Monday, June 30, 2008

Two celebrations

Now that I have ranted, I feel the need to announce something, well celebratory.

The first is of highest importance, and somewhat of accomplishment, which I suppose surviving is.
So today is the one year mark of when I got off the mission... Just thinking about it makes me want to hack into the church and submit my papers again. Well, maybe not, I don't know how to hack yet and I wouldn't trust the guy who did not to do other things. But this is a whole other can of worms, one that my companions never understood when I said I wouldn't get on the farewell plane but would preach in secret like Alma...

The second thing? Well it doesn't seem worth mentioning now, kind of trivial really. I thought I'd talk it up, make a great laugh of it, which it is obviously. But for those who don't know, I write as Nanti-SARRMM on a message board and every so often the administrators grant titles, in jest or in recognition of participants of the board. So, by my sheer personality to make light of many things, to joke around and be non-sequitter most of the time, I am now labeled as headache inducer.
It's quite funny, and somewhat cool.
Sure a lesser man would be downtrodden and his self esteem shattered, but I am no lesser man, a shorter man maybe, but a lesser, never. But as I write this, and as I have pondered over the past couple days, I have been wondering, do I joke too much, am I not serious enough? Is what I have posted and talked about before understandable for a somewhat bored twenty two year old, or do I need to act more my age?

I wish I knew.

Blasted Outlook

Today I took over 30 calls. Because of Outlook. Or more appropriately, because no one thought to send general instructions how to do transition over.

That and there are people special enough in the world who are allowed to call about how to drag something onto the desktop and adjust the width of columns, similar to how it is done in excel.

And long calls that didn't need to be horrendously long, but were.

Ok, I am done.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am a guy, and thus I did something wrong.

You'd think I have actual girl problems, or relationship problems, seeing how I look so dashing with my top hat and all. But nope, the biggest problem right now is that for some reason or another, Daniela is angry at me, I don't know why, unless she thinks I am crazy RM still and feel the need to propose... Maybe. (in an alternate universe where my respective me actually thinks about that sort of thing.)
But I haven't heard from her in a week, she doesn't reply back via text message, she doesn't call back, she even has blocked me on facebook, probably for being so persistently annoying. And we have been good friends as well, and I can only guess at what is wrong, unless she read this blog too and thinks I was falling in love with her with how I phrased my words... but that's just another theory.

The dance was cool, I just need to learn how to dance salsa better so I am not doing basic steps the whole time.

I'll be back later. I just wish God would give us guys Liahonas to know what is going on in the minds of girls. It'd be so much easier. This is also one of the few times I wish I were Edward, the ability to read her mind, and of course be even more dashingly handsome, would come of great help. Or Xavier, but with the use of my legs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

This week

Yeah, I haven't updated. I blame my apartments internet, which has been pretty much down this entire week.

I saw a couple deer in the mountains, a brave chipmunk or two that were really camera shy, but most likely didn't care because they could smell human food and wanted at it. One little guy even attacked our garbage bag.

Work, well next week is going to be a little more hectic because there's a big transition in going on, thus everyone will be taking ground level calls because of a surge expected in the Service Desk queue.

Another note, this weekend is a latin lds conference thing at UVSC. Saturday night is a formal dance. It says that it is Sunday best, but I am going further. Such as wearing white gloves, a top hat and carrying a cane. Excellent. I just hope I don't lose the cane, well it is more of a black walking stick, but it is still cool.

Friday, June 20, 2008


So I am off. Giovanni, I leave it to you to defend what honor I may still have from my dealings with SWKT. I expect Swiket to comment on how unfunny the chicken jokes are amid other things.


Going to be quick today, hopefully. I don't need to give you another novel to read.

So the Black Rock didn't work out, Daniela wasn't filling up to going to a large black rock. But her family is house sitting for a neighbor, which includes taking care of their car. Which is a monster Humvee. Last night was the first time I had driven in one. Lets just say there is definite feel in power when you can crush all others on the road and not being the tin can on the road. It is hard to maneuver though. So we went to town, to Tooele, hung out in wal-mart buying various things, and then went to Cold Stone for ice cream. There is also a Sonics there as well. So Tooele doesn't fail as much as it did yesterday. Tooele still fails mind you, but it loses some of the suckiness to the failure.
And we talked. That is all.

