Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal Weddings

Society confuses me. All this excitement over Prince Williams' wedding is one of those things that confuses me.

I mean, I get why Britain is all excited about the royal wedding; it is inherent in their culture. They have always had kings, they have always had royalty. Even if their royalty are figure-heads, they are an important part of their culture and history. And so the British citizen will be happy for Prince Williams, and will be super excited.

What I don't get is, why are Americans excited about this wedding? Most Americans don't follow them, most Americans probably don't know Prince Williams tried serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, and had to stop because his cover was blown and his unit would be a juicy target if he didn't leave.

Apart from him serving in the armed forces; why should I care about his wedding? Or Jessica Simpson's, or any other celebrity? I don't know them, they don't know me. And honestly, it is probably a pain to air all the wedding details for everyone to know.

What I am saying, and to be rude, but their plans are none of my business. Cool, they're getting married. Huzzah. But beyond that, why on earth should I care?

Or for pop star celebrities like Jessica Simpson, why does her wedding matter to anyone? Yes, people like her as an actress and will be excited to hear that she is married... But a lot of people seem to be obsessed with it. And I just don't get it.

Why do we need to know what ring they got, how they were proposed to, and whatever else information? It doesn't matter. Truly, it doesn't.

And so I am here ranting, because people seem to be more excited than they should be.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

While Procrastinating...

Just a little something I wrote while procrastinating...

Over the mountains, the sun peaked over.
Little by little at first until all was touched by the light.
Shadows of a previous season shed
Warmth not felt in many a moon spread.

Sure, a downpour here or there.
Some overcast skies from time to time.
But promises of sun, as this new season had promise.
And the people rejoiced at the forecast
Of sun most days, of no darkened skies, no torrential rains.
But of perfect 70 degree weather.

But forecasts change.
A tumbling, whether from volcano, earthquake or meteor, it doesn't matter.
All that does matter is the sun,
Where people hope against hope they can feel its rays
despite the haze and dirt filled skies.

Days pass, and only a glimmer of sun can be felt.
The feel it is only within their grasp, but they appear to hope in vain.
Despite promises to the contrary, the skies refuse to clear,
The sun appearing distant, almost tauntingly...

Who knows how long before shadows consume the land,
Who knows before the haze completely blocks the sun?
And an age of ice and darkness fill the land.

That is what the people see, what logic tells them.
They prepare for the winter, while hope for the sun fades.
They bunker down, and wait for the sun to be lost completely.

Time will pass, this they know
where eventually another season of sun break through.
They know things will be fine in the long run, years down the future.
But they don't see that.

They only see the chill as the flowers stop to bloom.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I would like to compare some aspects of life to life on the high seas as a pirate.

Take the pirate captain, while he controls the helm, steers the ship and in general leads or guides the ship; he has to worry about the welfare of the crew. He has to know when they're worried, scared, upset, and happy. If he ignores them, they mutiny. He knows this. And thus he works with the crew, allays and soothes their fears. He does not express to his crew his worries, how he feels, cause his feelings would then ripple and spiral out of control with the crew. Despite how he may feel, he has to appear confident, he has to do what he can to appear without fear, or at least brave enough to conquer those fears. He has to do so in order to have the best unity and functionality of the ship. So they can pillage all sorts of booty. And the crew? They don't necessarily want to know what is going through the mind of the captain or how he feels. Sure, they say they want to know, but their mood, thoughts, and feelings come before his. Such is the way of life aboard a pirate ship.

And, in many instances, such is life.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night Rant

I am sure everyone has watched the news, I am sure everyone sees what is going on. And honestly, I am sick of the story that is being spun, cause nothing is how it is being portrayed.

The straight fact of the matter is that many journalists, and the Republican party treat this as a referendum against Obama, against his administration and his policies. But franky, I doubt it is him that they are frustrated about. I mean joblessness is high, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, the value of the dollar is falling... And instead of saying that people are frustrated with what is happening, or not happening as the case may be, Republicans are controlling the message and saying Obama and the Democrats are to blame. People like Sarah Palin; who haven't done well in office, who lie, who avoid the press and won't allow themselves to be subjected to scrutiny are taking over the media, taking over the mesage. On CNN it is a little better than Fox, but the Republicans are controlling the message by downplaying how bad things were in 2008, and being the party that has been sore about losing power for the past two years. Because honestly, that is true. They have opposed almost every major piece of legislation, any passing of it nearly impossible, or very hard to pass. Yes, there are some bad things in the legislation, like the mandate that requires everyone to purchase insurance; but there are also some good things too such as pre-existing conditions being done away with. Or will be when the full legislation goes into affect. Nor are Democrats innocent either; I'm sure more could have been done to be bi-partisan and there may have been some attempts. But that's not the point. The point that is being made on the news isn't that Congress will be partisan, it's the Republicans essentially gloating that they won, that this is referendum against Obama and that it is essentially their way or the highway. Yes, having a balanced Congress is good, I am not complaining about that; but the attitude I see particularly of the Republican party; where they have been anti-Democrat, anti-Obama since day one and nothing that I see being said about that indicates any sort of change.

And the ironic thing, I am watching CNN, watching John Boehner talk and I find it funny that he is saying that change will come to Washington, that things will be reformed. Cause that is what Obama said when he was running for president. Also the other sneaky thing he said, he said that the President sets the agenda of the government. Meaning that Republicans are not taking responsibility if things don't improve the next two years, and will point fingers to Obama. Politics as normal.

What is frustrating is the USA chants, making the other side, the Democrats, out to be the enemy. What is frustrating is that this is just politics, horrible politics, as usual. I listen to what is said and the Republicans are being cocky, saying they are ready to lead, saying that this election is a message to Obama to change course. It is politics, pure and simple, entertainment. All show.All about power. And it is both parties. Yes, there are candidates out there on both sides who genuinely want what is best for their voters; but in some Democrats, and a great majority of republicans, I don't see that. I see neither side willing to admit that they made a mistake, neither side say that they erred. Apparently we the people, or the news networks, don't allow for our congressmen to be wrong, and voting and blindly following your party and defending it with the utmost loyalty is the most common thing I see in politics and the stupidest.

But to get back to the point, about the message tonight, because honestly, if the Republican party wanted to lead, they would have done so. They would have worked more with the Democrats during the past two years, they would not have been the party of no, or been upset about losing power, or making this about a vote against Obama; they would have worked more with the Democrats, would have realized how America voted and worked with what they had. And it goes for both parties to a certain extent, but honestly; watching the polls, watching what is said depresses me. Cause it doesn't seem like things will change. Yes, things will have to be more partisan because of the change in power, but honestly, all I see tonight is more of what is said by every politician, the same thing. No real change. Just a game of musical chairs with the same idiots running around in circles.

And so here I am, watching the polls, watching news coverage, and just being depressed that even though congress has changed; it really hasn't.