Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Sweet Mana from Heaven

Just to state something, but this little desert at the restaurant Chili's is Mana to my soul. It is very delicious. Very much so.

And unexpectedly, this web site has the recipe.

I don't care if you gain 10 pounds eating the thing, It is heavenly made dessert. So make it or buy it, it will complete your life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal Weddings

Society confuses me. All this excitement over Prince Williams' wedding is one of those things that confuses me.

I mean, I get why Britain is all excited about the royal wedding; it is inherent in their culture. They have always had kings, they have always had royalty. Even if their royalty are figure-heads, they are an important part of their culture and history. And so the British citizen will be happy for Prince Williams, and will be super excited.

What I don't get is, why are Americans excited about this wedding? Most Americans don't follow them, most Americans probably don't know Prince Williams tried serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, and had to stop because his cover was blown and his unit would be a juicy target if he didn't leave.

Apart from him serving in the armed forces; why should I care about his wedding? Or Jessica Simpson's, or any other celebrity? I don't know them, they don't know me. And honestly, it is probably a pain to air all the wedding details for everyone to know.

What I am saying, and to be rude, but their plans are none of my business. Cool, they're getting married. Huzzah. But beyond that, why on earth should I care?

Or for pop star celebrities like Jessica Simpson, why does her wedding matter to anyone? Yes, people like her as an actress and will be excited to hear that she is married... But a lot of people seem to be obsessed with it. And I just don't get it.

Why do we need to know what ring they got, how they were proposed to, and whatever else information? It doesn't matter. Truly, it doesn't.

And so I am here ranting, because people seem to be more excited than they should be.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

While Procrastinating...

Just a little something I wrote while procrastinating...

Over the mountains, the sun peaked over.
Little by little at first until all was touched by the light.
Shadows of a previous season shed
Warmth not felt in many a moon spread.

Sure, a downpour here or there.
Some overcast skies from time to time.
But promises of sun, as this new season had promise.
And the people rejoiced at the forecast
Of sun most days, of no darkened skies, no torrential rains.
But of perfect 70 degree weather.

But forecasts change.
A tumbling, whether from volcano, earthquake or meteor, it doesn't matter.
All that does matter is the sun,
Where people hope against hope they can feel its rays
despite the haze and dirt filled skies.

Days pass, and only a glimmer of sun can be felt.
The feel it is only within their grasp, but they appear to hope in vain.
Despite promises to the contrary, the skies refuse to clear,
The sun appearing distant, almost tauntingly...

Who knows how long before shadows consume the land,
Who knows before the haze completely blocks the sun?
And an age of ice and darkness fill the land.

That is what the people see, what logic tells them.
They prepare for the winter, while hope for the sun fades.
They bunker down, and wait for the sun to be lost completely.

Time will pass, this they know
where eventually another season of sun break through.
They know things will be fine in the long run, years down the future.
But they don't see that.

They only see the chill as the flowers stop to bloom.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I would like to compare some aspects of life to life on the high seas as a pirate.

Take the pirate captain, while he controls the helm, steers the ship and in general leads or guides the ship; he has to worry about the welfare of the crew. He has to know when they're worried, scared, upset, and happy. If he ignores them, they mutiny. He knows this. And thus he works with the crew, allays and soothes their fears. He does not express to his crew his worries, how he feels, cause his feelings would then ripple and spiral out of control with the crew. Despite how he may feel, he has to appear confident, he has to do what he can to appear without fear, or at least brave enough to conquer those fears. He has to do so in order to have the best unity and functionality of the ship. So they can pillage all sorts of booty. And the crew? They don't necessarily want to know what is going through the mind of the captain or how he feels. Sure, they say they want to know, but their mood, thoughts, and feelings come before his. Such is the way of life aboard a pirate ship.

And, in many instances, such is life.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night Rant

I am sure everyone has watched the news, I am sure everyone sees what is going on. And honestly, I am sick of the story that is being spun, cause nothing is how it is being portrayed.

The straight fact of the matter is that many journalists, and the Republican party treat this as a referendum against Obama, against his administration and his policies. But franky, I doubt it is him that they are frustrated about. I mean joblessness is high, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, the value of the dollar is falling... And instead of saying that people are frustrated with what is happening, or not happening as the case may be, Republicans are controlling the message and saying Obama and the Democrats are to blame. People like Sarah Palin; who haven't done well in office, who lie, who avoid the press and won't allow themselves to be subjected to scrutiny are taking over the media, taking over the mesage. On CNN it is a little better than Fox, but the Republicans are controlling the message by downplaying how bad things were in 2008, and being the party that has been sore about losing power for the past two years. Because honestly, that is true. They have opposed almost every major piece of legislation, any passing of it nearly impossible, or very hard to pass. Yes, there are some bad things in the legislation, like the mandate that requires everyone to purchase insurance; but there are also some good things too such as pre-existing conditions being done away with. Or will be when the full legislation goes into affect. Nor are Democrats innocent either; I'm sure more could have been done to be bi-partisan and there may have been some attempts. But that's not the point. The point that is being made on the news isn't that Congress will be partisan, it's the Republicans essentially gloating that they won, that this is referendum against Obama and that it is essentially their way or the highway. Yes, having a balanced Congress is good, I am not complaining about that; but the attitude I see particularly of the Republican party; where they have been anti-Democrat, anti-Obama since day one and nothing that I see being said about that indicates any sort of change.

And the ironic thing, I am watching CNN, watching John Boehner talk and I find it funny that he is saying that change will come to Washington, that things will be reformed. Cause that is what Obama said when he was running for president. Also the other sneaky thing he said, he said that the President sets the agenda of the government. Meaning that Republicans are not taking responsibility if things don't improve the next two years, and will point fingers to Obama. Politics as normal.

What is frustrating is the USA chants, making the other side, the Democrats, out to be the enemy. What is frustrating is that this is just politics, horrible politics, as usual. I listen to what is said and the Republicans are being cocky, saying they are ready to lead, saying that this election is a message to Obama to change course. It is politics, pure and simple, entertainment. All show.All about power. And it is both parties. Yes, there are candidates out there on both sides who genuinely want what is best for their voters; but in some Democrats, and a great majority of republicans, I don't see that. I see neither side willing to admit that they made a mistake, neither side say that they erred. Apparently we the people, or the news networks, don't allow for our congressmen to be wrong, and voting and blindly following your party and defending it with the utmost loyalty is the most common thing I see in politics and the stupidest.

But to get back to the point, about the message tonight, because honestly, if the Republican party wanted to lead, they would have done so. They would have worked more with the Democrats during the past two years, they would not have been the party of no, or been upset about losing power, or making this about a vote against Obama; they would have worked more with the Democrats, would have realized how America voted and worked with what they had. And it goes for both parties to a certain extent, but honestly; watching the polls, watching what is said depresses me. Cause it doesn't seem like things will change. Yes, things will have to be more partisan because of the change in power, but honestly, all I see tonight is more of what is said by every politician, the same thing. No real change. Just a game of musical chairs with the same idiots running around in circles.

And so here I am, watching the polls, watching news coverage, and just being depressed that even though congress has changed; it really hasn't.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hit the Road Jack

Despite me saying that I would blog more, I haven't. I fail, but I fail in a semi-good way. Cause school has started and I have been super busy. But also losing the desire, and gaining more desperation? Just seeing all of school as a bigger chore than it should be, honestly. So I'm just not excited. Partly because I am behind because of my own procrastinations...

So honestly, this is more for me than anyone else. But by having it in writing makes it more substantial. Rather than just thinking it in my head.

So here it is, my goals for the semester;
1. Be more energetic at least about school work. Yes, the calculus is tough and so are the other classes, but I need to be at least energetic about it.

2. Put school work first. No Solitaire, no facebooking or twittering or reading some online comic first. School work comes first.

3. Despite being discouraged, I will take a small breather and jump back into the work.

4. And finally I will catch up on what I am behind in, use the full hours of the weekend too (while trying to be somewhat balanced socially and all). And once caught up I will get ahead so I am not stressed by due dates and deadlines.

So this is me trying to survive a semester of school. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Defending Gale

First off, if you haven't read the Hunger Games, do so.

Secondly, I don't agree with Gale or his actions at all. I am merely procrastinating homework and I don't have the books in front of me at the moment. But I have seen people bash on him and I think some understanding of Gale needs to be said and even somewhat defended.

But what do we know of Gale? First off, he is the standard teenager when it comes to girls. He's kissed many girls, maybe a few girlfriends. I am surprised that Katniss didn't know that he has kissed a lot of girls, but then again, they are always hunting together and could have been perceived as a couple by others and no one said anything to Katniss. And we know Gale knows how to hunt to help provide for his family. A few siblings and his mom. I forget how he learned, but it is not important.

But before Hunger Games, before the mine explosion, what did Gale expect out of life? He expected to get out of school and provided he was not selected to participate in the Hunger Games, and work in the mines until too old to do so. He probably resented that a little, but that is speculation. We don't know how he felt about the Capitol, if it was any different than anyone else in District 12, until after the mine accident.

