Thursday, June 19, 2008


I decided to split things up so you all wouldn't have so much to read in one post.

So, I have decided to post todays schedule, just because.

I am currently at work, supposed to be studying about CSS/PHP, whichh it appears that obviously I am not doing. Later on at four I have an appointment with a personal counselor. Why you ask? Because for some reason or another I have low self esteem issues. Yes Giovanni, you may have just guessed correctly, it is Swiket's fault. I have become so tormented by the truth spoken by Swiket that the very perception of myself has been shattered. And yes Swiket, I will be sending you the bill! Well, technically there is no bill as I am a student and BYU students get free counseling, but if there were a bill, you would get it!
On the serious side, it is just some things that I am getting resolved. Then I'll be driving for an hour in the blasted sun with no AC. Officially I will be home for a couple of hours to grab some camping supplies for this weekend so my family doesn't have to stuff themselves into the family van like sardines with everything that needs to be taken. Did I mention I'll be attending a family reunion in Fishlake National forest this weekend? If I didn't. I did now.
As for the other reason I have reason to visit, well lets just say that there is a very cool and awesome girl in the neighborhood who I shall call... Daniela. Why Daniela? Because she's just too cool to give a nym or nickname really. Anyways Daniela would be my partner in texting, we constantly text each other, and I have been hanging out with her the times I have gone home I have hung out with her. She speaks Spanish as well, has visited Mexico (for a school trip I think) and is just generally awesome.
To which bring to point the inherent boredom that is Tooele. It is hard to think of good things to do, but finally after sorting through the options and discovering that the local observatory is closed on certain days, she agreed to visit the Black Rock, which is a big boulder in the shores of the Great Salt Lake that I have seen people on. Neither of has has gone and it only a few miles from the Tooele exit that I figure it would be cool to visit.
Well not just cool, its more than that. Assuming we can climb the rock, we'll be on a huge boulder with mountains to our back (and a freeway, but that doesn't count, nor does Kennecott) and the Salt Lake in front of us, Antelope Island in the distance and the sun setting, well two hours from officially setting but you get the idea. So it is so much more than awesome. Is it a date? Dunno. It could definitely be a date, but I told my dad it was probably more of a hang out activity, but I told him that more so my siblings don't make a big deal of me going out or hanging out with her, because as younger siblings, they tend to do that sort of thing. If you have any other ideas just to make the Black Boulder cooler, let me know. Other than that, I will be driving home later on in the evening.
So yes, that is my day today.