Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Blog's Already Green...

I've been busy with school, so I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyways, today is St. Patrick's day.

Now I know Wikipedia and history would have you believe the lies that it was the introduction of Catholicism in Ireland, but rather it is a tale a desperado, a tale of heroism, a tale of the little people.

You see, St. Patrick was not a religious man. He was an ordinary man doing ordinary things. Except, he served as ambassador to the little people. No one knew of his position, well, most people didn't. It was a secret position, but a position that he labored in faithfully. Normally he would deal with problems between the little people and humans. They lived apart, but intermingled frequently. To put it accurately, because the Little People had an image to maintain, St Patrick served more as a public relations officer than anything else, to keep humans from intruding upon the territory of the little people.

But with the approaching armies of the Christianized Romans on their way, the Leprechauns decided to use St. Patrick so they would be left alone, knowing that if the Romans caught sight of them, they would be exterminated.

And so the Leprechauns faded from public. Using magic and St. Patrick's talented persuasion abilities, the little people became a sort of myth, so that when the Romans came, they would only think that the little people were made up by the superstitions of the common people.

So, because of St. Patrick, the little people were spared and the Romans, being impressed with the man, used his name as they spread religion in the region...

That is the true story. Or the true story as fabricated by me while procrastinating homework at least.

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