It becomes obvious through evidenced throughout the books that Gale looked at the mine accident and blamed the Capitol for it. And obviously he never got over it. Katniss? She had to get over it. She had no time to develop a grudge against the Capitol, she was busy providing for her family. But unlike Katniss's mom, Gale's mom didn't go catatonic. She worked, she provided for her children with Gale's help. Gale didn't have the burden that Katniss did to provide and shelter her family.

And so as a teenage boy, someone who hasn't gotten over the role the Capitol plays, constantly expressed violent statements about them. Katniss says she should not have been surprised when Gale took hunting and adapted it to the Rebellion.

So we could say that he is a mercenary. Actually we could say that Gale is a freedom fighter. Desperately wanting freedom, desperately wanting to fight off the yoke of bondage placed upon them. And unlike Katniss, he didn't live alone, he wasn't independent of anyone like Katniss was. He isn't a solo act. Having expected to work in the Coal mines, he knew most likely how to work in teams. Cause teamwork is required to survive in a mine. Look to the trapped Chilean miners if you have any doubt of that. So Gale has had to depend on people, to know how to depend on people. Katniss didn't. She had to look to herself for strength to provide for her family.

And the team work shows. It shows in Catching Fire at the Lake when Gale learns that other districts are rebelling. He doesn't just want to go off and them and their families and try and find 13, he wants to help everyone. He wants everyone to have freedom if possible, not just him. It shows in rescuing all those he could from the firebombs on District 12.

So yes, Gale is unhesitating and cruel. Yes, he misses the point to be better than your enemy (such as with the bombs that kill Prim) But what guides that? Pursuit of freedom. Of a better life. Pursuit of happiness. There are many reasons not to like Gale, but there are also reasons to admire him, for his bravery to be on the front lines, to not give up, to rescuing those of District 12. Even to not lying to Katniss and saying he was sorry that the bombs killed Prim (cause he wasn't), and not going back to Katniss pretending to be something he was not. Not to mention his constancy of being there for Katniss, him having to mature by going into the mines.

So while talking down Gale, we should remember that he isn't a silly oaf that bundled things up with Katniss. He has his good spots and qualities and the roughness shouldn't distract from that.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Russian Roulette

The ball bounces, the table top spins. Bouncing and bouncing, all waiting to see the results of the gamble. All wondering what will be. Will much be lost or much gained? Here a little, there a little? Will the two players come out equally?

The game has gone on for hours. The die is cast, the goal set. 50/50 winnings are the goal. The stopping point. All watching expect to see. See the losses turn to winnings. Only one player knows differently. Knows what to expect. One player doesn't hope for such odds. Player 1 knows how player 2 plays, seen how player 2 isn't eager to give up so much, even for at least an equal if not greater return in the end.

And so Player 1 settles in, watches the ball bounce, and predicting without a word the outcome. Knowing the mutual goal not feasible, he sighs, and prepares to lose more, prepares to give it all. A near 100% gain for player 2. And so player 1 throws the chips in. Throws them in for player 2's benefit. Caring, and not wanting to see player 2 give up so much with so much effort, player 1 prepares to give it all for Player 2's happiness. Preparing, win or lose, to give it all up.

And cannot help but wonder if there will be any winnings for his great gamble.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Not a Mockingjay Spoiler

The first chapter of Mockingjay is up on Youtube, being read by the author Suzanne Collins.

Have you watched it yet? Good.

Now to make some adjustments from what I said here. It sounds as if I am right; Katniss does not want much to do with the rebellion, or is not working with them willingly. She is not sure of her loyalties.

Peeta. "He is thought to be dead. Most likely he is dead..." I don't think Peeta is dead though. I think it is a perfect opportunity to deal with the theme of the book; the capitol and mockingjays.

For example, The Hunger Games were all about the Hunger Games, obviously. But it was more than just the games. It was the why of the games. It was the loyal districts against the rebellious districts. It was of the manipulation of the Capitol and everything it had done for 74 years since the rebellion had been put down.

Catching Fire; the catching fire of the rebellion. The catching fire of discontent, of literally the plans of the capitol going up in smoke, like Katniss's dress and when the force field of the arena went down.

So what do we know of Mockingjays? That they are the unintended consequence of a capitol project; the jabberjays. The Jabberjays were not intended to have mated. They did. They represent frustration in the capitol's plans. So, what would the perfect Mockingjay be? Peeta. My bet is that the capitol will transform Peeta into a Mutt-like creature. Not a total mutt like what we read about in the Hunger Games, but at least an altered Peeta, stronger, faster, ruthless. But with his own intelligence to try and get Katniss vulnerable so the government can get her, humiliate her, and kill her.

Because it is not enough for the Capitol to kill Katniss, she'd simply be a martyr then. They need her alive, alive and responding to pressure to repudiate the rebellion and cause it to shatter.

So who will Katniss end up with? Before I said Katniss would most likely die. Now, with knowledge of the first chapter; it makes Gale more of a possibility. Because Gale is going to know how hurt Katniss will be and will try and make end roads to court Katniss.

As for the possibility of Peeta, it depends on how much humanity is left in him. I personally find him breaking of the shackles the Capitol places on him, causing them to collapse, and finding Katniss. She will be touched by his sacrificed and may decide to be with him.

But there are several factors that go into that, so we will have to see how things turn out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Is Marriage?

With proposition 8 and other events swirling about, I have been thinking what marriage and why utlization of the word and being married is so important. Today, I think I came to an answer;

Marriage is special, it is something you share with someone you love. Something that lives, maybe not in the way you or I live, but it lives within you and the person you share it with. Marriage is unconditional love; the desire and willpower to stand at your lovers side throughout all arguments, all troubles, all calamities. Harsh words can kill it, maim it, but loving words and daily attentions can make it thrive. It is that special look you see in the eyes of your special someone, like sharing a secret that no one else knows. It is happiness, it is patience, it is kindness, forgiveness. It is love, but much more. A bond that binds your love, and symbolizes the commitment that each partner has made so long as each is faithful. To me, the commitment should be stronger, so that it is harder to get a divorce and harder to go to Vegas and be married in 15 minutes. It should be planning, it should be consideration, it should be sharing time with your best friend.

But it is more than that as well, because marriage also embraces the sexual, it entombs the closeness one can get as they share in a lover's embrace, and are at the utmost levels of intimacy; something not to be shared, or should not be shared, with anyone but that special someone.

And for some religions, marriage gets you closer to God. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, marriage is all of the above, but ideally marriage is also a mutual relationship with God. Being spiritual together, sharing thoughts, praying together, learning together as you plan to be together through time and all eternity; sharing all that is important with the one you love.

Hopefully more most, marriage implies all that. (Including the spiritual, however it can be defined for any individual) Marriage between the individuals should mean all that. Society may not see it that way, government just tags marriage with a bunch of tax benefits, protections, and other associated rights, but for the most part, those are extra.

So what makes the difference between a civil unions and marriage then? If all the same benefits and rights that the government tags to marriage are tagged to civil unions, then legally nothing is different. But what does civil union imply? Because all of what I said that marriage is, is what I view marriage as, how I view it's composition. Is the same imagery that I view marriage as also apply to civil unions? For me... not really.

While civil unions should embrace all that marriage is, all the love and care and attentions that are implied and should be present in both marriage and a civil union; the imagery inspired by a civil union is signing a contract with a government. That is what first comes to mind, because that is what civil unions are. They are not a concept that marriage is, but rather a legal device.

And so for the first time in contemplating this, I see why same gendered couples are not satisfied with being constrained to civil unions; because conceptually and idealistically a civil union and a marriage, while they can legally be equal under law, are not equal in the slightest. Does love exist in both? Yes. Does Happiness exist in both? Yes. But why settle for one concept when the other fully defines and/or epitomizes your love for the other.

Just something to think about.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Rob Pattison

No matter where you run, or who you play, you can never escape the wrath of Lord Voldemorte:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mockingjay Hopes

First off, I would like to say that I will be blogging more regularly again. The summer break was nice, not writing or the like, but I am now getting back to the groove of things, and will be blogging more frequently now.

Anywho, in April I blogged about The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and my analysis thereof.

And so with Mockingjay coming out I am slightly excited. Well more than slightly, cause it is a great book series. And with that, this is what I expect to deal with;

First off, Katniss. As the books have focused on Katniss, and as she is not the leader of the rebellion, the book will not focus much on the actual rebellion. Yes, being the figure head, being the symbol of hope she will be there. But she will most likely be wall paper. Giving inspiring speeches. Fluff. She will be morale support. Of course, that may be after Haymitch and Gale give her a strong talking to, since at the end of Catching Fire, Katniss had just been fighting everyone and being by herself because of the news that the Government had Peeta. And learning that her home is no more. She will have to cope.

