Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mission Call

Well, it finally happened. My brother got his papers submitted to go on a mission. He is extremely happy, and has been restless because his orthodontist wouldn't sign the medical part of the mission papers until his braces neared coming off.
So in a few weeks, he will have his mission call.

But of course Mr. Green Giant, you know this only puts more pressure on you to get your papers submitted right? After all, if not for your "supposed" laziness, you would have a two year head start. Now how would it look if the Marshmellow Shrieker got his papers in before you eh?

Oh, and Green Giant, don't tell my brother I nicknamed him the Marshmellow Shrieker, I would not hear the end of it, and you know it. He'd probably break some noise ordinance, or get charged for disturbing the peace or something knowing how quiet the town is.


Giovanni Schwartz said...

Isn't it spelled Marshmaaaallow, with an A instead of an E?

Green Giant said...

You know he's gonna find out about that nickname sooner or later. It may not be by me, but what happens if someone else does? It'll be your fault cause your the one that made the nickname. Well, I don't know what will happen this Sunday when talking to the bishop but of course i shall let you know.

I_is_Sam said...

I suppose it is, and the spell check in firefox didn't catch it.

I_is_Sam said...

Actually green giant, none of my family has the URL to my blog, except those few cousins on facebook, and I don't know if they read it or not, so I should be safe.