Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is freedom

I was looking at the drafts of posts that I had not published and I found this is just a snippet of a conversation that I had with Wally the Third from February of 2009. So yes, I fail in publishing it, but now is a good time. Enjoy.

Wally says: Dood
Sam says: How are you?
Wally says: Good you?
Sam says: Doing very well
Wally says: Good, victim man
Sam says: Victim man?
Sam says: Cause I have a girlfriend?
Wally says: yup
Wally says: Sucka
Sam says: Perhaps
Wally says: You are
Sam says: And you're not a victim of being single?
Wally says: Nope, Single and proud.
Sam says: Why is that?
Wally says: Because I can be
Sam says: Ah. Well I am dating and proud.
Wally says: Too bad
Sam says: Why is that?
Sam says: Having a girl to cuddle with and kiss... I'm  not sure that's a bad thing
Wally says: Yes it is
Sam Says: How come it is a bad thing?
Wally says: When they start a nagging and expecting you to wait on them.
Wally says: You will see
Sam says: I have already learned my place in the world and serve them naturally, so they don't have to nag.
Wally says: Sucka
Wally says: That is not your place!!!
Sam says: It isn't?
Wally says: Grr
Wally says: Disgrace
Sam says: Nah, I am just embracing what is bound to happen sooner or later anyway
Wally says: Not to me
Sam says: Cause you'll never marry?
Wally says: I will not wait on another person
Wally says: Selfish women
Sam says: I don't call it waiting on them, I call it doting on them with love.
Wally says: Trapped already
Wally says: Have fun with that
Sam says: Hey, I know my place, I won't be trying to rebel or anything. They are queens to us you know, we ought to treat them so.

Wally says: That is what they want you to think
Wally says: They are Evil!!!
Sam says: lol, Well I am lost then.
Sam says: Consider me a casualty in this great war then
Wally says: That is why I called you a victim
Sam says: Ah. I understand. And Katie is laughing at the snippets of conversation that I copy and paste over to her.
Wally says: Who's that?
Sam says: The girl I am dating
Sam says: Who says that she very well could be evil.
Wally says: She is.
Wally says: All women are.
Sam says: Then I long to learn of their evil ways.

Wally says: Sure, Go ahead. Your loss.
Sam says: What do I have to gain by fighting their tyranny?
Wally says: I will standby and watch, slave boy. And laugh
Sam says: What have you gained in your efforts to avoid them?
Wally says: Freedom
Sam says: And what has that freedom gained you?
Wally says: The freedom to not wait on selfish girls. Or to be a part of their stupid mind games
Sam says: But what if you  meet a girl who doesn't play mind games or isn't selfish?
Wally says: ...Or to always be the one who is wrong
Wally says: I have yet to see that
Sam says: That is just the natural order of things. You have to accept that
Wally says: Then she's probably shallow. So there.
Sam says: Or guys are naturally wrong
Wally says: Nope.
Wally says: Your manhood is close to its end if you believe that.
Sam says: So what should be the natural order of things then?
Wally says: Man and women should want to serve each other. They should be equal
Sam says: Of course, I am merely doing my part of the serving.
Sam says: So you have yet to find a girl who believes that then?
Wally says: The man should be able to express themselves. Just as women should. And do.
Sam says: So you are waiting for a woman who believes that?
Sam says: How will you meet and know her if you judge everything on a glance she gives you in the beginning?
Wally says: Who says I am waiting for a woman?
Sam says: Looking for a woman then
Wall says I will never find one like that.
Sam says: Are you sure?
Wally says: Yeah
Sam says: How come?
Wally says: They are all either shallow, selfish, unattractive or mean
Wally says: Or more than one of the above
Sam says: Which you gather without really getting to know them
Wally says: Nope. I have ears. And eyes. It isn't hard to see...

Suffice to say, Wally is now married. Which makes this even funnier.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow the Leader

Twss. Only because I am following Alexandria's lead and using this meme. So it is a small fill in the blank. Enjoy

1)  If I weren't a    Computer Science Major     I'd love to be  Spanish or Information Tech Major   .

2.  When I'm super upset I    write weird poems about my angsty feelings and post them on my blog   .

3.  My favorite thing about myself is    my contagious laughter    .

4.  If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on either hilarious t-shirts or travel money to california  .

5.  Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love    how I can get stuck in a book and be completely submerged into what I am reading.

6.  I love the way I feel    being super productive and flirting with Alexandria.          .

7.  I love my hair most when it's     it has been cut short and I look dashing without having to do anything to it.      .

Wait... Did I just do a Friday Fill-in? 
Nope! I am still good.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You're Not Listening!

To the Democrats and Obama supporters that were in the House of Chambers last night when President Obama gave his State of the Union speech,

Were any of you really listening to anything Obama said? Or were you merely clapping at every pause of breath that Obama took? Was it a chance to get up and stretch your legs?