Haymitch will most likely have to use Peeta, rescuing him, as a means to manipulate Katniss to help the rebellion along. I don't see Katniss as just working for the good of the rebellion just cause it is a good idea. She's not a freedom fighter. Yes, she fights for her life, and she fought for Peeta's life in Catching Fire, but she also went along with President Snow in trying to be a good girl, in going along with his plan. She is too naive, too self centered to just help out. She told Haymitch she wanted to spread rebellion and at the first sign of machine guns, her idea fell through. She will have to be manipulated.

Gale won't like it either, but when he learned of the rebellions going on, he refused to leave District 12 and decided to stay and fight. He will use the manipulation too. Which means he won't force Katniss to choose at the beginning of the book, cause he knows how important she is for the rebellion. He will want to fight, and he will want the rebellion to succeed. Thus he will have to put his emotions on hold until Peeta is rescued because of the injustices that the district and others have suffered.

As for the President Snow and the government, they will use Peeta too. Promising to release him or something similar if Katniss will give herself up. They will play that hard. Or they may not, since President Snow knows that she doesn't love him. But that is a slim chance. My bets are they using him as well to manipulate Katniss. They know how important she is too. They may also do horrific experiments on him as well.

Also, I want to hear of the capitol. In Catching Fire, we learn that the people are distraught about losing friends that they have made over the years. They love Katniss, and how much she appears to love Peeta. During the interviews before the games ideas were thrown in doubt about President Smith and the government. Whether this extended beyond the live audience or not is another matter, but for the first time in 75 years there is discontent in the Capitol. Not to mention lack of supplies from rebelling districts.

Basically I want to see President Snow and his side go down. Yes, they may be more powerful, depending on what is at District 13, but the rebellion includes Game Master Plutarch. There may be spies in the other districts, spreading gossip, discontentment. Getting the Capitol to revolt. But as said in the beginning, the main focus will be Katniss. She may decide she loves Peeta. Or Gale may think she loves Peeta more than him as she will be focused on rescuing him. I can see him sacrificing himself to save either Katniss or Peeta. I want Peeta resuced. However, this is where I am sure to get yelled at, but I want Katniss to die in the rescue. Or a mortal wound so she can say some last things to Peeta. Cause honestly, she hasn't had a coming to moment yet. In the Hunger Games she fought to keep herself and Peeta alive, knowing she could not do it alone. In Catching Fire, she wanted to keep Peeta alive because she owed him. But Peeta has been unconditional in his love, which is something Katniss doesn't deserve. Which has been repeated a few times in both books.

Yes, while it would be great for Katniss to fall deeply in love with Peeta, being married days after the downfall of the government, from a literary perspective I would rather see Katniss have a 'coming to' moment, a moment of growth. Where she does all she can to save Peeta and to die in his arms telling him she loves him. That is what I want to see, and more of what I expect of the end result. The government will fall, maybe not at the end of the book, but it will be on its last legs. Perhaps making it a public death to inspire the rebels, to dishearten the government, to get the rebellion support. Something tragic, and sad. That is honestly what I expect to happen at the end of Mockingjay.

That or I expect the Government to do something so horrible to Peeta that it makes Katniss go commando and ends up spearheading some attacks at their base of operations.

Not to mention, something to do with a Mockingjay theme. Whether it is mockinjays themselves or the establishment that the government has created to keep themselves in power failing... somehow I expect the government to win.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Declares She is the Prophet Tiresias!

Late Tuesday evening Governor Drop-out Sarah Palin declared her ability to see the future like the blind prophet of Greek Mythology; Tiresias. By declaring that she can see November, she declares that she is more than the mortal coil that we peonic humans see her as; she is able to glance upon the 4th dimension and relate what she sees.

Notwithstanding the criticism of of such claims, one only need look around to see that Sarah Palin is indeed the Prophet Tiresias, for while able to see future events, she is blind to that which is around her. One only needs to look at the book that is written by her, and the writings upon her hand to tell that Sarah-Tiresias Palin cannot see reality for what it really is.

Nor should Democrats fear the power of her prophesy. After all, just look at the tragedy of Oedipus and Antigone to know that by listening to such words results in incest, eye gouging and other depravities.

So rest assured Americans, despite Palin's claim to see into the 4th dimension, it won't land her the White House. Just a seat on Jerry Springer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preggo Sleep Walkers

Last night some Italianish woman who lives below us, who doesn't speak good English knocked on our door, with squinty eyes.

She made some joke about waking us up at 5 am. And then asked us to not jump on our heads, or something like that. It was mumbled. We were confused. She left. We laughed. We thing she was sleep walking.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rocky - Made Famous By Ignorance

I may have said this before, but the Rocky films are some of my favorite films. The story of being given a chance, never backing down, always improving one's self. Honor.

But something that bugs me is why Apollo Creed chose to fight Rocky Balboa. As in the film, it is the bicentennial of the United States of America, and the fight is on July 4th. A good excuse for patriotism, that Apollo takes advantage of by dressing like Uncle Sam at the match.

But why did Apollo pick Rocky? In making his decision, he said, "Who discovered America? An Italian, right? What better way to celebrate its 200th birthday than to get it on with one of his descendants?".

And that is what bothers me. Cause while Columbus did discover America, he never came to the northern continent. Only Latin America/the Caribbean. Heck, the United States has Columbus day in October, to celebrate or memorialize the discovery of America. So why pick on an Italian? Why not pick someone with a British name?

Obviously, for sake of the story you couldn't have the British/English Stallion beating on Apollo Creed, not with it being independence day. But that is meta plot right there.

I just wonder why Apollo himself didn't realize the greater commercialism by picking someone that would be of greater symbolism for July, to react/pay respect to the Revolution.

That is what I don't get, why Apollo decided to pick an Italian just because one discovered America. The United States wasn't founded until nearly 300 years later.

So that is just an oddity in my mind, that Rocky was given his chance and made famous because Apollo Creed, to me, seems ignorant of history and marketing and picked an Italian over and Englishman.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

That's Just Shiz

Shiz. We all know that word. Perhaps it stemmed from the recently slangification of "shizzle" from the 90's and all. I hear it frequently, all going along with the Urban Dictionary definition of 'cool', or 'happening', or 'very good'.

But, being that I am of a peculiar LDS/Mormon upbringing, see it in a different light. Well, I see it in a different light cause I am weird actually. Anywho, there is this commander of an army by the name of Shiz. Now, he's quite the blood thirsty and relentless fellow. Sort of wants to take over everything and will destroy everything in his path to get it.

So speeding forward to the end of the book of Ether, Shiz gets his head cut off while unconscious by a guy named Coriantumr. But that isn't the end of it. Shiz still wants to live. It says in the Book of Mormon, "And it came to pass that after he [Coriantumr] had smitten off the head of Shiz, that Shiz raised up on his hands and fell; and after that he had struggled for breath, he died."

He raised up on his hands. His body refused to give up. Instead of just lying there with his head cut off, his arms worked, tried to raise up. He would not give up.

That is how I interpret things when Shiz is used. That it is an intense type of cool. That you like it more than a lot. That it isn't just a passing fancy, that it is something you think is undeniably awesome, so awesome you will still think it awesome on your last dying breath. Something you will forever desire to work for...

Ok, I am just saying things now, but still. I take Shiz to mean something more than just cool. I mean, the guy's arms and body would still not stop immediately. That is awesome right then and there.

So there you go, my definition of awesome.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Modern Indulgences of our Time

This is too hilarious not to share:

And an ironic thing? It doesn't ship to Utah. Now excuse me as I hope to not be struck down by sharing this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strike Two

Strikes abound, but is this bowling, or is this baseball?
A strike before and a strike again.
Striking at the little things that matter.

Hoping not baseball, knowing it's not bowling.
Still, strikes have been called,
Perhaps only the batter knows the score

The score of life, seeing two strikes, focusing on that
Focusing on swings missed and not seeing the ball out of the park
Rounding the bases, thoughts not on victory

Thoughts on the strikes, not on the laps
Not on the score that shows the overpowering odds

Just on the strikes. Not concurrent, separated.
But in his mind, he wonders what the third strike will mean.

Not a strikeout, this known to all but him,
But he is blind to all but the missed swings
as his performance throughout the innings slide.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Class Fail

The BYU computer science department fails when it comes to Summer classes apparently. Truly.

It is one thing when they assign a grad student to teach the class, who doesn't know how to teach. But since this is his first time teaching, he is just cribbing off the notes and assignments of last semester. He hasn't made the assignments, he hasn't gone through them. He is just copying off the class before and not knowing the full extent of the assignments, since he hasn't done or looked at the assignments in depth.

Sigh. That is all. Enjoy your Monday.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico, today is el Cinco de Mayo! Today is the day you gained your independence!

Wait, what's that? We're all silly Americans? You're independence day is September 16th? Today isn't even a real holiday? It's only a commemoration of a victory against the French in 1862? Yes, we are silly.

I am in a snarky mood. Dunno why, but I am going to take it out on the Holiday. Or the French, neither matter. You know it's true Frenchies, I mean we're just silly Americans celebrating an unimportant Mexican holiday, but let's look at the facts. You lost against Mexico. I think that outweighs our American silliness.

