Monday, June 30, 2008

Two celebrations

Now that I have ranted, I feel the need to announce something, well celebratory.

The first is of highest importance, and somewhat of accomplishment, which I suppose surviving is.
So today is the one year mark of when I got off the mission... Just thinking about it makes me want to hack into the church and submit my papers again. Well, maybe not, I don't know how to hack yet and I wouldn't trust the guy who did not to do other things. But this is a whole other can of worms, one that my companions never understood when I said I wouldn't get on the farewell plane but would preach in secret like Alma...

The second thing? Well it doesn't seem worth mentioning now, kind of trivial really. I thought I'd talk it up, make a great laugh of it, which it is obviously. But for those who don't know, I write as Nanti-SARRMM on a message board and every so often the administrators grant titles, in jest or in recognition of participants of the board. So, by my sheer personality to make light of many things, to joke around and be non-sequitter most of the time, I am now labeled as headache inducer.
It's quite funny, and somewhat cool.
Sure a lesser man would be downtrodden and his self esteem shattered, but I am no lesser man, a shorter man maybe, but a lesser, never. But as I write this, and as I have pondered over the past couple days, I have been wondering, do I joke too much, am I not serious enough? Is what I have posted and talked about before understandable for a somewhat bored twenty two year old, or do I need to act more my age?

I wish I knew.

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yellow m&m said...

I don't think you joke too much. But then again, I am younger than you and maybe I should 'act my age' too. Oh well, I think that we shouldn't take life too seriously.