Yes, you may have well been listening to some parts Obama said, and you all do not deserve entirely what I just said, but sometimes I think you just clap because Obama is up and speaking.

Starting at the 39 minute mark or so, Obama said,
At the beginning of the last decade, the year 2000, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. (Applause.) By the time I took office, we had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door.

And the crazy thing is Democrats and Obama supporters? You all stood up and applauded President Obama for saying that. Obama said we are in a financial hole, a huge financial hole, and you applaud that statement? What in that statement was applause worthy, honestly? Was it because you somehow viewed that statement as Obama bashing the previous administration?

Honestly, it is these moments where you applaud Obama for saying we are in massive debt that to me, you do not seem to be listening. It is embarrassing.

Which is why many people don't have much confidence in Government, because politicians seem to blindly follow and support their respective political party more than they serve the people who elected them and they represent.

So honestly, I hope honestly that one of my congressmen was not there cheering at the moment, because I now question your intelligence for cheering then.

So that is my little rant. Oh, and you republicans, you don't get off the hook so easily. None of you seemed to applaud at all. You all were seated in stoic silence, or the occasional boo. Except for that one senator who clearly stood up because everyone around him had stood up and pity clapped Obama for a second or two and just stood there. You don't fool me either. You made me laugh actually.

So kudos to both parties, you either clap like blind fools or not at all. Actually, everyone may have been clapping at the end, it was hard to tell with the camera angles. So actually Republicans, you at least have the decency to clap at the end instead of at every pause Obama had.

So I just had to say that, because incessant clapping is annoying, especially when you clap at the wrong things to clap at.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PSA Missionary Wednesday

This in the latest installment of the concordance from my brother, Elder Fields;

Dear Family and Friends,

This week I found out something new about our ward that's very interesting; while most wards have a missionary meal calender, our ward has a missionary splits calender! I can't believe we've got a calender for that! This is a great help to the work in this ward. In all my other wards, we have had to find and ask members to come with us to appointments and here they just freely sign up to do so. This is a great opportunity for the work. Even when those appointments don't go through, every little bit of help from members is worth it.

Thursday we had an appointment with our star investigator. We thought the hardest part in teach her would be teaching about the Word of Wisdom, but she accepted and dropped everything we told her to drop. She was a very heavy social drinker, but she quit without question when we told her tea, alcohol, and coffee were bad. Her only real problem was cigarettes. She knows that they are bad and has desperately wanted to quit them even before we told her to do so. Those things are so addicting that quitting them is one of the hardest things a person can do. She described it as a demon on her back that just wouldn't go away. But now she has the Lord's help in quitting, and she hopes it will not be a problem for that much longer.

Speaking of which, during my mission I've noticed that nobody who smokes actually likes it. They all admit that it's slowly killing them, and want to stop, but it's so addicting that they can't. However, there is a ray of hope in all this. Since so many people know it's bad and actually manage to quit, or hopefully don't start at all, those companies are forced to raise their prices and it drives even more people away from the stuff. Elder M. was in a gas station this week and heard a woman complain about a pack costing $10.00 after tax. She wanted her money back and left empty handed. Nobody wants to pay that much money to kill themselves.

Saturday we had a return appointment with our star investigator and she has been doing really well with everything and better with the no smoking. We taught her the lesson about baptism and committed her to be baptized in three weeks. She was a bit nervous about being baptized so soon, but was otherwise thrilled to accept our invitation. She even wants to throw a party after her baptism and invite all her friends and family to it.

Other than our one Super Star Investigator, most of our work is with less actives. Like all my other areas, this ward has lots of work to be done and we would so much rather visit with a less active member of the Church who has a chance of coming back on Sundays than an someone we may only see once because they have a complete lack of commitment and has never been to church at all. Also, unless a less active has something serious happening with them, they will always let us in.

That's about it for this week.

With Best Regards,
Elder Fields

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I really wish I had something to say. I don't. Class work is taking up way too much time. Although... I did punch my Calculus test in the face though. So I can tell that tale I suppose.

The Challenger was tired, for the past weeks the champion had been mocking him. The Champion laughed at the challengers face and boldly pronounced that the Challenger was not worth the fight, that it was not a fight. That the Challenger would be taken downed in the first round. But the Champion was wrong.

The Champion was unaware that the Challenger was studying up on the forms, how to get between the curves and calculate the volume between them, to know the force of impact his punches would land. The Champion was unaware that the Challenger was not wallowing in pity, but was encouraged by friends, and a super foxy friend. The Champion regarded her not, thought her just a faceless fan. He knew not the strength of friendship and luck she bestowed upon the Challenger.

The Champion had faced the challenger and knew of previous defeats, using his special sine and cosine 1-2 punch to knock out the Challenger.