So, because we are all silly about this holiday, or maybe only Utahns take it to silly lengths, I think I shall rename this day.

No longer is it a day to do Mexican-like things, and eat their food (which is supremely delicious), but it is a day of commemoration of all French losses. Today is the day that we shall sally forth and make fun of France for all their losses, not like we wouldn't any other day mind you, just that today, it is official.

So who's with me?

Or am I just alone?

I bet I am alone, aren't I?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

SQL Mafia Death Threats

"Transaction (Process ID 107) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction."

It was the message he always dreaded, one he had only heard about in legend. He heard the rumors that the Mafia had infiltrated SQL, and that this sort of this was happening, but he never thought that the mafia would move from dead pigeons to deadlock sql messages on his computer. It was almost too much to handle.

Messages being lost, transactions disappearing. It was only a matter of time before such a thing happened to him as well.

Oh what to do, what to do. Not much to do but wait. Wait for the query window to appear. And then? No one knows. No one has returned o0nce they have entered the query window.

But enter he must, or else be lost as resources became deadlocked...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Maybe fear is the incorrect word, but what else would you call something that you knew would come, that you knew you would enjoy, that you know you will enjoy when it comes. But now as the coming is nigh or approaches, you begin to fear that maybe you don't want that thing. You begin to doubt yourself, doubting the wanting or the desire in the first place.

Maybe it is a type of terror? A terror that looms and makes you feel inadequate, a terror that makes you feel not ready or worthy for the responsibility to come. Something to make you want to hide your head in the sand.

But come it will. Though doubt and fear gnaw, perhaps it is the knowing, the knowing that I should, the knowing that there is no reason not to. The knowing of happiness, that will carry one along. Maybe.

Maybe it is only a fear, and nothing more. Something silly, something crazy, spawned in my own mind. Unsure. What more is there?

I guess the only answer is to step up bravely and continue as always planned. And hope that it is only a fear.

Friday, April 30, 2010

That One Arizona Bill

So that one Arizona Bill passed and has people up in a grand hullabaloo about things like racial profiling being allowed and whatnot when it comes to finding out the legality of illegal immigrants and all. Many claim racism, many claim racial profiling will be used. Until a few days ago, I had not read the bill, which can be found here.

Anyways, as far as immigration goes, I think the system is broken overall, the system to allow people in. Obviously when amnesty has been granted twenty or so years before and it is being talked about again, it means the something is wrong. But this post isn't about the ethics of illegal immigration per se, it is about the bill that has been passed.

As far as the the law, I disagree with racial profiling people to boot them out of the country just because they are illegal. The fact that there are 12 million plus illegal immigrants who take jobs most Americans don't want, how they're trying to make a living and all doesn't mean they should be booted just because they didn't get in the processing line to move here. Again, there are many factors and this post is more about the Arizona Bill and less about illegal immigration. So when I heard about the bill, an Arizonian said that things like out of state license plates, thick accents or their inability to speak English could be means to determine if someone is illegal, which I don't think necessarily serve as a good measuring stick to find out if someone is here illegally. But that is the hearsay talking points of the bill, of how everyone understands it, or how at least the Media portrays the bill as a license to check every Hispanic in Arizona to see if they are illegal immigrants and boot them out. Again, I don't think that just because someone is here illegally, they should be booted out if found out.

But from reading the bill, here is what I, some average Joe college student can determine about the bill:

  • Section 2, Article B says that,
    "Where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person" and will verify with the Federal government the immigrant's status.

    This is probably part of the bill that gives most people concern, reasonable suspicion. What is reasonable suspicion, how is it determined? I disagree strongly with this part of the bill because I don't think illegal immigration itself is bad for the country. The system needs to be fixed and simplified so people can enter. Make it less expensive to get a visa, to become a citizen. So honestly, I don't think an officer who suspects that someone is an illegal immigrant should be able to check to their status. Nor do I think that the officer should be able to take into custody anyone who is unlawfully present in the country, which is what the following allows:

  • Section 2, Article D: "...A law enforcement agency may securely transport an alien who is unlawfully present in the united states and who is in the agency's custody to a federal facility in this state..."

  • Now this last part I am iffy about:

  • Section 2, Article E: "A law enforcement officer, without a warrant, may arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the united states."

  • Again, talking to Gio_s, I found out that before the law was written, officers of the law could not deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes. So while I agree that if an illegal immigrant commits a serious crime they should be deported, I think that the wording of "Any public offense" is too vague. There needs to be some qualification on what they can be deported for, because speeding could be construed as a public offense (I am not sure, I am assuming. I am not a law student) and they could be deported for that. So I think a qualifier has to be added in, so it isn't any public offense, but stuff like class 1 misdemeanors or the like. Something serious like breaking and entering.

    What I do like about the bill though are these:

  • Section 2, Article C: "If an alien who is unlawfully present in the united states is convicted of a violation of state or local law, on discharge from imprisonment or assessment of any fine that is imposed, the alien shall be transferred immediately to the custody of the united states immigration and customs enforcement"

  • Again, my last statement already talks about transferring illegal immigrants imprisoned to be deported, but the part about any fine bothers me. A parking violation fine or something small should not mean someone is deported. There needs to be a qualifier added in for how or when to deport people.

  • Section 2, Article J: "This section shall be implemented in a manner consistent with federal laws regulating immigration, protecting the civil rights of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of united states citizens."

  • This is good that it is stated, I think it means it will assume everyone is a citizen of the United States. I am not sure about this, honestly and I wonder how the reasonable suspicion declaration would mesh with this. I mean, if an officer pulls you over for speeding, you should give him your identification, but where does reasonable suspicion come into play in other situations? Is it lawful for a police officer to stop someone walking down a street and ask them for identification if they suspect that person is an illegal immigrant? So I am curious how the two would interact without negating or side stepping this provision.

  • Section 3, Article B, sub section 1 and 2: "In the enforcement of this section, the final determination of an alien's immigration status shall be determined by either: 1. a law enforcement officer who is authorized by the federal government to verify or ascertain an alien's immigration status. 2. a law enforcement officer or agency communicating with the united states immigration and customs enforcement"

  • This I like because it ensures that a police officer or department has to work with the federal government. They cannot just decide to deport someone they think or believe is an immigrant. They have to confer with the federal government in finding out the legal status and on what to do. Nothing in this bill says that that state can deport someone without the federal government's say so. So this I like and agree with.

    And then there is Section 4, Article E which says that police officers can pull over anyone who violates civil traffic laws. On a first glance, one should think that "Duh, any officer should do this", but on second glance I read the part that says, "NOTWITHSTANDING ANY OTHER LAW..." and wonder if a police officer can pull over a diplomat or someone with diplomatic immunity.

    So while I like the bits where it firmly states that if an illegal immigrant commits a crime that they can be deported, I think it is too "all or nothing" when it comes to immigrants, in that it gives officers of the peace the power to check the citizenship status of anyone they suspect as being an illegal immigrant, and the ability to confer with and deport any illegal immigrant. As stated above, I think some qualifiers need to be in place in determining who can be deported, because I don't think it feasible in terms of costs of determining illegal status and deporting, nor do I think illegal immigration is entirely bad for the country as it means 12 million more people buying things, paying sales tax, doing jobs most Americans don't want, and other things of that sort.
  • Sunday, April 25, 2010

    A Moment, Paused for Eternity

    The rhythmic breathing. Steady. Sure.
    Fallen asleep in his arms. Peaceful.
    Enjoying a moment of eternity.

    He awake, wondered at his luck
    his fortune to be with the woman of his dreams.
    She, embraced in the comfort and protection of his arms.

    Looking down saw the beauty;
    The curved smile, the angelic face.
    Beauty seen when given more than a look.

    Skin so soft, love so deep, eyes that sparkled,
    eyes that twinkled with a knowing smile
    In on the secret of love

    And there she lay.
    Peaceful, lovely, innocent.
    and he, the luckiest man alive,

    this he saw, this he knew;
    his fortunes, his luck
    all during a moment in eternity.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    From Another Perspective

    Covered in mud, living in squalor
    destitute, homeless, hungry
    Been that way most of his days.

    A miserable life it's been.
    Now old, infirm, weak
    But it has been his own.

    He's lived through pain
    seen loved ones suffer, even die
    All struggling to survive.

    Death common, death frequent
    it's a miracle he hadn't passed away yet
    But not so viewed in everyone's eyes.

    Though a miserable life it is
    It is his, and he is happy.
    Content within his ways.

    Though not perfect, he manages
    but not enough for some it seems
    for some to consider him already dead.

    Twas a morning that started like any other,
    till picked up and treated as dead, he was.
    Making a case for life, but ignored.

    But pushing his luck on life
    resulted in a blow to the head.
    As his eyes went black, he heard the familiar cry;

    The sound of striking metal
    A shout for all to hear, and heard often
    the call of, "Bring out your dead!"

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    The Hunger Games/Catching Fire

    In the past couple of days I have been in a couple of conversations about the two books The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, in two totally different contexts as well.