Oh, and there is a family reunion this weekend, so I'll away from this evening till Sunday afternoon camping.
I'll take some pictures and post them here. Of course I said that about the laughing movies the night I obtained asthma, and I still haven't done so.

But hey, my asthma is reduced, I can laugh more now without hacking up a lung. My brain spasms now, which is weird, but I can laugh now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I decided to split things up so you all wouldn't have so much to read in one post.

So, I have decided to post todays schedule, just because.

I am currently at work, supposed to be studying about CSS/PHP, whichh it appears that obviously I am not doing. Later on at four I have an appointment with a personal counselor. Why you ask? Because for some reason or another I have low self esteem issues. Yes Giovanni, you may have just guessed correctly, it is Swiket's fault. I have become so tormented by the truth spoken by Swiket that the very perception of myself has been shattered. And yes Swiket, I will be sending you the bill! Well, technically there is no bill as I am a student and BYU students get free counseling, but if there were a bill, you would get it!
On the serious side, it is just some things that I am getting resolved. Then I'll be driving for an hour in the blasted sun with no AC. Officially I will be home for a couple of hours to grab some camping supplies for this weekend so my family doesn't have to stuff themselves into the family van like sardines with everything that needs to be taken. Did I mention I'll be attending a family reunion in Fishlake National forest this weekend? If I didn't. I did now.
As for the other reason I have reason to visit, well lets just say that there is a very cool and awesome girl in the neighborhood who I shall call... Daniela. Why Daniela? Because she's just too cool to give a nym or nickname really. Anyways Daniela would be my partner in texting, we constantly text each other, and I have been hanging out with her the times I have gone home I have hung out with her. She speaks Spanish as well, has visited Mexico (for a school trip I think) and is just generally awesome.
To which bring to point the inherent boredom that is Tooele. It is hard to think of good things to do, but finally after sorting through the options and discovering that the local observatory is closed on certain days, she agreed to visit the Black Rock, which is a big boulder in the shores of the Great Salt Lake that I have seen people on. Neither of has has gone and it only a few miles from the Tooele exit that I figure it would be cool to visit.
Well not just cool, its more than that. Assuming we can climb the rock, we'll be on a huge boulder with mountains to our back (and a freeway, but that doesn't count, nor does Kennecott) and the Salt Lake in front of us, Antelope Island in the distance and the sun setting, well two hours from officially setting but you get the idea. So it is so much more than awesome. Is it a date? Dunno. It could definitely be a date, but I told my dad it was probably more of a hang out activity, but I told him that more so my siblings don't make a big deal of me going out or hanging out with her, because as younger siblings, they tend to do that sort of thing. If you have any other ideas just to make the Black Boulder cooler, let me know. Other than that, I will be driving home later on in the evening.
So yes, that is my day today.

My sub conscience doesn't think I'm funny.

Well where to begin? So much to do and so little to say... or just resisting the urge to speak like Willy Wonka.

Well, my sub-conscience was berating in the night in the form of imagined comments from some girls in my ward who decided to agree with SWKT and say that I am not really all that funny. I think maybe it has to do with being put on a pillar of hilarity in the eyes of Giovanni, or maybe the desire for honesty in that I am not all that funny seeing that Comedy Central nor the Laugh out Loud or the other BYU comedy place has recruited me. So I guess this is an attempt at humility, honesty, low self esteem (or all of the above?) to say that I am honored if I have made any of you chuckle.

Tooele still fails. It shall always fail. At least until some unlucky soul decides to dive into the granite vault and see if he can find any reason as to why Tooele was named Tooele. No one knows. That and it is still boring. Thus Tooele fails, except to a slightly lesser degree to which I will discuss later on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tooele has failed again

Tooele has earned yet another fail. I will be in Tooele briefly tomorrow evening, and I suggested to a friend that we could go get some ice cream at Leatherby's Ice Cream. Let me just say that Leatherby's is awesome and doesn't deserve this. But no. It is closed. I think Tooele likes to have bored out of their mind residents. Maybe the boredom, combined with the heat is why there is no crime rate, because their freaking souls have been sucked out due to boredom. Or Tooele is an ancient indian village that was cursed to be unproductive and be lazy due to boredom.