But this time, this time was different. This time, the Challenger came prepared.

As the Challenger entered the ring, his super foxy friend blew him a kiss and cheered him on with the enthusiasm of 12 super bowl games combined. The momentum of the cheers caught the Champion temporarily off guard and allowed the Challenger to enter in and start throwing punches, using derivative force to counter the Champion's and raging like a wild animal. The Champion was off surprised and being beaten. The Champion tried to his his integral evade maneuvers or derivative counters.

The Champion grew desperate and launched a series of punches he knew the Challenger had lost to before, flowing with the curves of a sine or cosine integral function, but though the Champion managed to strike the Challenger, his blows were not as powerful as expected. The Challenger managed to divert enough of the energy to still stand. A little bruised, but still standing. Smiling.

The Challenger on the other hand had a black eye, blood on his face and a possibly broken nose. As they went to lunge for each other again, the bell rang. The match was up.

Although the official score was not yet at the ready, it looked like the Challenger was clearly the victor.

And so the Challenger strode to his super foxy friend and together they strode out of the auditorium to await the results of the match.

In other words, I think I did well on the Calc test, but I do not have my test scores yet.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Behold, the Power of....

Cheese! Oops, wrong commercial. Low self-esteem. The power of low self-esteem.

The following message brought to you by Low Self-Esteem Inc, where if you aren't happy, we make millions!

"Are you ever tired of keeping up with the day to day standards of talking with people? Of being happy, upbeat and keeping a smile on your face? Ever feel like bursting down crying like this guy here?

Well, at Low Self-Esteem inc., We don't care! Why don't we care? Because no one else does either. The difference between us and the rest of the world is that if you come in to us in all your emo glory like Emo-Peter Parker, we will pay you to take your low self-esteem off your hands.

You see, the trick is the special technology that we developed. There is green energy, well now there is emo-energy. Our special technology has enabled us to harness the power of low self-esteem to power cars, computers, air planes. Pretty soon everything will be powered by low self-esteem. Which, in the near future, will allow us to conquer the world!

So why hold on to all those feelings of pain, rejection, and of social stigma and swing on by one of our many locations, you'll be able to vent your frustrations, make some money on the side and further perpetuate your anguish by funding a cruel heartless corporation bent on sucking the humanity out of the world. It is win-win.

So remember our motto folks; that if you aren't happy, we make millions. So pass on by, where if you arrive early enough, you might just be enlisted to be a part of the new global empire that will be spawned."

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I'd like to thank the academy for being nominated to win the following two awards; the Kreative and Beautiful blogger awards. Without them, none of this would have been possible. This is such a grand and marvelous day, And I am not so sure of what can be said. I have waited so long to receive these...

Ok, maybe not so much drama, and it was not the Academy who bestowed these awards upon me, but the ever funny Christina. Unless a person can qualify as an academy. Actually, I think she qualifies as a founder for the Academy of Awesomeness. So Headmistress Christina, open your halls of learning and let the awesomeness flow! (That's what she said too)

So, there are some rules or guidelines to receiving these awards, because that is how they roll:

So like all meme/award things, they have some rules or guidelines:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award Check
2. Paste the award on your blog Check
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award Check
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated

So I'll post 14 interesting things about myself since I suppose I won two awards:

1. I fence. Started in 2005, and I've kept it up on and off. I took classes in 2005 at BYU Idaho and I've been participating in classes down at BYU. I also took a class in Orem, but as it is a professional place, I don't have $65 to spend for two months of training or so. Now I have my open French Grip Foil. Huzzah!

2. Top hats.

They are awesome. I usually wear them at fancy gatherings or parties. Something where I can be dressed formally and socially at the same time. I just feel awesome in them. So usually I like to wear a top hat (cause I have two now) at semi-casual dances or higher formal like. Honestly, I think I just need to wear them more often.

3. Although this did not result from an accident, I cannot turn my right hand palm up. It is something that runs in the family; my dad cannot turn his left hand palm up.

4. Mexico City. I served there from 2005 to 2007. It was awesome. One of my favorite sites was seeing the Iztaccíhuatl every morning as I left my apartment near Chalco. It is a splendid mountain and one that draws me in. There is even a Mayan Legend about the mountain and the nearby volcano, the Iztaccíhuatl, for those who want to read about it.

5. Throughout High school, I was nicknamed Timeking, Fathertime or other such timely appellations. I was called this because I set my watch to the bell every morning and when I started cleaning my stuff up, it signaled to the others in my classes that the bell was to ring soon. And so they ended up asking me how much time was left until the bell rang, and I gave them the time down to the seconds. Now... well it is not really a skill needed in College.

6. As such, I have always worn a watch on my right hand. Even though I am right handed. Yeah, it is weird.

7. I love snow when it falls and I hope to resurrect a certain semi-cultural Snowman.
Basically taking this guy to become this fellow. It would be awesome.