    So, if you have not read the two books, I offer you fair warning that there may be spoilers. So tread carefully.

    Apparently I over-analyzed the books, because I was texting Alexandria while I was reading Catching Fire. Which leads me to the first context to which the books were referred to as; when I was explaining to my roommate John what the Hunger Games were. As I started explaining, another roommate Craig and his fiance chimed in. Did we talk about the romance? No... We essentially compared the book to 1984 and Brave New World, talking about the totalitarian regimes in each book and how they placated the masses. So I probably should be shamed at that count, because I had not focused in on the romance, but at that time I had not finished The Hunger Games yet. So hopefully I am granted clemency on that aspect, of post American/Big Brother government. 1984 had their loving big brother minute, Brave New World used the assembly line as a cloning process and sex to control the masses, and Panem in The Hunger Games used the Roman/Crete model of gladiator battles to sate the masses, and keeping the people down with hunger, and keeping them isolated. I honestly could talk about the many aspects of this, especially in book two because it was easy to that at that time the President Snow (Assuming President Snow isn't a title and that there have been many who have been 'President Snow') and the government underestimated their own people in how they would react to the annual hunger games in Catching Fire. But I digress, that is only one part of why I like the books, and if I expound more, well, I fear I will be shanked.

    Anyways, in the background of the story there are rebellions going on, districts revolting and all. But the main character Katniss is only vaguely aware of what is going on in other districts, and concerned with surviving. Due to a desperate act of survival, and a treacherous act in the eyes of the government, she now is pitted in a romance as a show of control by the government. Katniss will have to decide between her best friend, Gale, who she would have married eventually without the interference of the hunger games, and Peeta, a local baker who was pitted in the games as well, loves Katniss and has saved her life and helped her selflessly many times. His story of unrequited love, of supposed betrayal, of giving his heart 100% to a woman who he thought loved him the same, and still sticks around after finding it not to be so. Who is now held captive by the government.

    While many would see that the capture of Peeta as something awful and undeserved, I see it as a way for Katniss to earn her place with Peeta if she so decides. As she is the face and inspiration for the rebellion, the capture of Peeta will not only propagate the insurgency and downfall of Panem Government as she seeks to rescue him, but she will have time to determine who she loves more and wishes to spend her life with; Peeta or Gale.

    Which is why I view the capture of Peeta as a good thing, or a positive thing story wise. As much as their romance is central to the books, if Peeta had been rescued as well, then Katniss would not be able to see how the loss of Peeta affected her, she would not be able to determine her true feelings for either Peeta or Gale. And also, she would probably run off to escape both the rebellion and the government, causing a morale problem with the insurgency, so her desire to rescue Peeta will be the morale needed to further propel the movement forward.

    So those are my thoughts on the books. Please don't shank me.

    Friday, April 2, 2010


    This weekend is full of great stuff, and I am just Ecstatic. Regular posts begin again either on Sunday, or after finals, pending when I am less busy.

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    That Pesky Glass Ceiling

    A few weeks ago the Daily Universe had a front page article about Sarah Palin and while I think she is a loon who should not be given attention, there is something else that I would like to address; the glass ceiling.

    All during the 2008 democratic primaries, Senator Hillary Clinton spoke of breaking that glass ceiling, as if being president would mean that equality in the work place and in the culture has been equalized. Susan Merrill, of the aforementioned linked article, said that Sarah Palin has come close to breaking the glass ceiling as well.

    Frankly, I think this is bull. I am not so sure there is a glass ceiling. Why? Cause female politicians are elected. They run for office. They are in House of Representatives, The Senate, the Supreme Court and run fairly for president. Is there a disparancy in congress about the number of women elected vs the number of men? Women held 15% of the seats in congress in 2006 I believe. But does that necessarily mean that there is a gender inequality?

    I think that since more women and more women are running, that no, it does not mean there is gender inequality. Which is why I think that glass ceiling was probably shattered when Senator Clinton ran for the presidency. She was allowed to run, and no one maligned her for being a woman. She was not treated unfairly by the candidates. Maybe there were some negative stereotypical ads from a small group, but not by the opponents.

    So from my point of view, the glass ceiling has been shattered. Shattered and mocked, depending on how you view certain vice presidential picks... But regardless, Senator Clinton ran and was close to winning. She didn't lose the Democratic primary because she was a woman, she lost because more people voted for Obama. Even during the vice presidential debate, Joe Biden could have trounced and ripped Sarah Palin a new one, based on her politics. But he didn't. Doing so would have played in McCain's hands who was using Palin to win the election. In that case, since Biden went easy on her, the glass ceiling was existent, for fear of looking like a sexist.

    But regardless, women can run for political office and can have any job they chose. Yes, there are some wage discrepancies, but those are being solved slowly.

    So with all that in mind, if a female politician mentions breaking the glass ceiling, I take it to mean that one her arguments for being elected is because she is a woman, and is just using it as a political ploy.

    At least, those are my thoughts on it.

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    The Deets

    As was stated yesterday, the Mormon Bachelor Pad may have been exposed. No one really knows the truth except Jake(or John) and Calvin(or Cameron). Luckily, I did some investigative journalism and found out what is really* happening.

    So as it happens, I managed to catch Calvin on facebook chat. I was surprised, even moreso that he was using his time on facebook to speak with some guy rather than one of the many ladies he chats with. Anyways, in talking it appeared that he was stressed out and that something was on his mind. I initially thought it had to do with he and Jake being revealed, but it turns out that it is more than that. After some good time talking, Calvin revealed that they were in fact revealed, but none of the readers knew the full story. Yes, they are both 32 years old and everything they are exposed to be, but the accuser didn't detail what he did. Calvin, or Cameron revealed that the person who accused them was a fangirl of them who did some intense research to find them, but upon finding out that they were 32, became angry and started threatening both Cameron and John. Apparently not satisfied with trying to destroy their blog, the reader took it upon herself to track down Cameron's family and kidnapped one of his children. Not only that, but Cameron's wife stumbled upon Cameron and John reading MBP fanmail, and didn't like what some of the female fans wrote her husband.
    So that has put a strain on their relationship. And so given that all this happened in a 36 hour period, it was a lot to handle. So Cameron said that with the blog affecting his family like this, he'll have to shut it down...

    And that's when I woke up this morning.

    *Really happening, as in, happening in my dreams. As in I dreampt that this happened exactly last night. I need a life. Or a CatScan.

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    A Confession

    I am not a crook!

    Well, apart from that at least a couple people have asked me about me ratting out Mormon Bachelor Pad. I figured I wouldn't respond, cause I had school and other important stuff to do And then a couple of people asked me about it, and more are probably wondering. Also, I am procrastinating already, so might as well be productive about my wasted time, right?

    Anyways, to be clear, I am not the person who revealed to the 500 readers of Mormon Bachelor Pad, but if I was, this is how I would have revealed them(Strikeouts are what I would take out, Italics are what I would put in. It is up to you if it is sarcastic or not):