Maybe I'll go poison the water supply or cause something to explode in the nearby copper mine, that might wake the town.

Mission Call

Well, it finally happened. My brother got his papers submitted to go on a mission. He is extremely happy, and has been restless because his orthodontist wouldn't sign the medical part of the mission papers until his braces neared coming off.
So in a few weeks, he will have his mission call.

But of course Mr. Green Giant, you know this only puts more pressure on you to get your papers submitted right? After all, if not for your "supposed" laziness, you would have a two year head start. Now how would it look if the Marshmellow Shrieker got his papers in before you eh?

Oh, and Green Giant, don't tell my brother I nicknamed him the Marshmellow Shrieker, I would not hear the end of it, and you know it. He'd probably break some noise ordinance, or get charged for disturbing the peace or something knowing how quiet the town is.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A hilarious response.

It has become apparent that some people, for whatever crazy reason, think that this blog is awesome. I am not sure what possessed to think that, but they have every right to think so.

And then there are those who see me for who I truly am, a crazy guy who talks crazy nonsense just for the attention and impressing cute girls with my wit. Even as I had gone through some effort to prove the silliness of twilight, this enlightened person constantly proves my silliness and immaturity. It is to this person, SWKT Parachuter, who I bow to, for there are only a handful of people that have made me laugh like he did today. Some may think of this person as mean spirited, but SWKT is only a purveyor of truth.

This is what he posted today on a message that gave me cause to laugh so much.

Dear Anti-Smart,
I enjoy reading your blog too!!!! It means I get to think about how AWESOME you are even if you haven't commented on here lately. And plus, I don't leave mean comments on your actual blog, so I get to think about how awesome I am for restraining myself!!!! Talk about a win-win!!!!!

SWKT Parachuter

Monday, June 16, 2008


Dear Wally, the Anti-Blogger;

I know you think Lurpy Green Giant has fallen to the tyranny of the blog, but it doesn't matter, I don't know why you think they are pointless, but I only have one thing to say: Although I may be biting my thumbs, I do not bite them at you.

Yeah... that was my attempt at a humorous Shakespearean insult. Maybe I'll just shake my fist instead...

Dr. Carlisle

I just had a thought. Considering that Vamprirism is spread by venom from the teeth, and that Dr. Carlisle is a doctor, one would think that Dr. Carlisle would be able to test the venom, like many do with a snake's venom, and try and create a cure or antidote.

So why hasn't anyone thought of this, that way Edward can become mortal, and as soon as he does so, he'll see that Bella only wanted him for the good looking vampire that he was and not for his domineering chauvinistic personality.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

That one book, Twilight....

Yeah. I finally read it. After the hype my sister made about it and seeing all Edward rocks discussions or how he is superior to Mr. Darcy in every which way, I finally read it.
Now, before I offend all you Twilight fans, I do have to say that it was an interesting read. I am not sure if I'll ever read it again, but it was interesting. A good tween romance novel. That's all it is.

I mean, come one. The hunter wasn't even all that evil or malevolent. I though I read somewhere that the best villain was one the reader loved to hate. All he did was catch Bella's irresistible smell, and decide to be civil about about hunting her. He's a vampire that kills people regularly to eat, since when should he care if he attacks the father, her friends, her mom? Instead, he uses a small phrase from a video to lure to a dance studio, sparing Bella the pains of losing her mom. Or maybe he is bad at math and doesn't realize that two humans to eat is better than one.