8. Although I am a bit rusty at it, I do like to dance. I have taken a couple of ballroom dance classes and I also like to dance to the Salsa.

9. My laugh. Once I get started, I cannot stop. Depending on the people egging me, I can go for minutes at time, just busting a gut. Doing so gave me asthma a year and a half years ago.

10. I once made a list of the reasons why I thought people would not want to go out with me. I still think it is hilarious.

11. I am a bit of gamer. Both in video games and in board and card games. My computer games are up at my parents place so I do not procrastinate my time with them, but I still have Starcraft with me. My favorite board type game is Settlers of Katan.

12. I can make a whistling sound with my hands. By cupping them together and blowing into them, it oftentimes sounds like a bird call.

13. An interesting pet peeve is perhaps the attitude of the BYU/Happy Valley bubble. Although people can be stuck in their own little world, especially since Provo is a college town and most people are taking classes. My point is that I tire of hearing of the bubble as if things are lame here and that people are judgmental. Does it exist in people? Yes, and there are probably places that are better about it. But just as well, there are many places that are just as bad. So it is just the attitude that I don't get or like. If you do not like how things are, change them. Whether it is how BYU students act or people in general, or whatever. Try and change it. You are free to complain a bit, but the "bubble" isn't a Utah Valley problem only.

14. I like to watch hockey. I have a good friend, Alan who is in a local league and secondary string goalee. I like going to his games and shouting myself hoarse at them. It is quite fun.

And so without further ado, *drumroll* I nominate the follow spectacular people for an award: The ever awesome and ever funny, lovely Alexandria. A fellow BYU blog writer and good friend, Katie. Rachel, who is a truly awesome girl, a one of a kind friend and awesome photographer. She is the one who was gracious enough to take the pictures of me in fencing gear and sported in a top hat. The Green Giant. He is truly a man that towers over men, literally. He is awesome and needs to blog more. Amanda, cause she is awesome, a woman that proclaims the truth and someone I hope to get to know. I also nominate Jake and Calvin, cause they make me laugh. A final nomination goes to Nicki, who is awesome to talk to and is not worried about pursuing her dreams and striving to be happy. I wish her luck in everything.

I think that adds up to 7 people. Have a fun Friday night all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The blades strike


Clad in white,
head clad
arm extended
Knees over ankles.

A breath...
and then forward,
testing the blade
checking for strength

thrusting, clashing, beating
metal grinding on metal
twisting, and piercing
For the point.

Back and forth,
charging and retreating
attacking and parrying
watching and watching

Trading blows for blows
Being struck and striking back
ages aching, arms tired
Out of breath.

A moment.

And then the rush
feigning and beating
Going for the strike.
For the final point

four, six, seven or eight
All areas to aim for;
The chest...

A final beat
A twist of the blade
Scoring a hit
with a bit of metal.

So snicker-snack
The blades strike..

in alien rhythm
setting pace
all night long

In the Fencing club.

Short Missionary Wednesday

Dear viewers,

There was one last announcement made at last week's transfer meeting that I forgot to mention; sometime near the end of February, Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will be speaking to our mission. It actually will be a mission conference, so the whole mission will be there, and to make it that much bigger, the entire Chicago North mission will be in attendance as well. Needless to say, when an apostle come to speak it's pretty big. Elder Th. wasn't exactly thrilled at this news because Elder Perry is coming after he returns home, so he's going to miss it.

That's pretty much the biggest news I have this week; not much has happened since transfers. This Sunday at church I got an unexpected surprise when an investigator I didn't know we had actually came, and not only that, she wants to be baptized! We just have to teach her a bit more and help her with a few small issues. I know she's going to get there, but I also remember how slow investigators in the city are in progressing towards baptism so I just hope the area doesn't close down before then.

Anyways, I love the city regardless of how slow progressing our investigators are. Being gone for six weeks has helped me remember how rewarding the work in the city is. In the suburbs you have a whole ward to yourself and all the members focus on you; your work is practically done for you. But being back in the city with more then one set of missionaries per ward give you more of a chance to see what you really can do. (Editor's Note: Elder Fields refers to the missionaries who teach those who do not speak English; they share wards. I think.) In the Beverly ward, most members lived in Evergreen Parks Area. In Cicero, a lot lived in the soldier fields area, and here most of the members live in Cottage Groves area. When you can get the help of any members in the work, even when their not in your area, it's that much better. Also, in the city when you work on your own you've got something to work with; media referrals for example, in the suburbs, without the help of members, you basically have nothing going for you. I hope this area doesn't close down too soon, because I'd like to see what good I can do here.

Sorry for the lack of news, I hope more happens this week.


Elder Fields

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Monday

Tis truly a lazy Monday! Equal laziness all around!