    I first came across this blog a few months ago, back in November and I thought it was an pretty novel awesome idea: two guys who claim to be roommates that write about their various dating escapades and adventures living as young, single, recently returned missionaries. who say they have returned recently from their missions and rediscover themselves in the Mormon world of dating, being a single mormon guy and pushing the chastity line, while having no shame about it. In their stories, they talk about topics such as “horizontal make-outs,” “define the relationship (DTR) talks,” scales of attraction, and other slightly more taboo subjects for young single adults of the LDS faith. "expose" what the typical Mormon guy thinks and does, even at the risk of infuriating many typical LDS women by their supposed behavior, while gaining hundreds of readers and hilarious comments.
    I thought the blog was funny and entertaining was entertained by the blog, more-so by the comments though, and though I didn't found find myself relating terribly to some of the situations and stories they described, I still read it. They wrote without fear about some of the things that we, as men, often think about women, but should never say in front of them. Anyways, what and how they wrote often led to the inciting of many of their readers, obviously done for the attention and the laughs. This led to hundreds of responses from readers (mostly women) that were as entertaining, if not more so, than the posts themselves. There quickly became a division among the readers—those who defended the writers for being cool, funny, laid-back Mormon guys, and those who hated them for being typical, disrespectful, chauvinistic men. But the best comments were the comment wars that sparked from nothing and grew to be hilarious. Even I found myself pulled in and participating.
    So, even though I felt a little out of place, I would occasionally visited read the blog to catch up when Google Reader showed an update and to have a few laughs. I maintained this activity as a guilty pleasure, except not, since I did enjoy reading them. Since becoming a reader of their blog I came to know some of the women they flirted with routinely. After some time, I knew I needed to get in on the publicity and have girls fawning desperately over me and nonstop flirting. knew that most (probably 85%) of their readers are women. I became aware that many people questioned whether the blog was real, and even more girls wanted to know who these awesome, funny guys were (presumably to “jump their bones”). The writers addressed the issue by claiming they needed anonymity in order to “protect” the other people involved. I knew I had to join them. And to join them, I had to find them out.
    I began to read discovered another blog called “Expose the Mormon Bachelor Pad”, which sought to discover (and presumably expose) the writers’ identities. Anonymous comments were left with varying theories, which I responded to, links to facebook profiles, and even anecdotal encounters; Of course, nearly all of these theories were based on the assumption assuming that the characters’ Jake and Calvin's basic information was correct. This, of course led the majority of the sleuths down completely wrong paths, and even probably helped MBP out in some ways. However, There it was discovered that the writers had formed an LLC, a small company of their own based off the blog. The temptation to join them was too sweet to resist. liked to shop on the company dime, and even had a lawyer.
    It became apparent to me that there was a business objective here. However, I could not tell whether the blog was real, and the writers later decided to make some profit (why not?), or whether the entire site was fabricated to generate income. I’m still not sure if the writers realized in the beginning how popular their blog would become. In revealing their identities, I do not wish to frustrate their business plans. I’m sure that they will continue to write as wittily and to be as creative as they have been in the past. If they continue to write well, people will continue to read. They seem to have a cult following that would believe their every word, and some of those people probably won’t even believe that I’m right about them. Was it obvious there was money to be made? Heck yes. And though I expose them, it does me no pleasure to do so. I just want in on the gravy train. Hopefully by revealing who they are, they will let me join them. I don't care who believes me, I just want to be recognized by them for knowing who they are, for getting a piece of the moolah. I just want those fanatic followers of hot young girls. Is that too much to ask for?!
    After I had discovered the characters’ true identities, I left a couple of innocent comments announcing that fact, and only included their real first names. I congratulated them for being such great writers and offered to joing them, to let me in on it, and to "move in" on the blog. We would have been like the Three Musketeers on the blog. Unfortunately those comments were never published, since they began moderating them some time ago. Since they wouldn’t offer me even that tiny bit of credit, or the girls or the cash, I decided to write this and expose them. I think that people deserve to know that what they are reading is fiction. If you want to continue to believe that MBP is real, and that “Jake” or “Calvin” is your future eternal companion, I suggest that you stop reading now. Otherwise, may the truth set you free. Oh, and please buy a shirt from them, because they deserve it, if only for pulling it all off. Cause that is the only way I will get some of the money, if I sell shirts for them.
    I will not go into the details about how I discovered the identities of the authors, but I will say that it was merely by luck after trolling around on facebook for hours and hours and hours and not by any sinister (or illegal) means. After noticing several connections and coincidences, I was able to identify them based on their personal (but public) blogs and profiles. Once I show you the evidence, you will see how easy it was to tie them to MBP. Everything I know has been gleaned from those sources, so I might be mistaken on some points. But despite everything being circumstantial, I will stick to my guns. Live or die, I want some of that money. And so what I write is the truth, if only circumstantial Also, I have not been able to tell whether there really are two writers, or if both characters are written by the same person (which would be “Jake”). In either case, it appears that “Calvin” is, at the very least, based on a real person. Please ignore the previous struck out text, it is only so I have plausible deniability about revealing "Jake" and "Calvin" to the world, so I am not sued for libel.
    So let me take a minute to point out the most circumstantial evidence of how they may be one and the same. Jake and John like soccer, and they're from the same area thereabouts too. Plus he and Cameron both served in the same mission in the UK. I bet no other missionaries from the UK ever became best friends. And look, Cameron and Calvin are both from Ogden. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.
    And I will also post these links that are currently blocked... hmmn, I sure hope that I am not John or Cameron privatizing said blogs to make things seem suspicious to gain attention to my own works. I wouldn't do that. No. Not in the slightest...

    That is what I would write, if I really wanted to expose the Mormon Bachelor Pad. Or would have started writing. It actually turned out to be a piece mocking the accuser's site, especially when I saw that the blogs linked to are now available to be viewed. But honestly, I was taken in by these shallow arguments too. Does it matter to me who Jake and Calvin really are? Not really. Maybe they're the same people, or maybe John and Cameron wrote that blog themselves to gain more viewers. Or a combination of factors, which could be the case.

    So, Jake and Calvin, perhaps you are John and Cameron, perhaps you aren't. Either way, I feel like an idiot for believing those arguments. Honestly, the only reason I believed them was because your twitter account was deleted, your facebook profile and fanpage didn't allow comments and were deactivated, and you temporarily disallowed comments on you blog. So, all in all, it is probably a ploy to get people to believe that you are them, or they are you. Doesn't matter. I have enough to get done to be bothered by all this.

    I feel more of an idiot writing this blog post.
    Oh well.
    At least it is an update. John and Cameron got what they wanted. More viewers, and attention. Jake and Calvin stirred things up like normal and their identities are still in question. They win too, especially if separate people.

    Anyways, continue at life. I am just gullible. That is all.

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    That One Health Care Bill.

    First off, I don't know much about the health care bill, I don't know what it all entails. I do support such legislation that eliminates pre-existing conditions when it comes to paying for health care. I am not sure where I stand on a public option, at the very least I do not think it can be afforded at the moment.

    But there is at least one deal breaker that I think is dumb and qualifies the legislation to not be passed. H.R. 3590 section 5000A: REQUIREMENT TO MAINTAIN MINIMUM ESSENTIAL COVERAGE.

    You heard me, we will be mandated to have health insurance. We will have to tell the IRS and if we do not have health insurance, then we will be penalized at least $750 or so.

    We should not have to be forced to have insurance. The government has no right to force us to obtain insurance. If someone who can afford insurance does not get insurance and gets sick and has to foot a large bill, that is their decision and they have to live by the consequences. And if someone cannot afford insurance, well that is what the health care bill should be for. So it is affordable. Not to be charged for it.

    That is my opinion on things, and I do not think it should be passed. Do what republicans suggest and build it up again from scratch, or build a new bill out of pieces of this bill, but with this and other questionable sections of the bill, the bill should not be passed.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    My Blog's Already Green...

    I've been busy with school, so I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyways, today is St. Patrick's day.

    Now I know Wikipedia and history would have you believe the lies that it was the introduction of Catholicism in Ireland, but rather it is a tale a desperado, a tale of heroism, a tale of the little people.

    You see, St. Patrick was not a religious man. He was an ordinary man doing ordinary things. Except, he served as ambassador to the little people. No one knew of his position, well, most people didn't. It was a secret position, but a position that he labored in faithfully. Normally he would deal with problems between the little people and humans. They lived apart, but intermingled frequently. To put it accurately, because the Little People had an image to maintain, St Patrick served more as a public relations officer than anything else, to keep humans from intruding upon the territory of the little people.

    But with the approaching armies of the Christianized Romans on their way, the Leprechauns decided to use St. Patrick so they would be left alone, knowing that if the Romans caught sight of them, they would be exterminated.

    And so the Leprechauns faded from public. Using magic and St. Patrick's talented persuasion abilities, the little people became a sort of myth, so that when the Romans came, they would only think that the little people were made up by the superstitions of the common people.

    So, because of St. Patrick, the little people were spared and the Romans, being impressed with the man, used his name as they spread religion in the region...

    That is the true story. Or the true story as fabricated by me while procrastinating homework at least.

    Saturday, March 6, 2010

    In 'N Out

    To any and all Californians who love In 'N Out, I mean no offense, but I think you all are crazy.

    I decided to go today and grab a burger, see for myself how the food tasted. I never went before because whenever I passed by an In 'N Out and was hungry enough to consider grabbing a burger, there has been a 20+ car line. Honestly, I am not waiting that long for a burger.

    As I was saying, I went, I bought the Double Double with fries and a coke and drove home to eat it. Honestly... it was not that spectacular. It tastes just as good as a burger from McDonald's or Wendys or some other burger joint. Same buns, same thin meat patties. Greasier though. Way greasier. The fries also are not that great either. They tasted a bit stale or something. I've had way better at other places.

    So honestly, it is just a fast food joint that is kept alive by hype. Californians adore it and have spread the word and got it to be popular. Maybe it is good in California, or maybe Governor Schwarzenegger spiked the the state's water mains and they all lost their sense of taste, who knows. I just know that the hype makes the food their to be something it is not.

    But honestly, I will not being going back anytime soon. I don't buy into the hype and don't see why everyone thinks it is so good. I also expect my Californian readers to form a mob to lynch me too.

    So yeah. Another thing though; at least McDonald's has the McFlurry. Those taste good. So I guess McDonald's beats In-N-Out.

    Now I really expect to be lynched. I must go hide.

    Thursday, March 4, 2010


    Contemplating Why

    Why the difference in treatment
    Why it matters

    Contemplating and frustrated
    At how a simple thing
    A divergence of ideas
    Causes such a rift.

    For worse decisions could be made
    Or worse done by those around
    Or graver still.

    But make a decision not approved
    and out the door you go.
    Out and about and out one goes.

    Nothing wrong done,
    No laws broke
    Just a divergence of belief
    Or supposed belief at the very least.

    And the world shook upside down.

    Frustrated and all, just a wondering.

    Wondering why some people act the way they act.

