Friday, June 27, 2008

This week

Yeah, I haven't updated. I blame my apartments internet, which has been pretty much down this entire week.

I saw a couple deer in the mountains, a brave chipmunk or two that were really camera shy, but most likely didn't care because they could smell human food and wanted at it. One little guy even attacked our garbage bag.

Work, well next week is going to be a little more hectic because there's a big transition in going on, thus everyone will be taking ground level calls because of a surge expected in the Service Desk queue.

Another note, this weekend is a latin lds conference thing at UVSC. Saturday night is a formal dance. It says that it is Sunday best, but I am going further. Such as wearing white gloves, a top hat and carrying a cane. Excellent. I just hope I don't lose the cane, well it is more of a black walking stick, but it is still cool.

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Green Giant said...

Well how did it go?