It really is an uninspiring day too, all clouds and rain. Melting the snow down here. There needs to be a good snow storm before it all melts!

But as my laziness is upon ending (blasted school work), I thought I would write this short poem.

No Title

A short moment.
A quick message.
All it takes.
To wonder what lies beyond.

From joking and acquaintanceship
To true friendship, maybe more.
Little by little, text by text.

Swirls around and around
To notice the amazingness of one
To desire the terrifying.
To begin to contemplate...

And the path continues
Wondering and hoping
for merging of paths
enjoying the journey.

Waiting to look
Look into the eyes
Look into the soul
Looking for happiness.

Waiting, waiting for the moment of utmost joy.

- Sam, the Nanti-SARRMM

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Tuesday's Ten

So I am bored and yanked this meme from Alexandria's blog. I figure no need to wait until Tuesday. Although if people want to e-mail me here then I will make it a semi-regular thing on my blog.

1) Are you usually late, early, or right on time? It depends, I strive to be on time, but I am either often early or a little late so it averages to arriving on time. That is what I prefer though.

2) What is your middle name? Umm, seeing how this is a blogger name, we could say 'Nanti'. Or we could all assume it exists somewhere, waiting to be found.

3) What are the last four digits of your cell phone number? 8996.

4) How big is your bed? It is a regular bed, a bunk bed actually. I think it is a twin.

5) What are you allergic to? I do not believe I am allergic to anything actually.

6) What is the first thing you do in the morning? Being honest here, I jump out of bed, use the restroom and then either eat breakfast or shower.

7) What was your favorite tv show when growing up? Full House, Pokemon, Step By Step, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (high school years). Those are what I watched and enjoyed.

8) Will you, or did you, go to your ten year high school reunion? I most likely will. We will see though. There are some people that I would definitely like to see, others, not so much.

9) If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? It depends on if the monkeys have set up a pulley system that is well oiled, designed to catch the tree so it falls without a sound. Or if the tree falls into a bottomless pit. That factors in as well.

10) What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention? Geeky answer is the silicon P an N gate transistors. Because of those, we have computers and every other device that uses microchips.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Missionary Saturday

In a late update in the missionary travails of my brother, Elder Fields, we find him in a new area with new companions.

Dear Viewers,

Wednesday was a very hard day. It started with a district breakfast at the Gr. family who house the Naperville elders, then normal p-day activities. That was the good part of the day, after that it got hard. Due to our area dissolving we found we no longer had to do the mileage report for our car, so for one day we had infinite miles to spend. We spent those new miles on a farewell tour saying goodbye to all of our favorite members. We then returned home to pack up our things and clean out our apartment. This took us forever; we had a mountain of trash, we had to move out all the furniture, and we had to get the area book up to date and get the apartment ready for its final closing inspection. (Editors note: The Area Book is a notebook that one records what missionary discussions have been taught to whom, simplifying the missionary process. We were up until 1am doing all of this, by the end of all this our beds, which we happily collapsed into, were about the only thing left in the apartment to get rid of. I feel sorry for the AP's, (Editor's note: AP's are two missionaries that the mission president assigns to assist him.) they have to help out with every area that closes and then make sure everyone who has moved has everything they need.

Thursday we managed to drag our tired bodies out of bed and got all our stuff out to the car that the Ap's hadn't already collected from us. It's a good thing they did because if they hadn't it would have been impossible for all of our stuff to fit into that tiny car. I recalled back in Beverly when Elder H. and I moved out, we were lucky because we had the mission van that day. Unfortunately double transfers are a huge pain when you have a tiny car to work with. Also just as my luck always is, when I get transferred the weather was not permitting, in fact it was very unforgiving. When I moved out of Beverly it was raining so hard it was practically a monsoon, moving out of Cicero was dark, cold, and windy, this time it was a huge blizzard. It took us two hours to drive to the transfers meeting after getting all our stuff in the car, and the weather made it very difficult. Due to the storm we arrived for transfers an hour late but luckily so did everyone else, so we actually got there on time.

At transfers, President R. made a few announcements. these included that at least ten more areas would be closing within the next six months, on top of all the others that have already done so. We've got several large groups going home soon and very few coming in to take their place. This transfer 8 missionaries left and only 2 came in. Unfortunately South Shore is on the list of areas possible closing, so I may not be here for very long. But after only one transfer in Woodridge 2, I'm ready for anything they can throw at me. President R. also announced several regime changes in the mission; Elder B., from my mtc district, just replaced Alder Ar. as the new AP, Elder S., my last companion, just went zone leader in Valpo, and Elder Br., my mtc companion, just went district leader for the first time. Other changes happened as well but these are with people I know. Also, at transfers, I said goodbye to two previous companions that were going home. Elder C., my mission brother/father, and Elder R., one of my favorite comps.