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Missionary Rebuke Wednesday

    The latest in the adventures of my brother, Elder Fields, in the almost Chicago mission.

    Hello viewers,

    This Thursday was the mission conference with Elder L. Tom Perry! It was held at the Woodridge chapel, so I spent part of the day saying hi to some old friends in that area. When we got there, since the whole North-side mission was also there, I spent some time saying hello and chatting with some new north side mission friends who will soon be a part of my mission. I also got to talk to President D., the north side mission president. President D. told me that he had heard some good things about me and was looking forward to having me in his mission. I was a bit flattered but also somewhat scared and I asked him what he had heard but he refused to tell me. That only made me wonder more and also got me thinking if I could live up to the reputation that I apparently have.

    Finally the meeting started and all the missionaries were given the chance to introduce themselves to Elder Perry. I can't believe I got to shake hands with an apostle!!!! After everyone was back in their seats, we listened carefully to what he would say. Elder Perry spoke about putting ourselves out there, that we need to get out there and let people know how great we are, let them see what we have and what they are missing out on. Elder Perry said that 52% of Americans don't know who we are, and 47% don't have a good impression of us. This is something we need to get out there and fix. It was also announced what would be happening when the missions combined; that we are supposed to love the new mission members and respect them, no rivalries, no comparing mission stats or how things were done, ect... also since the missions are combining the transfer schedule will change. The Chicago North mission's transfer cycles are two weeks after we have ours, so to fix that little problem, the transfer that the missions combine will have two extra weeks added to it!
    And so this will push back all the transfers after that by those two weeks. That was such great news! I get to serve for two extra weeks on my mission!!! Instead of going home on September 17th, I will go home October 1st! That's not just two years on the mission, but that's two years in the actual field as well. That's absolutely awesome! I think I'll talk to President D. and see if I can get an extension. Let's add an extra transfer onto those last two weeks. Heck, lets make it an extra year! :)
    I didn't think after the mission conference that there would be any other news worth reporting for the rest of the week, but as the days passed, there was. Elder Sh. wasn't exactly happy to come into this area but after two weeks he now sees the potential within the area and even though he still wants to leave and doesn't much like the area, he would so much rather now see this area stay open. It's only a matter of time before he ends up not wanting to leave the area as well.

    Unfortunately there is a downside after all this good news. Monday we had district meeting. I used to look forward to that weekly bit of spiritual enlightenment, but now I dread district meeting with a passion. Elder M. is a good district leader but for the last month of district meetings all he has done is rebuke me and tell me how I need to improve! I am flat out sick and tired of it!! It was one thing last transfer when the rebuking was split among three of us, but now that it's just Elder Sh. and me, I never hear the end of it. I honestly hate a district of four. Elder M. says things like this district needs help and that we need to improve; his area is doing fine so that just leaves us, so again it must be my fault being the senior companion! He looks directly at me most of the time and talks directly to me most of the time. I feel as if he may as well be saying "Elder Fields, you suck! Straighten up now!" I take 95% of the rebuking and Elder Sh. gets the last little bit. I honestly only deserve half of what I get. I work my butt off and he says I need to improve. I could probably stand to work a bit smarter, and maybe a bit harder. So Elder M. may be half right, but that doesn't give him the right to spend two hours shoving a rebuke down my throat. What's worse is that he does in fact rebuke me because he sees me as more of the senior than Elder Sh. is and that is a flat out lie; Elder Sh. and I are equal co-senior companions! Just because I've been here six weeks longer doesn't make me any better and I shouldn't have to suffer for the mistakes that my last comps have made, that's honestly why I hate leadership in this mission; too much burden and rebuke come from it.

    After two hours of a heavy chew out Elder Sh. and I were in no mood to go back to work, but we fought down that urge and got out there and did it. The rest of the day felt like a total wash out after district meeting, we were accomplishing nothing and we both felt bad enough as it was. Finally just before we were about to go home and call it a day and sleep off our bad moods we scored an awesome new investigator from a street contact! After that, I had to wonder whether it was us or getting chewed out by Elder M. that got us that new investigator. It would be worth it to get chewed out every week if it got us new investigators afterward. Of course, if it was us alone that did the work, then Elder M. can take his rebuking and shove them where the sun wont shine because I am flat out sick of it.

    To end this letter on a good note, getting that new investigator totally made our day. After a crappy day like that, that one investigator we got at the end or the day is what makes this job worth while.

    Love, Elder Fields.

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Random Laughter

    This made me laugh:

    As did this excerpt about Google's algorithm:
    But there were obstacles. Google’s synonym system understood that a dog was similar to a puppy and that boiling water was hot. But it also concluded that a hot dog was the same as a boiling puppy.

    Just thought I'd share.

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Elections of the Student Kind

    I will probably sound anti-school spirit on this post, but frankly, it is student election time. A time where students can vote for who will plan out next years' dances and social activities. And pretend that it isn't a popularity contest or has zero impact outside of school.

    But let's take a look at the candidates. We have Andrew and Deidre, Chris and Sterling, and Kristina and Dan.

    Andrew and Diedre:
    1. Intramural finals in the Marriott Center
    2. Fundraiser for world-hunger
    3. Improve internet on campus
    4. submit a proposal to improve BYU's rank
    5. Reach out to Provo City to build a relationship

    Chris And Sterling:
    1. Uphold an Open Door Policy
    • Expand BYU/SA Human Resources to allow students the opportunity to serve in other organizations on campus besides BYU/SA.
    2. Connect School and BYUSA Calendar
    3. Reinstate Honor Week
    4. Collaborate to Improve Campus Map
    5. Enhance Provo Connection...

    Kristina and Dan:
    1. Free health programs on campus and an online sign-up sheet for these programs
    2. Improvement of the website to help students find the right groups for themselves.
    3. True blue Tuesdays where everyone is encouraged to wear blue to promote unity and a sense of belonging among all students

    Let's look at #5 of the first two; working with city government. This is an empty promise that they cannot do, because school administration won't let them work with city officials. Some students had to create a group that had nothing to do with BYU to work with city officials. So right there is a strike.

    For Andrew and Deidre, my question is what is stopping intramural finals from being held in the Marriott? Do they just mean basketball? Why have it be in the Marriott Center and cause the school to lose more money than having intramural finals in the RB sports building?

    Submitting a proposal to get BYU's academic rank improved is a good idea. But that is the only thing BYU/SA can do about it. The Administration can doubtfully improve the ranking except by hiring better professors and improving the learning material. So this does not fly for me as a reason to vote for A&D.

    Improving campus internet is another issue apparently. Unless maybe students are in some basement, I have not had problems with getting internet on my laptop. It works well inside buildings as well as out. And is not a cost that BYU/SA would cover either. They can only suggest where better can be. Why vote for them for that?

    But the fundraiser idea is a good idea and one they can carry out. So 1 out of 5 proposals are things that they can do.

    For Christ and Sterling; I automatically don't want to vote for them because I believe Sterling represented Cindy Richards in the election debate last October and he came off wrong.

    As for their proposals, #2 and #3 are things they can actually do and are good ideas. #4 they cannot do because they are not in charge of it. Their first proposal sounds unnecessary. More hours in the BYU/SA office is well and dandy, since I doubt they are being paid, but beyond that, it just sounds like a recruiting ploy to me.

    And then you have Kristina and Dan. They obviously know their purview of what they can and cannot do. It is like a refreshing bit of honesty. All three things they can do, as it all falls under their purview. They know they do service stuff, they know they are over the activities and clubs. They know what is what.

    I thought of bashing their policies, but considering that is what they can do and they are honest about it, if I do vote, I will vote for them. Although their #3 about a sense of belonging by just wearing blue? Weird, but fine, whatever. They are the school cheerleaders trying to get people to have school spirit and have fun at college. It is what they do.

    But that is if I do vote, cause honestly? It does not matter or affect me all that much. I like the club suggestion by Kristina and Dan the most, but beyond that, nothing strikes me as life changing by voting for them.

    Except their record will look nice with that title.

    And that is my rant on school elections. Sorry to burden you all with that.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Weird Dreams

    There was some type of press conference going on. It must have been in Utah, or rather in Povo because I saw many people in my ward there. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, Steve Jobs and some other politician. There was some talk going on about the Ipad or the the Ipod and connecting it to National Security and Foreign policy. Do not ask me how, but that was what was being discussed. Friends were joking around, not really listening, but I was listening and thinking of some question to raise about the Ipad, but I could not think of an intelligent reason for some reason.

    The press conference ended, and my friends are gone. I leave to my car and drive to where I grew up in Kearns, and I see Hilary Clinton yet. I decide to ask her something, I asked her about Iran and Israel. I asked Clinton that if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities and Iran declares war on Israel, if we would go to war with Israel. Hilary Clinton said yes. I replied that was dumb.

