Monday, September 13, 2010

Russian Roulette

The ball bounces, the table top spins. Bouncing and bouncing, all waiting to see the results of the gamble. All wondering what will be. Will much be lost or much gained? Here a little, there a little? Will the two players come out equally?

The game has gone on for hours. The die is cast, the goal set. 50/50 winnings are the goal. The stopping point. All watching expect to see. See the losses turn to winnings. Only one player knows differently. Knows what to expect. One player doesn't hope for such odds. Player 1 knows how player 2 plays, seen how player 2 isn't eager to give up so much, even for at least an equal if not greater return in the end.

And so Player 1 settles in, watches the ball bounce, and predicting without a word the outcome. Knowing the mutual goal not feasible, he sighs, and prepares to lose more, prepares to give it all. A near 100% gain for player 2. And so player 1 throws the chips in. Throws them in for player 2's benefit. Caring, and not wanting to see player 2 give up so much with so much effort, player 1 prepares to give it all for Player 2's happiness. Preparing, win or lose, to give it all up.

And cannot help but wonder if there will be any winnings for his great gamble.

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