As for me, I am confused at how Bella is in love with him. I know why Edward is, that is obvious. The book makes that clear, due to Bella's smell, he has to exercise self control, and for whatever supernatural reason, he can't read Bella's mind. That gets him interested. Bella shows interest in him, and as he gets to know her, actually know her, he falls in love with her, which is understandable for a 90 year old guy. But Bella? She could have had any guy she wanted really, but because it seems every guy thinks she's hot and she now has all this attention from males, she ends up crushing on the one guy who avoids her. I guess it is the Lois Lane complex, falling in love with the uber-strong guy who saved her life. But going back to the point, as far as the reader knows, she is observant, and for some reason can help looking at the chiseled greek god who somehow saves her life. So she pokes and prods, and gets through some of the mysteriousness that is Edward, and with the help of big clue from the Werewolf indian reservation, finds out that Mr. C here is a vampire. Kudos for not freaking out, I suppose. So what does Mr. Edward have going for him? He is eternally young, is exercising self control to not freak out and eat her, super strong, super fast, can read other people's minds, and has had 90 years to develop such talents at playing the piano superbly. He also is completely unaware of any other girls who stare at his irresistible face. So we have an alternative, 90 year old eternally vampire, with all the maturity to go with it, and some 17 year old girl who wins his attentions. He gets to play 20 questions (or maybe 100) and asks all about her, getting to know her. She uses all her questions to find out about his vampire condition and that he likes to eat cougars over bears. I dunno. It seems like a crush to me. What girl wouldn't crush on a guy that saves her life, has extra-ordinary powers, is perfect at everything, is the ultimate hottie and just so happens to be dedicated to her and her safety?

That and the only character that develops and grows is Edward, with the self control he exhibits throughout the book. I do think that he is to chauvinistic and commanding.

So, needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when I read the book.

Oh, and to solve all debates about Darcy and Edward, this is all I have to say, that if you gave Darcy supernatural vampiric powers too, Edward would be so blown out of the water, it wouldn't even be funny. If Bella did meet the vampire Mr. Darcy (assuming that Darcy eats animals as well) then Edward would lose Bella so fast it would be impossible to get it back.

I can only hope that Hollywood doesn't stick too closely to the book with the film coming out in December (yes, I know, my sister told me) because they might actually improve it. Otherwise I probably won't see it until it hits the dollar theater, Or I grab it for free off the internet, either or.

so let me know if I am to be expecting a mob of unruly females at my doorstep anytime soon please.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Those Gitmo detainees

To move this blog away from an entire diary like thing, I do have a few thoughts on the whole Guantanamo prisoner thing. Bismark posted this on a facebook group, which does prove a point, that the detainees are being held based solely on suspicions.

I also understand that we can't take this too lightly as many are hardened terrorists and if released would only unleash more bombings.

But I do think they should have the right to a speedy trial and that none of them should be locked up for six years with no case going forward. They aren't Prisoners of War, at least not by President Bush's definition, but even still, they should go to trial, be tried, and those guilty should be executed. We don't need 600+ detainees being held on suspicions alone, who knows how much it is costing, plus they do need some rights.

So that is my thoughts. That and I think both parties are crazy and need to be disbanded.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have achieved a small victory today. But a victory nonetheless. Today was my first, would have been second time, at fencing class at the Utah Valley Fencing place just a little north of 8th South on State Street in Orem. We went over a little of right of way (who gets point, which is determined by who hits first, with most importantly, who extended their arm first), thrusting, leg movements, and most important thing there was that I didn't have an asthma attack like I did yesterday at the BYU fencing club.

Victory is mine!

More asthma stuff

Yeah. So asthma stinks when trying to exercise. It means I need to start running more often so I don't have an asthma attack 10 minutes in. It's not fun, especially when trying to do things, such as wield a sword while fencing.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It is definitely official

Ok folks, here is what is new, it is a little late but yeah, I definitely have asthma. I made an appointment to see the family doctor on Friday, so I drive up after work to his office in West Jordan to see him. I must say he does have some cute secretaries. But back to point. He gave me this breathing test analyzer thing, so I breathed into it a few times and when the results came in, it did show some asthma in my lungs. So now I have the medicinal inhaler which helps heals me, and has actually helped a lot actually, the Albuterol stuff for emergency attacks, and cough medicine. But all in all, I am doing better. My voice is a little hoarse from coughing and the like, but I am doing well.
As for Saturday, apart from laundry, I didn't do anything productive at all. That needs to stop happening. Bad me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bookish Tag.

So I was checking out a friends blog and she tagged me in book tag. Basically you grab the nearest book near you that is over 123 pages long... wait, let me copy and paste the rules down, it will be much simpler.
If you've been tagged:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog.
5. Tag 5 people.

