even more girls wanted to know who these awesome, funny guys were (presumably to “jump their bones”). The writers addressed the issue by claiming they needed anonymity in order to “protect” the other people involved. I knew I had to join them. And to join them, I had to find them out.
I began to read discovered another blog called “Expose the Mormon Bachelor Pad”, which sought to discover (and presumably expose) the writers’ identities. Anonymous comments were left with varying theories, which I responded to, links to facebook profiles, and even anecdotal encounters; Of course, nearly all of these theories were based on the assumption assuming that the characters’ Jake and Calvin's basic information was correct. This, of course led the majority of the sleuths down completely wrong paths, and even probably helped MBP out in some ways. However, There it was discovered that the writers had formed an LLC, a small company of their own based off the blog. The temptation to join them was too sweet to resist. liked to shop on the company dime, and even had a lawyer.
It became apparent to me that there was a business objective here. However, I could not tell whether the blog was real, and the writers later decided to make some profit (why not?), or whether the entire site was fabricated to generate income. I’m still not sure if the writers realized in the beginning how popular their blog would become. In revealing their identities, I do not wish to frustrate their business plans. I’m sure that they will continue to write as wittily and to be as creative as they have been in the past. If they continue to write well, people will continue to read. They seem to have a cult following that would believe their every word, and some of those people probably won’t even believe that I’m right about them. Was it obvious there was money to be made? Heck yes. And though I expose them, it does me no pleasure to do so. I just want in on the gravy train. Hopefully by revealing who they are, they will let me join them. I don't care who believes me, I just want to be recognized by them for knowing who they are, for getting a piece of the moolah. I just want those fanatic followers of hot young girls. Is that too much to ask for?!
After I had discovered the characters’ true identities, I left a couple of innocent comments announcing that fact, and only included their real first names. I congratulated them for being such great writers and offered to joing them, to let me in on it, and to "move in" on the blog. We would have been like the Three Musketeers on the blog. Unfortunately those comments were never published, since they began moderating them some time ago. Since they wouldn’t offer me even that tiny bit of credit, or the girls or the cash, I decided to write this and expose them. I think that people deserve to know that what they are reading is fiction. If you want to continue to believe that MBP is real, and that “Jake” or “Calvin” is your future eternal companion, I suggest that you stop reading now. Otherwise, may the truth set you free. Oh, and please buy a shirt from them, because they deserve it, if only for pulling it all off. Cause that is the only way I will get some of the money, if I sell shirts for them.
I will not go into the details about how I discovered the identities of the authors, but I will say that it was merely by luck after trolling around on facebook for hours and hours and hours and not by any sinister (or illegal) means. After noticing several connections and coincidences, I was able to identify them based on their personal (but public) blogs and profiles. Once I show you the evidence, you will see how easy it was to tie them to MBP. Everything I know has been gleaned from those sources, so I might be mistaken on some points. But despite everything being circumstantial, I will stick to my guns. Live or die, I want some of that money. And so what I write is the truth, if only circumstantial Also, I have not been able to tell whether there really are two writers, or if both characters are written by the same person (which would be “Jake”). In either case, it appears that “Calvin” is, at the very least, based on a real person. Please ignore the previous struck out text, it is only so I have plausible deniability about revealing "Jake" and "Calvin" to the world, so I am not sued for libel.
So let me take a minute to point out the most circumstantial evidence of how they may be one and the same. Jake and John like soccer, and they're from the same area thereabouts too. Plus he and Cameron both served in the same mission in the UK. I bet no other missionaries from the UK ever became best friends. And look, Cameron and Calvin are both from Ogden. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.
And I will also post these links that are currently blocked... hmmn, I sure hope that I am not John or Cameron privatizing said blogs to make things seem suspicious to gain attention to my own works. I wouldn't do that. No. Not in the slightest...

That is what I would write, if I really wanted to expose the Mormon Bachelor Pad. Or would have started writing. It actually turned out to be a piece mocking the accuser's site, especially when I saw that the blogs linked to are now available to be viewed. But honestly, I was taken in by these shallow arguments too. Does it matter to me who Jake and Calvin really are? Not really. Maybe they're the same people, or maybe John and Cameron wrote that blog themselves to gain more viewers. Or a combination of factors, which could be the case.

So, Jake and Calvin, perhaps you are John and Cameron, perhaps you aren't. Either way, I feel like an idiot for believing those arguments. Honestly, the only reason I believed them was because your twitter account was deleted, your facebook profile and fanpage didn't allow comments and were deactivated, and you temporarily disallowed comments on you blog. So, all in all, it is probably a ploy to get people to believe that you are them, or they are you. Doesn't matter. I have enough to get done to be bothered by all this.

