Monday, June 16, 2008

Dr. Carlisle

I just had a thought. Considering that Vamprirism is spread by venom from the teeth, and that Dr. Carlisle is a doctor, one would think that Dr. Carlisle would be able to test the venom, like many do with a snake's venom, and try and create a cure or antidote.

So why hasn't anyone thought of this, that way Edward can become mortal, and as soon as he does so, he'll see that Bella only wanted him for the good looking vampire that he was and not for his domineering chauvinistic personality.


yellow m&m said...

So, you're just out to ruin the book for all of us, aren't you? At least you think that Edward is a cool guy. I agree a little that Bella is shallow. I think it is inappropriate to show this as an "undying, true love" when she's just a teenager and this is her first experience with love. But you know what, it's a book. If it was based on real life, it would be boring. It's not the best book in the world, which is why I really like two and three. (although two is kinda just as bad). so there. :P

I_is_Sam said...

My sister had ruined it already for me by telling me that Ed was a creature of the night, along with other things. I am still waiting for creatures of Avalon to come and abide there as well, maybe some mere folk... Plus there is a movie coming out in December, to play off the teenage hype.

And why are you complaining? You've read them.