Friday, January 22, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I'd like to thank the academy for being nominated to win the following two awards; the Kreative and Beautiful blogger awards. Without them, none of this would have been possible. This is such a grand and marvelous day, And I am not so sure of what can be said. I have waited so long to receive these...

Ok, maybe not so much drama, and it was not the Academy who bestowed these awards upon me, but the ever funny Christina. Unless a person can qualify as an academy. Actually, I think she qualifies as a founder for the Academy of Awesomeness. So Headmistress Christina, open your halls of learning and let the awesomeness flow! (That's what she said too)

So, there are some rules or guidelines to receiving these awards, because that is how they roll:

So like all meme/award things, they have some rules or guidelines:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award Check
2. Paste the award on your blog Check
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award Check
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated

So I'll post 14 interesting things about myself since I suppose I won two awards:

1. I fence. Started in 2005, and I've kept it up on and off. I took classes in 2005 at BYU Idaho and I've been participating in classes down at BYU. I also took a class in Orem, but as it is a professional place, I don't have $65 to spend for two months of training or so. Now I have my open French Grip Foil. Huzzah!

2. Top hats.

They are awesome. I usually wear them at fancy gatherings or parties. Something where I can be dressed formally and socially at the same time. I just feel awesome in them. So usually I like to wear a top hat (cause I have two now) at semi-casual dances or higher formal like. Honestly, I think I just need to wear them more often.

3. Although this did not result from an accident, I cannot turn my right hand palm up. It is something that runs in the family; my dad cannot turn his left hand palm up.

4. Mexico City. I served there from 2005 to 2007. It was awesome. One of my favorite sites was seeing the Iztaccíhuatl every morning as I left my apartment near Chalco. It is a splendid mountain and one that draws me in. There is even a Mayan Legend about the mountain and the nearby volcano, the Iztaccíhuatl, for those who want to read about it.

5. Throughout High school, I was nicknamed Timeking, Fathertime or other such timely appellations. I was called this because I set my watch to the bell every morning and when I started cleaning my stuff up, it signaled to the others in my classes that the bell was to ring soon. And so they ended up asking me how much time was left until the bell rang, and I gave them the time down to the seconds. Now... well it is not really a skill needed in College.

6. As such, I have always worn a watch on my right hand. Even though I am right handed. Yeah, it is weird.

7. I love snow when it falls and I hope to resurrect a certain semi-cultural Snowman.
Basically taking this guy to become this fellow. It would be awesome.

8. Although I am a bit rusty at it, I do like to dance. I have taken a couple of ballroom dance classes and I also like to dance to the Salsa.

9. My laugh. Once I get started, I cannot stop. Depending on the people egging me, I can go for minutes at time, just busting a gut. Doing so gave me asthma a year and a half years ago.

10. I once made a list of the reasons why I thought people would not want to go out with me. I still think it is hilarious.

11. I am a bit of gamer. Both in video games and in board and card games. My computer games are up at my parents place so I do not procrastinate my time with them, but I still have Starcraft with me. My favorite board type game is Settlers of Katan.

12. I can make a whistling sound with my hands. By cupping them together and blowing into them, it oftentimes sounds like a bird call.

13. An interesting pet peeve is perhaps the attitude of the BYU/Happy Valley bubble. Although people can be stuck in their own little world, especially since Provo is a college town and most people are taking classes. My point is that I tire of hearing of the bubble as if things are lame here and that people are judgmental. Does it exist in people? Yes, and there are probably places that are better about it. But just as well, there are many places that are just as bad. So it is just the attitude that I don't get or like. If you do not like how things are, change them. Whether it is how BYU students act or people in general, or whatever. Try and change it. You are free to complain a bit, but the "bubble" isn't a Utah Valley problem only.

14. I like to watch hockey. I have a good friend, Alan who is in a local league and secondary string goalee. I like going to his games and shouting myself hoarse at them. It is quite fun.

And so without further ado, *drumroll* I nominate the follow spectacular people for an award: The ever awesome and ever funny, lovely Alexandria. A fellow BYU blog writer and good friend, Katie. Rachel, who is a truly awesome girl, a one of a kind friend and awesome photographer. She is the one who was gracious enough to take the pictures of me in fencing gear and sported in a top hat. The Green Giant. He is truly a man that towers over men, literally. He is awesome and needs to blog more. Amanda, cause she is awesome, a woman that proclaims the truth and someone I hope to get to know. I also nominate Jake and Calvin, cause they make me laugh. A final nomination goes to Nicki, who is awesome to talk to and is not worried about pursuing her dreams and striving to be happy. I wish her luck in everything.

I think that adds up to 7 people. Have a fun Friday night all!


Christina said...

The Academy of Awesomeness. Love it. Headmistress Christina thanks you for that gracious acceptance.

First of all, what occasion doesn't call for a top hat?

Thats really weird about your right hand. You need to make a vlog about it imo. Demonstrating the fail that is your right hand.

Dying of laughter might just be the way to go, imo. Can't really get better than that.

Christina said...

PS, that pink award looks really fetching on your page.

Alexandria said...

I cannot wait until you show me your blade. Epic lunging lessions shall occur. No doubt.

I agree with Headmistress Christina. The hand fail needs to be vlogged.

The story about the mountain is legit. I recall that from one of our convos.

Um. Your watch on your right wrist when you are right handed is making my OCD freak out. Just so you know. This will bother me.

Thanks for the award! Even if it was only because I was whining! :-)

Katie said...

What! I'm so honored. That made my day :) Thank you!

Katie said...

Btw, I agree with the Bubble thing. That drives me crazy

(and exactly what ward did you nominate me for?)

The Boob Nazi said...

Do you live in Carriage Cove? And does that make me crazy for thinking I'm recognizing CC?

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Katie: Let's say the Kreative award. Or both. Your choice/

TBN: It is Carriage Cove, but I do not live there, my friend Rachel did.