Friday, June 13, 2008

Those Gitmo detainees

To move this blog away from an entire diary like thing, I do have a few thoughts on the whole Guantanamo prisoner thing. Bismark posted this on a facebook group, which does prove a point, that the detainees are being held based solely on suspicions.

I also understand that we can't take this too lightly as many are hardened terrorists and if released would only unleash more bombings.

But I do think they should have the right to a speedy trial and that none of them should be locked up for six years with no case going forward. They aren't Prisoners of War, at least not by President Bush's definition, but even still, they should go to trial, be tried, and those guilty should be executed. We don't need 600+ detainees being held on suspicions alone, who knows how much it is costing, plus they do need some rights.

So that is my thoughts. That and I think both parties are crazy and need to be disbanded.

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