Sunday, November 14, 2010

While Procrastinating...

Just a little something I wrote while procrastinating...

Over the mountains, the sun peaked over.
Little by little at first until all was touched by the light.
Shadows of a previous season shed
Warmth not felt in many a moon spread.

Sure, a downpour here or there.
Some overcast skies from time to time.
But promises of sun, as this new season had promise.
And the people rejoiced at the forecast
Of sun most days, of no darkened skies, no torrential rains.
But of perfect 70 degree weather.

But forecasts change.
A tumbling, whether from volcano, earthquake or meteor, it doesn't matter.
All that does matter is the sun,
Where people hope against hope they can feel its rays
despite the haze and dirt filled skies.

Days pass, and only a glimmer of sun can be felt.
The feel it is only within their grasp, but they appear to hope in vain.
Despite promises to the contrary, the skies refuse to clear,
The sun appearing distant, almost tauntingly...

Who knows how long before shadows consume the land,
Who knows before the haze completely blocks the sun?
And an age of ice and darkness fill the land.

That is what the people see, what logic tells them.
They prepare for the winter, while hope for the sun fades.
They bunker down, and wait for the sun to be lost completely.

Time will pass, this they know
where eventually another season of sun break through.
They know things will be fine in the long run, years down the future.
But they don't see that.

They only see the chill as the flowers stop to bloom.

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Araignée said...

Hurray for winter!

Good one.