Monday, August 23, 2010

Not a Mockingjay Spoiler

The first chapter of Mockingjay is up on Youtube, being read by the author Suzanne Collins.

Have you watched it yet? Good.

Now to make some adjustments from what I said here. It sounds as if I am right; Katniss does not want much to do with the rebellion, or is not working with them willingly. She is not sure of her loyalties.

Peeta. "He is thought to be dead. Most likely he is dead..." I don't think Peeta is dead though. I think it is a perfect opportunity to deal with the theme of the book; the capitol and mockingjays.

For example, The Hunger Games were all about the Hunger Games, obviously. But it was more than just the games. It was the why of the games. It was the loyal districts against the rebellious districts. It was of the manipulation of the Capitol and everything it had done for 74 years since the rebellion had been put down.

Catching Fire; the catching fire of the rebellion. The catching fire of discontent, of literally the plans of the capitol going up in smoke, like Katniss's dress and when the force field of the arena went down.

So what do we know of Mockingjays? That they are the unintended consequence of a capitol project; the jabberjays. The Jabberjays were not intended to have mated. They did. They represent frustration in the capitol's plans. So, what would the perfect Mockingjay be? Peeta. My bet is that the capitol will transform Peeta into a Mutt-like creature. Not a total mutt like what we read about in the Hunger Games, but at least an altered Peeta, stronger, faster, ruthless. But with his own intelligence to try and get Katniss vulnerable so the government can get her, humiliate her, and kill her.

Because it is not enough for the Capitol to kill Katniss, she'd simply be a martyr then. They need her alive, alive and responding to pressure to repudiate the rebellion and cause it to shatter.

So who will Katniss end up with? Before I said Katniss would most likely die. Now, with knowledge of the first chapter; it makes Gale more of a possibility. Because Gale is going to know how hurt Katniss will be and will try and make end roads to court Katniss.

As for the possibility of Peeta, it depends on how much humanity is left in him. I personally find him breaking of the shackles the Capitol places on him, causing them to collapse, and finding Katniss. She will be touched by his sacrificed and may decide to be with him.

But there are several factors that go into that, so we will have to see how things turn out.

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