Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weird Dreams

There was some type of press conference going on. It must have been in Utah, or rather in Povo because I saw many people in my ward there. Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, Steve Jobs and some other politician. There was some talk going on about the Ipad or the the Ipod and connecting it to National Security and Foreign policy. Do not ask me how, but that was what was being discussed. Friends were joking around, not really listening, but I was listening and thinking of some question to raise about the Ipad, but I could not think of an intelligent reason for some reason.

The press conference ended, and my friends are gone. I leave to my car and drive to where I grew up in Kearns, and I see Hilary Clinton yet. I decide to ask her something, I asked her about Iran and Israel. I asked Clinton that if Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities and Iran declares war on Israel, if we would go to war with Israel. Hilary Clinton said yes. I replied that was dumb.

And then the dream ended.

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Alexandria said...

This dream rules. No freaking lie.