As transfer meeting ended, I tried not to think about how much time I had left since one of my trainers was going home and instead I tried to focus on my new area and new comps. Elder Th. has been out for 23 months and will be giving me my fith kill; he's from Arizona, second last in his family, has 8 baptisms and his girlfriend dear-john'd him but has since come to her senses and they are both waiting to see what will happen when he gets home.

Elder M. has been out for 18 months, is from Idaho, second born, has 4 baptisms and no girlfriend. Elder M.'s name sounds like he should be from Hawaii, but alas, I am stuck with two more white American companions. I would really like someone who is ether non-white or foreign. Elder Br. is the most foreign comp I've had, and he's from Tennessee. It looks like that's what I'm stuck with, so I should be happy with what the Lord has given me, since it appears that it wont be any other way.
It's only been a week since being with these two companions, but they seem very nice and I'm sure they will be better then my last trip with Elder J. and Elder S. They are my least favorite companions ever. Elder Th. is trying to avoid getting trunky and Elder M. is way nicer then those other two were. They also treat me with the respect I deserve. As far as my new area goes; it's good to be back in the city. South Shore covers, um well, the south shore area, but sadly I got here in mid-winter which makes the area harder to enjoy. As far as the work goes, it's the typical city area, mostly stop-bys and media referrals.

I got to know this new ward on Sunday we meet at 9am yet again and most of the ward is young married college students. I've also had the pleasure of getting to know my new district; this is my smallest district yet, with only five people in it and I am the second youngest. With Elders Tz. and Th. going home this transfer it makes it even more likely that the areas will combine, because President R. does have a history of doing that to areas when the people in them go home. That's actually a very smart move for him, then he doesn't have to move as many people.
That's it for both my personal news and mission news this week.


Elder Fields

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Answers, Answers, Answers.

Ok, so people asked questions, I responded a tad. Instead of having to read through the comments, I'm going to post the questions and my answers here.

Ghostlilly: Blah, blah, blah, What happened to the 20 dollar bill? My friend didn't take it, and I didn't spend it!

You know that dimension where missing socks end up when the dryer eats them? It is essentially the same concept, except with your finger bandaged up, it created a temporary space time anomaly that ripped the $20 dollar bill from your wallet. So whoever has all the lost socks from dryers, has your $20. Probably spent it on a chili burger or something.

Samnhal: You're on a desert island and you can bring an endless supply of food with you, but only one food. What one food would you pick to eat everyday?

Any type of food? Tacos al pastor. They're one of my favorite Mexican dishes and could eat them forever.

ColleenRoselle: Can I see a picture of you?

Yes! See the comments for the links to some photos, or search for photos. There are plenty in this blog and I am too lazy to get them at the moment.

Christina Why are you so passionate about the Green Revolution?

This is a somewhat difficult question. I am not sure exactly why, but there is something that turns my heart and makes me want to act when I am aware of oppresion of this kind, of repressed freedoms. Watching the youtube videos in June, reading the blogs, trying to pay attention to all that is going has flipped a kind of switch. People are losing their lives and I just feel an urge to help, to help the people gain their freedom. I also liken it to the American Revolution in some ways, because the colonists were fights for freedom, fighting to not have a king over them, and it is something that has taken time and may be coming to a boiling over point in Iran. And so I feel the urge to help.

What is your favorite Home cooked meal? I would say that one of my favorite home cooked meals is probably a breakfast item called, "German Pancakes." They're delicious.

Are you near-sighted or far-sighted? I am near sighted. Things get blurry after 5 feet or so.

What size shoe do you wear? I wear size 8.5 shoes.

Craig M: Why does a Chicken?
This is a very important question, asking why the chicken. No one knows for sure why, and none of them will really answer. Those that do, well, they lie. They don't ever tell the truth. So the trick is to watch one in the wild without them knowing, which is quite hard to do. But if you are able to do it, you will realize that that the why was just an college bet they had, won and still continue to this day; It is teaching the humans the Chicken Dance. That is the why they will ever need. Cause they think it is pretty darn hilarious.

What is your favorite webcomic? My favorite webcomics are XKCD, Order of the Stick, Dinosaur Comics, Questionable Content and Dr. Mcninja.

What is your favorite videogame of all time? My favorite video game of all time? Honestly, I would have to say the Baldur's Gate series. Starcraft ranks up there too, but nothing takes the cake such as having Minsc in your group shouting for his hamster, or miniature giant space hamster, to go for the eyes. It is a hilarious game.

Katie: You love tacos al pastor too?

Yes, yes I did. A lot of missionaries who went served an LDS mission in Mexico City liked them. They are quite delicious indeed.

Anonymous: Which current writer on the 100 hour board do you like the least?