I feel more of an idiot writing this blog post.
Oh well.
At least it is an update. John and Cameron got what they wanted. More viewers, and attention. Jake and Calvin stirred things up like normal and their identities are still in question. They win too, especially if separate people.

Anyways, continue at life. I am just gullible. That is all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

That One Health Care Bill.

First off, I don't know much about the health care bill, I don't know what it all entails. I do support such legislation that eliminates pre-existing conditions when it comes to paying for health care. I am not sure where I stand on a public option, at the very least I do not think it can be afforded at the moment.

But there is at least one deal breaker that I think is dumb and qualifies the legislation to not be passed. H.R. 3590 section 5000A: REQUIREMENT TO MAINTAIN MINIMUM ESSENTIAL COVERAGE.

You heard me, we will be mandated to have health insurance. We will have to tell the IRS and if we do not have health insurance, then we will be penalized at least $750 or so.

We should not have to be forced to have insurance. The government has no right to force us to obtain insurance. If someone who can afford insurance does not get insurance and gets sick and has to foot a large bill, that is their decision and they have to live by the consequences. And if someone cannot afford insurance, well that is what the health care bill should be for. So it is affordable. Not to be charged for it.

That is my opinion on things, and I do not think it should be passed. Do what republicans suggest and build it up again from scratch, or build a new bill out of pieces of this bill, but with this and other questionable sections of the bill, the bill should not be passed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Blog's Already Green...

I've been busy with school, so I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyways, today is St. Patrick's day.

Now I know Wikipedia and history would have you believe the lies that it was the introduction of Catholicism in Ireland, but rather it is a tale a desperado, a tale of heroism, a tale of the little people.

You see, St. Patrick was not a religious man. He was an ordinary man doing ordinary things. Except, he served as ambassador to the little people. No one knew of his position, well, most people didn't. It was a secret position, but a position that he labored in faithfully. Normally he would deal with problems between the little people and humans. They lived apart, but intermingled frequently. To put it accurately, because the Little People had an image to maintain, St Patrick served more as a public relations officer than anything else, to keep humans from intruding upon the territory of the little people.

But with the approaching armies of the Christianized Romans on their way, the Leprechauns decided to use St. Patrick so they would be left alone, knowing that if the Romans caught sight of them, they would be exterminated.

And so the Leprechauns faded from public. Using magic and St. Patrick's talented persuasion abilities, the little people became a sort of myth, so that when the Romans came, they would only think that the little people were made up by the superstitions of the common people.

So, because of St. Patrick, the little people were spared and the Romans, being impressed with the man, used his name as they spread religion in the region...

That is the true story. Or the true story as fabricated by me while procrastinating homework at least.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In 'N Out

To any and all Californians who love In 'N Out, I mean no offense, but I think you all are crazy.

I decided to go today and grab a burger, see for myself how the food tasted. I never went before because whenever I passed by an In 'N Out and was hungry enough to consider grabbing a burger, there has been a 20+ car line. Honestly, I am not waiting that long for a burger.

As I was saying, I went, I bought the Double Double with fries and a coke and drove home to eat it. Honestly... it was not that spectacular. It tastes just as good as a burger from McDonald's or Wendys or some other burger joint. Same buns, same thin meat patties. Greasier though. Way greasier. The fries also are not that great either. They tasted a bit stale or something. I've had way better at other places.

So honestly, it is just a fast food joint that is kept alive by hype. Californians adore it and have spread the word and got it to be popular. Maybe it is good in California, or maybe Governor Schwarzenegger spiked the the state's water mains and they all lost their sense of taste, who knows. I just know that the hype makes the food their to be something it is not.

But honestly, I will not being going back anytime soon. I don't buy into the hype and don't see why everyone thinks it is so good. I also expect my Californian readers to form a mob to lynch me too.

So yeah. Another thing though; at least McDonald's has the McFlurry. Those taste good. So I guess McDonald's beats In-N-Out.

Now I really expect to be lynched. I must go hide.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Contemplating Why

Why the difference in treatment
Why it matters

Contemplating and frustrated
At how a simple thing
A divergence of ideas
Causes such a rift.

For worse decisions could be made
Or worse done by those around
Or graver still.

But make a decision not approved
and out the door you go.
Out and about and out one goes.

Nothing wrong done,
No laws broke
Just a divergence of belief
Or supposed belief at the very least.

And the world shook upside down.

Frustrated and all, just a wondering.

Wondering why some people act the way they act.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Missionary Rebuke Wednesday

The latest in the adventures of my brother, Elder Fields, in the almost Chicago mission.

