Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Short Missionary Wednesday

Dear viewers,

There was one last announcement made at last week's transfer meeting that I forgot to mention; sometime near the end of February, Elder Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will be speaking to our mission. It actually will be a mission conference, so the whole mission will be there, and to make it that much bigger, the entire Chicago North mission will be in attendance as well. Needless to say, when an apostle come to speak it's pretty big. Elder Th. wasn't exactly thrilled at this news because Elder Perry is coming after he returns home, so he's going to miss it.

That's pretty much the biggest news I have this week; not much has happened since transfers. This Sunday at church I got an unexpected surprise when an investigator I didn't know we had actually came, and not only that, she wants to be baptized! We just have to teach her a bit more and help her with a few small issues. I know she's going to get there, but I also remember how slow investigators in the city are in progressing towards baptism so I just hope the area doesn't close down before then.

Anyways, I love the city regardless of how slow progressing our investigators are. Being gone for six weeks has helped me remember how rewarding the work in the city is. In the suburbs you have a whole ward to yourself and all the members focus on you; your work is practically done for you. But being back in the city with more then one set of missionaries per ward give you more of a chance to see what you really can do. (Editor's Note: Elder Fields refers to the missionaries who teach those who do not speak English; they share wards. I think.) In the Beverly ward, most members lived in Evergreen Parks Area. In Cicero, a lot lived in the soldier fields area, and here most of the members live in Cottage Groves area. When you can get the help of any members in the work, even when their not in your area, it's that much better. Also, in the city when you work on your own you've got something to work with; media referrals for example, in the suburbs, without the help of members, you basically have nothing going for you. I hope this area doesn't close down too soon, because I'd like to see what good I can do here.

Sorry for the lack of news, I hope more happens this week.


Elder Fields

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