Friday, June 20, 2008


Going to be quick today, hopefully. I don't need to give you another novel to read.

So the Black Rock didn't work out, Daniela wasn't filling up to going to a large black rock. But her family is house sitting for a neighbor, which includes taking care of their car. Which is a monster Humvee. Last night was the first time I had driven in one. Lets just say there is definite feel in power when you can crush all others on the road and not being the tin can on the road. It is hard to maneuver though. So we went to town, to Tooele, hung out in wal-mart buying various things, and then went to Cold Stone for ice cream. There is also a Sonics there as well. So Tooele doesn't fail as much as it did yesterday. Tooele still fails mind you, but it loses some of the suckiness to the failure.
And we talked. That is all.

Oh, and there is a family reunion this weekend, so I'll away from this evening till Sunday afternoon camping.
I'll take some pictures and post them here. Of course I said that about the laughing movies the night I obtained asthma, and I still haven't done so.

But hey, my asthma is reduced, I can laugh more now without hacking up a lung. My brain spasms now, which is weird, but I can laugh now.


Green Giant said...

You poor tortured soul!! How are you gonna be able to live without laughing tremendous amounts until you go purple? That and now i feel bad if i make you laugh.

I_is_Sam said...

I am surviving, and regaining my laughing ability a bit at a time, slowly, so no need to feel guilty.