Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Template

So a quick explanation for you all, I support the Green Revolution. I want help out the Iranians who do not have a voice, whose votes where not counted, who are protesting the votes, who are starting to overthrow their dictatorship.

So I changed my blog layout to signal my support. Sorry if it annoys you.

And if anyone knows of any way to help out more, such as setting up remote servers for Iranians or something like that, let me know. I want to help.


Alexandria said...

Why would it annoy people?
You know what I think about it already!

I love how passionate you are about this. I really do.

The Boob Nazi said...

Here I thought "going green" meant the whole environment thing.

Ash Att said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog! :) hope to see more comments in the future. you have an awesome blog! see ya around tweet friend :)

Katie said...

I'm with the Boob Nazi. haha. I like your new layout though. Very. Green.