Saturday, March 6, 2010

In 'N Out

To any and all Californians who love In 'N Out, I mean no offense, but I think you all are crazy.

I decided to go today and grab a burger, see for myself how the food tasted. I never went before because whenever I passed by an In 'N Out and was hungry enough to consider grabbing a burger, there has been a 20+ car line. Honestly, I am not waiting that long for a burger.

As I was saying, I went, I bought the Double Double with fries and a coke and drove home to eat it. Honestly... it was not that spectacular. It tastes just as good as a burger from McDonald's or Wendys or some other burger joint. Same buns, same thin meat patties. Greasier though. Way greasier. The fries also are not that great either. They tasted a bit stale or something. I've had way better at other places.

So honestly, it is just a fast food joint that is kept alive by hype. Californians adore it and have spread the word and got it to be popular. Maybe it is good in California, or maybe Governor Schwarzenegger spiked the the state's water mains and they all lost their sense of taste, who knows. I just know that the hype makes the food their to be something it is not.

But honestly, I will not being going back anytime soon. I don't buy into the hype and don't see why everyone thinks it is so good. I also expect my Californian readers to form a mob to lynch me too.

So yeah. Another thing though; at least McDonald's has the McFlurry. Those taste good. So I guess McDonald's beats In-N-Out.

Now I really expect to be lynched. I must go hide.


Alexandria said...

Okay McDonald's is gross too. So whatever.

But this Californian doesn't get the In-N-Out hype (twss) it is just another burger joint.

Which is why I told you not to waste your money...however, you chose to not listen to me. Haha!

Katie said...

In and Out = Blahhhhhhhhhhh. You should read my review on it. I thought it was nast.

BUT five guys is where it's at. If you haven't had that, I def recommend it. Because they are the best burgers I've ever had!

Shelby Lou said...

Five Guys and Smash Burger are the BEST. yummm oh and the burgers at the sizzler in logan made by chewy, the chef.. are BOMB DOT COM. I got one everyday I worked. LICIOUS

colleenroselle said...

ohhhhhhhhh noooo you didn't. In-N-Out is my FAVORITE. one time I ate it for all three meals in one day.

Karina said...

In-N-Out uses special sauce on their burgers. I think that's what sets them apart from those other places and why Californians like em better. :)

Vanessa said...

I've never had In n Out burgers (I'm an easter coaster) but my fav by far is Five Guys! Mmm Mmm Mmmmm!

Grace said...

Yucky! I went to In n Out like two months ago also for the same reason that many say it's the best place to eat in California or something (I live in Utah), and well I was so disappointed.
First of all, their menu? What! Only 3 kinds of burgers! Second, I agree the burgers tasted like any other burger. Third, the fries were cold and not so great.
I'm never going back again.