For those who do not know, the 100 Hour Board is a type of anonymous question board where people ask questions and the anonymous writers respond. It is something that I have enjoyed reading in the past.
To get to Anonymous's question, I haven't really read for the past month or so because I have been busy with school and other stuff, even so, no one's writing has really made me dislike them. If I would have say someone, I would say Marzipan. I only say Marzipan because I know her and I think she lets me being a reader of the Board, or something else foolish, from getting to better friends. That is all.

That is it, those are the answers to the questions. I thought some more people would ask questions, but hey, it means less procrastinating of school work this way. Though feel free to ask questions whenever. You shouldn't need a blog post inviting you to ask me something about myself, to ask me about myself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

21 Questions

Ok, so this will actually be nothing like 21 questions, considering I'm going to be answering with more than a yes or a no, and there may be more than 21 questions.

But others have done this, and as I figure I should get a little something done on my blog while school rages around, my creativity is being diverted to other areas.

So ask questions. Whatever you want. The sky is the limit, and if we get there, I'm sure we can bypass the atmosphere without a hitch. So just ask what you'd like to learn from me, be it silly, serious, or otherwise.

So, this is what you get. Get to asking those questions.

Edit: Preferably something you'd like to know about me, to know who I am a little. Something like that.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Template

So a quick explanation for you all, I support the Green Revolution. I want help out the Iranians who do not have a voice, whose votes where not counted, who are protesting the votes, who are starting to overthrow their dictatorship.

So I changed my blog layout to signal my support. Sorry if it annoys you.

And if anyone knows of any way to help out more, such as setting up remote servers for Iranians or something like that, let me know. I want to help.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Conspiracy!

There are some things that I think are a conspiracy, or is proof that the universe hates me. One of the two.

Today, is one of them. Today I had no balance today while walking on ice. At least that is what they would have you think. Clearly the universe is trying to maim me. I fell down four or five times today and now I am a bit of a gimp and I have twisted my ankle or something. So now I hobble everywhere.

Of course the logical thing would be to assume that I have no balance and no good traction on my shoes and it is my fault for walking on the ice, but that is just crazy talk. It is clearly the Universe's fault.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Missionary Friday

The latest excerpts from my brother's, Elder Field, correspondence as an LDS missionary:

Dear Viewers,

As 2009 wound down to a close we spent New Years Eve day doing stop-by's and trying to find more people to teach. New Years Eve we spent with the G. family helping them get ready for a mini-New Years party. Brother G. is a less active convert who we had hoped to reactivate. We got the privilege of talking to and meeting with his long lost daughter, who he hasn't seen in ten years, who was visiting for the holidays. She has had a hard life and we talked to her for a bit and told her a little about the church. We left he with a pass-along card and we hoped that she returns home that she will call the number so the missionaries in her area can start teaching her.

This week we also did some damage control with Sister G. She loves the missionaries but she hates the church. When Brother G. converted in New Mexico, her first impression of the church was one of bad attitudes, arrogance and false doctrine. We don't know the whole story of what happened down there, but we think that maybe there was some Flds influence involved, or they ran across some ill-tempered members. They have been living in Chicago for a while now, but she really doesn't like anyone from the church except for the missionaries. We've been meeting with them for a while and thanks to us missionaries, her image of the church has improved a little, but she is still a long way from liking the Church.

After some New Years fun with the Family G., we returned home for the night. I recalled last year waking up to gun shots and sirens. This year the noise I heard was real New Year's noise. (Editors Note: Fireworks and cheering?) after realizing it was New Years, I grunted out a "Happy 2010!", then went back to bed. I can hardly believe that its already 2010! I go home this year! Wow, the time really flies. I can't believe it has been 16 months already! (Editors note: LDS/Mormon missionaries serve for two years straight. So 8 more months to go) New Year's day would have been just another day on the calender except everyone we met wished us a Happy Year. We also picked up an old investigator who is living with his member girlfriend. They have three kids and he wants to be baptized, but sadly she is going through a divorce and and I will be long gone from the area by the time that's finished and they can get married. Such is life for a missionary, most people you never see get dunked, er, baptized.

Sunday we switched church times from 9am to 1pm. I find it extremely aggravating that all my wards seem to dance around the 11 am slot. Nobody likes the other two. 9 am is too early and everyone is still sleeping and 1 pm is too late, the day is over when Church is. 11 am really is the perfect time. When the family G. heard that the time was changing they refused to come back until it changed back!

This weekend we also got a call from Elder R. in Cicero and I hoped beyond all hope that it was to inform me that I could return there for a baptism. Unfortunately they just called to inform us that the elders in the Stockyards were getting a baptism. and since they called we decided to settle our curiosity about what was going to happen in the Stockyards. When i left, Elder E. was entering his last transfer and was having visa troubles, so it was settled that he would end up going home one week early. We found out from Elder E.'s greenie (Editor's note: Greenie is a mission term for new missionary) that with the shrinking mission Cicero and Stockyards didn't just combine for a week but permanently until after the mission increases in size again. They were in a trio for a week but Elder R. is going home, so it looks like Elder B. will follow up training Elder J. If I had stayed there, that would have happened to me.