So, the nearest book near me is Tale of Two cities. Counting the sentences was a little tricky because Mr. Dickens throws in a bunch of commas.
Anyways the sentence is:"You are in a bad way, you know; you really are in a bad way." -- apparently some guy named Sydney is in financial trouble, and maybe he and others are plotting to get Ms. Manette married? I haven't read this far unfortunately.

Well since Yellow M&M tagged and Bob, It looks like I shall have to tag dear old Alan, although I haven't seen him online much, must be those blasted buses up north keeping him busy.
Well, since I know of no else who reads, I encourage Wally the Platypus and Sir Lurpy String Bean to join in. Oh! Ghostlilly you can participate too. Hmmn, And spa book writer, you're enlisted. It might actually help if any of you had a blog in the first place though...

It could be worse...

Here I am at work, and I not enjoying the stifled breathing at all, had a strange and disturbing thought pop into my head. I was reading something completely unrelated to work, and along comes this thought "It could be worse, you could have the chicken pox as well." Now that there is a rather unpleasant thought, considering I have never had chicken pox ever. My siblings have had it, in different years, so I have been exposed, but I have never had it.

A greater question is that why are all the desks around me made of plastic and the doors too far to go knock on wood?

I am doomed

So... faced with the possibility that I may have asthma, I looked it up to find out more information. It wasn't until I looked at the irritants that I realized that I am truly doomed. I can see how I die now, laughing so hard that it causes a major asthma attack and collapsing my lungs. It sounds painful. I would have preferred to laugh so hard that my heart just fails and explodes, or a major blood vessel in my brain exploding, causing me to die a quick painless death. All I can hope for is that suffocating isn't terribly painful.

Having asthma sucks

It was the dead of night, with only the glow of the computer screen, his roommates snoring and the oddly glowing interface of the alarm clock to surround him. He glanced at the clock, and upon seeing the time had slightly advanced past midnight, he decided it was time to retire.

Everything seemed fine to him as he climbed into bed, but as he lay down, he soon felt the attack. It came out of no where, no matter which way he turned, no matter what side he lay on, he felt the attack, the odd sensation of abdominal muscles spasming and the short quick breaths, the heaving.

He leaped out bed, dodging what was probably his backpack and reaching for the one the weapon that, the one defense to save to him... he took a puff of it, and felt a little of the its effects and a minute later another one helped strengthen him further, when he could finally breathe normally again, he climbed into bed, hearing distant screams of promises of revenge as he faded into sleep....

So, all I can say is that this sucks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh so much laughter

I may have told a few of you this story, or maybe bits and pieces. Anyways, my friend the Master of Glayven was getting on my case about my blog being dead. Such as I have felt these past few days.

For those who don't know me, I am a long deep laughter, where I laugh so much I cry and my face turns shades of red (Along with occasional lightning quick headaches) and it takes a few minutes to calm down.
Along happens Friday night where I am hanging out with some friends, things quickly became silly, and I began to laugh at every little thing, especially the face that my friend Ghostlily makes. She has this excellent fake crying face, but since I know it is fake, and since I have been raised with a sister who also does such an impression of faked criery, I just laugh it off. Now, with her making that face, along with other statements and an impression of Thing from the Adams family, it got me going on and off for hours. By around 11 or so at night, I was feeling off balance, either being light headed or just too much blood in the brain, I don't know, but it has been furthest I have gone laughing. I even started sending fake will statements to various friends via text message, to the point of hilariously confounding a friend Super Atomic Genius, that I was committing suicide and that she needed to call. (She only got part of the message for some reason.)

To be brief, since Saturday I have been feeling like crap, thinking maybe I agitated my body into getting the beginnings of Bronchitis because I could not breathe deeply and my heart always seemed like it was racing. Today I go to the doctor, and he began to think it was that, but I haven't felt the other symptoms, to feel bronchitis sick. As soon as I tell him as my spasmodic laugh attack, he decides to give me a breathing treatment, the same one used for people with Asthma I believe, and lo and behold, when it is done, I can breathe deeply again.

So, at the present time I have an inhaler to help me, it may not be full asthma yet, we're not sure, but if it is, then this is the one time that laughter does heal, but harms...

I will be loading video up within the next few days of my adventures Friday night.