Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I really wish I had something to say. I don't. Class work is taking up way too much time. Although... I did punch my Calculus test in the face though. So I can tell that tale I suppose.

The Challenger was tired, for the past weeks the champion had been mocking him. The Champion laughed at the challengers face and boldly pronounced that the Challenger was not worth the fight, that it was not a fight. That the Challenger would be taken downed in the first round. But the Champion was wrong.

The Champion was unaware that the Challenger was studying up on the forms, how to get between the curves and calculate the volume between them, to know the force of impact his punches would land. The Champion was unaware that the Challenger was not wallowing in pity, but was encouraged by friends, and a super foxy friend. The Champion regarded her not, thought her just a faceless fan. He knew not the strength of friendship and luck she bestowed upon the Challenger.

The Champion had faced the challenger and knew of previous defeats, using his special sine and cosine 1-2 punch to knock out the Challenger.

But this time, this time was different. This time, the Challenger came prepared.

As the Challenger entered the ring, his super foxy friend blew him a kiss and cheered him on with the enthusiasm of 12 super bowl games combined. The momentum of the cheers caught the Champion temporarily off guard and allowed the Challenger to enter in and start throwing punches, using derivative force to counter the Champion's and raging like a wild animal. The Champion was off surprised and being beaten. The Champion tried to his his integral evade maneuvers or derivative counters.

The Champion grew desperate and launched a series of punches he knew the Challenger had lost to before, flowing with the curves of a sine or cosine integral function, but though the Champion managed to strike the Challenger, his blows were not as powerful as expected. The Challenger managed to divert enough of the energy to still stand. A little bruised, but still standing. Smiling.

The Challenger on the other hand had a black eye, blood on his face and a possibly broken nose. As they went to lunge for each other again, the bell rang. The match was up.

Although the official score was not yet at the ready, it looked like the Challenger was clearly the victor.

And so the Challenger strode to his super foxy friend and together they strode out of the auditorium to await the results of the match.

In other words, I think I did well on the Calc test, but I do not have my test scores yet.


cspokey said...

Good job on that test.

I saw you today. Waved at you even! And you didn't say hi. Did you not see me?

Alexandria said...

Um, I hate to say 'I told you so' but, I told you that you would pwn! that stupid test!

Good thing you have your own personal foxy cheerleader!

Lauren said...

Yay for punching your test in the face!

School and work is also taking up way too much of my time, it is lame.