    And then the dream ended.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Missionary Wednesday

    The latest letter from my brother, Elder Fields:

    Hey Viewers,
    I thought I would let you know that last Thursday was transfers, and I found myself doing something this time that I complained about a year ago. Since my year mark I've found myself getting more attached to the departing missionaries, and now like everyone else on transfer day, I find myself just chatting it up and talking for hours to all the friends I've made out here rather then simply going to the meeting and going home. A year ago I complained that doing this was a distraction and we could easily be spending that time in forwarding the work rather than in useless chatter. Now that I find myself doing it, I have a greater understanding for why my fellow servants of the Lord do it. These are true lifelong friends we're talking to and it may be a long time before we're able to talk or be with them again. Suddenly it all makes sense to me. It's not just useless talk.

    At transfers I said goodbyes to Elder Th., Sisters P. and C. and all the rest and made sure to get their info so iI could stay in contact. I can hardly believe that it's already been almost 18 months and two of the sisters I flew out with have just gone home; the last one leaves in 5 more weeks. I almost feel old, but compared to where the rest of the mission is, I'm still somewhat young. Looking at where the mission is right now, more elders are leaving between now and June than have come out since I've been in the mission!
    After transfers I got to know my new companion Elder S. He's been out 17 months (same as me), 4th born in his family, yet another white boy from Utah, that makes over half. Sadly it looks like I'll have to give up on my dream of an either being paired with a non white or non American companion. Wll with the exception of Elder B., have been white boys from the west, and he's a white boy from the South. Back to Elder S., he has about 8 baptisms and doesn't have a girlfriend.
    I was very nervous about this transfer; I didn't know about Elder S., but when he got here he took charge and hit the ground running. I wasn't sure if he would pull his weight, but he's done more than his fair share. The only problem I now have with Shaw is his attitude. He wasn't happy at all to come to South Shore and after only one day he took on the attitude that Elders Ch. and M. had about their areas; Elder S., like them, wants nothing more than to get transferred out! He doesn't even care that it would be three straight one-transfer areas for him. He told me he will work his butt off for the next six weeks and do the work, but it's his goal to see that President R. closes this area down. We looked at where the mission is right now and it is ridiculous. At the end of this transfer 8 elders are leaving and not a single one is coming in to take their place. That means that they will have to close four areas. Our area will most likely take the path of Woodridge 2; it wasn't doing well when I got there but then at the end of that 6 weeks we got a baptism and had the area fired up, but then they closed it anyways. I predict the same thing will happen right here. Just when the area gets fired up, they shut it down. Only time will tell what really happens.

    Other than us working as hard as we can to get something done here, nothing else
    much happened this week. We're both very exited because tomorrow is the Mission conference with Elder Perry! how often do you get to meet with an apostle? especially as a missionary?!!

    That's all folks

    Sincerely, Elder Fields.

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Wad of Gum

    Something I learned today?

    When you get a root canal and don't get it crowned right away, sometimes your tooth looks like a wad of gum.

    Just saying.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Violent Protesting

    There is something that I have been thinking about since Joseph Stack flew his plane into the IRS building last week. It is not a question of terror, at least I do not think so. But that is not the point.

    Reading Stack's manifesto online, he expresses the frustrations that many of us feel. The same outrages that many feel about how Government is ineffective, how Wall Street was bailed out, frustrations about taxes and just how the government does not serve the people, but rather the rich executives and businesses.

    We all joke about it, about the elections, about government on one level or another. And while I do not agree with Stack in deciding to try and end human life, I see his point. When I first heard about Stack and his flight into a building, I thought of Shays' Rebellion, the rebellion in 1787 where a lot of farmers rose up against the government under the Articles of Confederation. In fact, because of the rebellion, it helped show some of the flaws of the Articles of Confederation and led to the Constitution being written.

    Although I do not agree with using violence, Shays and his fellow farmers used force to close the court houses so judges could not order the collection of debts. Although I am not sure if the tax situation was resolved promptly, Shays did prove a point. In fact he and his rag tag team of farmers were all pardoned in 1788.

    Thomas Jefferson said in regards to the rebellion that "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

    And so while looking at that aspect, I think that Joseph Stack has a point. Yes, it is criminal what he did, and I do not think it was correct to fly a plane into a building, it does not surprise me either. Sooner or later people are going to transition from peaceful protests to violence. If the Government does not restore its image, restore the faith that people place in government, sooner or later armed protests will take place.

    So what of Joseph Stack? Yes, his action was wrong, but what about what he wrote? as I wrote above, many agree with many of the concepts he stated. Many have the frustrations that Stack had. The difference between Stack and the majority of the American people is that Stack lost hope in the political process, while most of America still believe things will improve.

    I guess my point in writing this is that there is a fine line between patriotic and criminal. Cause certainly Stack's intentions were as noble as those who have proceeded us in the cause for freedom. The wrong execution, obviously, but the message is still true. Something has to change.

    So I guess the only question is, when will thing change?

    (And feel free to comment and tell me I am wrong. I enjoy all opinions)

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    There Once Was...

    There once was a woman,
    A woman red through and through
    who thought we should bomb
    those who would do us harm.

    Not a drone missile or two
    but a nuke, or a few.
    And in all seriousness said,
    their country should be made
    into a parking lot.

    Nothing could be said
    to turn her from the red.
    Just inward groaning
    and maybe a chuckle or two.

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Missionary Promotion Wednesday!

    The latest from my brother, Elder Fields, serving in Chicago.

    Dear viewers,
    This week was Elder Th.'s last full week in the mission, and he put in an extra burst of strength to avoid getting to trunky. As far as I'm concerned he's done a far better job at that than the previous comps I've had. It was very difficult for him this week because right now our area has nothing going for it and it's a real struggle to find the work to do. Saturday was a nice break for us though. We celebrated Elder Th.'s birthday by going to one of the lake piers in our area to have a little fun. We threw random objects into the frozen water to see if it would break the ice, took awesome pictures, ect... who says it has to be summer time to enjoy the lake, right?
    After saterday we continued our struggle to find work. With Tuesday being Elder Th.'s last full proselyting day we probably worked harder that day than all the rest of the transfer. Tuesday night we awaited the nerve racking transfer call. Elders Th. and Tz. are going home. Elder M. is also getting transfered. Their replacements are the Naper 6 missionaries; Elders K. and S. who got double transfered out of their area. Elder M. got Elder K. as a companion and I wasn't exactly thrilled with this news. I knew Elder K. when he was serving in Pullman and I didn't really like his attitude; he made fun of me a lot and was way too touchy. But even in this case I would have still prefered him to be my new comp because I know he's a hard worker and would work me to death the same way Elder P. and Elder B.did. That's pretty much the only thing I like about him, but he's not my comp; just in my district. Instead I got stuck with Elder S; he was in my MTC district.
    I've been keeping track of all the people I've met out here, where they are , who they're with, ect... neither Elder S. or I have ever been Sr companion before so I know that this transfer is going to be very difficult for me! I am area senior and he's designated driver so we're about even.
    Unlike with Elder K., I don't know Elder S.'s work ethic, I don't know if the burden of the area will be on my shoulders alone or if he will honestly share it with me. What I do know is that Elder S. has only spenty one transfer in each of his last two areas and both of them closed down. That isn't a good sighn for me. I knew when I came here that the area would eventually close, it was just a matter of when and who I would be with when that happened. Right now I feel like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. Right now the area isn't looking good and it's already on President R.'s chopping block. I hope he didn't just put Elder S. here to close the area! I may have to work harder than I've ever had to work before in my mission to keep this area open for one more. My goal is to be in this area for three months and not just six weeks. I want to do what Elder O. did when President R. told him that he had just six more weeks before his area would close indefinitely; Elder O. worked so hard that transfer that President R. actually changed his mind and kept that area open. I have to pull that here because now all eyes in the mission are on me to see what I'm truly made of and what I can do. Everyone I've met out here has thought so highly of me even though I've never really given them any reason to. Now this transfer with Elder S. i will ether prove I've got what they say I got or completely screw it up. My hope is for the first but I can't do it alone. Elder S. can coast along for the first week because he's the new guy, but after that, he's got to pull his weight because this is a job that I absolutely can't do alone!
    Please pray hard for me! I could use all the advice and encouragement that I can get! I am really worried about this next transfer. I feel like the wight of the world has just fallen on my shoulders, I just hope I dont get crushed under it.

    love Elder Fields.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    The Fortune Cookie Knows

    This weekend I flew out to California and met the amazing, fabulous, foxy Alexandria. So I can personally say she is a stellar lady. In fact, mainly so as to not disappoint our fellow twitter/blog friends (They would start a riot I think if we did not get together), we have started dating.

    So I flew out and visited her. Saturday I took her out to lunch to a very awesome Mongolian/Chinese place, and I got a fortune cookie. This is what it says:

    See! Even the fortune cookie could see how well we get along. So after reading that, we figured we had not choice but to go with the flow and date each other. (Well, we knew on Friday. The fortune cookie merely made us realize that it was fate to get together. ;-))

    And so I though you all should know she is a superbly awesome gal that I consider myself lucky to be dating. Even if it is to be a long distance relationship for a small amount of time.

    And you see that smile? How can I resist a smile like that? Really? ;-)