Since I'm on the subject of transfers, we got the call last night about what will be happening to us. I had decided earlier to not worry so much about transfers but after a hard day's work and waiting for that call, it's like waiting to get a diagnosis for cancer. (Editor's note: ROFL!!!!!) On transfer call night you can't help but worry, especially with rumors of your area closing. So Tuesday night we got that life shattering phone call, which, after leaving Cicero really wasn't so bad to get. This time the call came directly from President R. Our district is getting torn apart! Only two members are staying in it and the rest are leaving. Wood-ridge 2 is getting combined with Wood-ridge 1, Elder S. got called to be a zone leader with his MTC companion Elder C. in Valparaiso. After only one transfer out of the city, I will be returning to it. My new area is South-Shore and I'm in another threesome! (Editor's note: He means trio. Honestly he does.) My new companions are Elders T. and M. but the best part is that that district here has already shrunken as far as it can, so I don't have to worry about them combining areas again unless they combine districts. Hopefully it won't get that low on numbers while I'm here, but this and the next four transfers are going to get ridiculous! We have way too many people leaving and too few coming in. Who knows what will happen. I've taken on a new attitude though, and even though its getting crazy, instead of fearing it, I'll just let it happen.

Stay tuned next week for updates on my new companions and area

Sincerely, Elder Fields.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Most Supreme Battle

The battle started yesterday. Not even a battle expected. More of training exercises with other forces. Nothing new, nothing unexpected.

First shots were fired, the exercises commenced. Except the other side's volleys were more intense, more deliberate. Confused, the small force continued the exercises, wondering about the fellow brigadiers that they were in training exercises with.

They stepped up their efforts to compete, knowing like always they would lose. They always lost. That's just how things were, some shots fired, some points gained, mostly enough to prove that they could compete against the others. But this time, it was a slaughter. Provoked or unprovoked it will not be known, but the small force bravely withstood, losing their ranks one at a time.

They didn't show sign of weakness, they knew the game itself might change if this weakness was revealed against the intensity of the attacks, or perhaps the intensity would further augment. Or maybe some sympathy. The small force did not know, for their fellow comrades with whom the fought were unpredictable.

And so, the other forces released the dust bunnies, thinking all was the same. They didn't watch the carnage that ensued, they only knew that their fellow comrades were still playing, and injured like they. So secret armies of dust bunnies unleashed, the Entrapper of Souls feigning innocence.

The other side huddled in, unleashing shots, but heavily wounded, scarred, mourning. This wasn't a normal skirmish. It was a slaughter, and all they could do was weather it out lest they be cut down.

Skirmish hours ended, and both sides went to rest, the opposing forces not knowing the heaviness of the wounds and the losses the other side received. They won. They always won. That is how it always was and how it shall always be. Everything was OK.

But the original camp could barely get out with the sun. They thought they could not regroup for the next skirmish, they could not recover soon enough. Morale was gone, energy gone. Lethargic, morose, slothful. Flag raised to show all was well, cheerful greetings sent forth, mocking their slaughter, but not revealing their wounds, for the sake of pride, for respect.

And so the day started drearily, cloudy, cold, barren. And it continued that way until an ally sent greeting and brought news of a new force, of a cheering up and moralizing of troops. And then the sun burst out and life bloomed. Soldiers on the point of dying smiled and gained the life to recover, wounds began to heal, cheerfulness became prevalent in the camp. Shouts of 'huzzah' rang out, life began anew.

And the other sides? Well, this cheering was nothing new. Their comrades were weird. It was to be expected. But even they would have to smile when they saw this riding by:

And all continued with the world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lookie Lookie I Got Hookie!

Classes have started, and though this may prove my geekiness, I get to play around with something that looks like this in one of my classes.

Will this semester be awesome? I think so. (And super stressful too.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Release the Monkeys!

5...4...3...2...1... Happy New Year!!! "Release the monkeys!"

This really did occur, and it was awesome. Here is what it sounds like, excluding the music after;

So yes, the new year has started and the monkeys have been released and they won't be called back. Basically meaning I'm going to try and be more of my goofy self, less self-conscious, and strive to be more random. To get all sorts of weird glances as I defy the Utah Valley standards of a good BYU student.

It means I'll have the eye of the tiger, that channeling Rocky (Yes, I am a big fan. ;P) I will overcome, I will be happier, and more wild and cray-zay!

Which also on the flip side means being more responsible with my time and all...

And so I say to you all, Release the monkeys!