Friday, February 26, 2010

Elections of the Student Kind

I will probably sound anti-school spirit on this post, but frankly, it is student election time. A time where students can vote for who will plan out next years' dances and social activities. And pretend that it isn't a popularity contest or has zero impact outside of school.

But let's take a look at the candidates. We have Andrew and Deidre, Chris and Sterling, and Kristina and Dan.

Andrew and Diedre:
1. Intramural finals in the Marriott Center
2. Fundraiser for world-hunger
3. Improve internet on campus
4. submit a proposal to improve BYU's rank
5. Reach out to Provo City to build a relationship

Chris And Sterling:
1. Uphold an Open Door Policy
• Expand BYU/SA Human Resources to allow students the opportunity to serve in other organizations on campus besides BYU/SA.
2. Connect School and BYUSA Calendar
3. Reinstate Honor Week
4. Collaborate to Improve Campus Map
5. Enhance Provo Connection...

Kristina and Dan:
1. Free health programs on campus and an online sign-up sheet for these programs
2. Improvement of the website to help students find the right groups for themselves.
3. True blue Tuesdays where everyone is encouraged to wear blue to promote unity and a sense of belonging among all students

Let's look at #5 of the first two; working with city government. This is an empty promise that they cannot do, because school administration won't let them work with city officials. Some students had to create a group that had nothing to do with BYU to work with city officials. So right there is a strike.

For Andrew and Deidre, my question is what is stopping intramural finals from being held in the Marriott? Do they just mean basketball? Why have it be in the Marriott Center and cause the school to lose more money than having intramural finals in the RB sports building?

Submitting a proposal to get BYU's academic rank improved is a good idea. But that is the only thing BYU/SA can do about it. The Administration can doubtfully improve the ranking except by hiring better professors and improving the learning material. So this does not fly for me as a reason to vote for A&D.

Improving campus internet is another issue apparently. Unless maybe students are in some basement, I have not had problems with getting internet on my laptop. It works well inside buildings as well as out. And is not a cost that BYU/SA would cover either. They can only suggest where better can be. Why vote for them for that?

But the fundraiser idea is a good idea and one they can carry out. So 1 out of 5 proposals are things that they can do.

For Christ and Sterling; I automatically don't want to vote for them because I believe Sterling represented Cindy Richards in the election debate last October and he came off wrong.

As for their proposals, #2 and #3 are things they can actually do and are good ideas. #4 they cannot do because they are not in charge of it. Their first proposal sounds unnecessary. More hours in the BYU/SA office is well and dandy, since I doubt they are being paid, but beyond that, it just sounds like a recruiting ploy to me.

And then you have Kristina and Dan. They obviously know their purview of what they can and cannot do. It is like a refreshing bit of honesty. All three things they can do, as it all falls under their purview. They know they do service stuff, they know they are over the activities and clubs. They know what is what.

I thought of bashing their policies, but considering that is what they can do and they are honest about it, if I do vote, I will vote for them. Although their #3 about a sense of belonging by just wearing blue? Weird, but fine, whatever. They are the school cheerleaders trying to get people to have school spirit and have fun at college. It is what they do.

But that is if I do vote, cause honestly? It does not matter or affect me all that much. I like the club suggestion by Kristina and Dan the most, but beyond that, nothing strikes me as life changing by voting for them.

Except their record will look nice with that title.

And that is my rant on school elections. Sorry to burden you all with that.

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Lauren said...

The only reason I voted in school elections during college was to get a free t-shirt...