Hello viewers,

This Thursday was the mission conference with Elder L. Tom Perry! It was held at the Woodridge chapel, so I spent part of the day saying hi to some old friends in that area. When we got there, since the whole North-side mission was also there, I spent some time saying hello and chatting with some new north side mission friends who will soon be a part of my mission. I also got to talk to President D., the north side mission president. President D. told me that he had heard some good things about me and was looking forward to having me in his mission. I was a bit flattered but also somewhat scared and I asked him what he had heard but he refused to tell me. That only made me wonder more and also got me thinking if I could live up to the reputation that I apparently have.

Finally the meeting started and all the missionaries were given the chance to introduce themselves to Elder Perry. I can't believe I got to shake hands with an apostle!!!! After everyone was back in their seats, we listened carefully to what he would say. Elder Perry spoke about putting ourselves out there, that we need to get out there and let people know how great we are, let them see what we have and what they are missing out on. Elder Perry said that 52% of Americans don't know who we are, and 47% don't have a good impression of us. This is something we need to get out there and fix. It was also announced what would be happening when the missions combined; that we are supposed to love the new mission members and respect them, no rivalries, no comparing mission stats or how things were done, ect... also since the missions are combining the transfer schedule will change. The Chicago North mission's transfer cycles are two weeks after we have ours, so to fix that little problem, the transfer that the missions combine will have two extra weeks added to it!
And so this will push back all the transfers after that by those two weeks. That was such great news! I get to serve for two extra weeks on my mission!!! Instead of going home on September 17th, I will go home October 1st! That's not just two years on the mission, but that's two years in the actual field as well. That's absolutely awesome! I think I'll talk to President D. and see if I can get an extension. Let's add an extra transfer onto those last two weeks. Heck, lets make it an extra year! :)
I didn't think after the mission conference that there would be any other news worth reporting for the rest of the week, but as the days passed, there was. Elder Sh. wasn't exactly happy to come into this area but after two weeks he now sees the potential within the area and even though he still wants to leave and doesn't much like the area, he would so much rather now see this area stay open. It's only a matter of time before he ends up not wanting to leave the area as well.

Unfortunately there is a downside after all this good news. Monday we had district meeting. I used to look forward to that weekly bit of spiritual enlightenment, but now I dread district meeting with a passion. Elder M. is a good district leader but for the last month of district meetings all he has done is rebuke me and tell me how I need to improve! I am flat out sick and tired of it!! It was one thing last transfer when the rebuking was split among three of us, but now that it's just Elder Sh. and me, I never hear the end of it. I honestly hate a district of four. Elder M. says things like this district needs help and that we need to improve; his area is doing fine so that just leaves us, so again it must be my fault being the senior companion! He looks directly at me most of the time and talks directly to me most of the time. I feel as if he may as well be saying "Elder Fields, you suck! Straighten up now!" I take 95% of the rebuking and Elder Sh. gets the last little bit. I honestly only deserve half of what I get. I work my butt off and he says I need to improve. I could probably stand to work a bit smarter, and maybe a bit harder. So Elder M. may be half right, but that doesn't give him the right to spend two hours shoving a rebuke down my throat. What's worse is that he does in fact rebuke me because he sees me as more of the senior than Elder Sh. is and that is a flat out lie; Elder Sh. and I are equal co-senior companions! Just because I've been here six weeks longer doesn't make me any better and I shouldn't have to suffer for the mistakes that my last comps have made, that's honestly why I hate leadership in this mission; too much burden and rebuke come from it.

After two hours of a heavy chew out Elder Sh. and I were in no mood to go back to work, but we fought down that urge and got out there and did it. The rest of the day felt like a total wash out after district meeting, we were accomplishing nothing and we both felt bad enough as it was. Finally just before we were about to go home and call it a day and sleep off our bad moods we scored an awesome new investigator from a street contact! After that, I had to wonder whether it was us or getting chewed out by Elder M. that got us that new investigator. It would be worth it to get chewed out every week if it got us new investigators afterward. Of course, if it was us alone that did the work, then Elder M. can take his rebuking and shove them where the sun wont shine because I am flat out sick of it.

To end this letter on a good note, getting that new investigator totally made our day. After a crappy day like that, that one investigator we got at the end or the day is what makes this job worth while.

Love, Elder Fields.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Laughter

This made me laugh:

As did this excerpt about Google's algorithm:
But there were obstacles. Google’s synonym system understood that a dog was similar to a puppy and that boiling water was hot. But it also concluded that a hot dog was the same as a boiling puppy.

Just thought I'd share.