Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missionary Wednesday

The latest letter from my brother, Elder Fields:

Hey Viewers,
I thought I would let you know that last Thursday was transfers, and I found myself doing something this time that I complained about a year ago. Since my year mark I've found myself getting more attached to the departing missionaries, and now like everyone else on transfer day, I find myself just chatting it up and talking for hours to all the friends I've made out here rather then simply going to the meeting and going home. A year ago I complained that doing this was a distraction and we could easily be spending that time in forwarding the work rather than in useless chatter. Now that I find myself doing it, I have a greater understanding for why my fellow servants of the Lord do it. These are true lifelong friends we're talking to and it may be a long time before we're able to talk or be with them again. Suddenly it all makes sense to me. It's not just useless talk.

At transfers I said goodbyes to Elder Th., Sisters P. and C. and all the rest and made sure to get their info so iI could stay in contact. I can hardly believe that it's already been almost 18 months and two of the sisters I flew out with have just gone home; the last one leaves in 5 more weeks. I almost feel old, but compared to where the rest of the mission is, I'm still somewhat young. Looking at where the mission is right now, more elders are leaving between now and June than have come out since I've been in the mission!
After transfers I got to know my new companion Elder S. He's been out 17 months (same as me), 4th born in his family, yet another white boy from Utah, that makes over half. Sadly it looks like I'll have to give up on my dream of an either being paired with a non white or non American companion. Wll with the exception of Elder B., have been white boys from the west, and he's a white boy from the South. Back to Elder S., he has about 8 baptisms and doesn't have a girlfriend.
I was very nervous about this transfer; I didn't know about Elder S., but when he got here he took charge and hit the ground running. I wasn't sure if he would pull his weight, but he's done more than his fair share. The only problem I now have with Shaw is his attitude. He wasn't happy at all to come to South Shore and after only one day he took on the attitude that Elders Ch. and M. had about their areas; Elder S., like them, wants nothing more than to get transferred out! He doesn't even care that it would be three straight one-transfer areas for him. He told me he will work his butt off for the next six weeks and do the work, but it's his goal to see that President R. closes this area down. We looked at where the mission is right now and it is ridiculous. At the end of this transfer 8 elders are leaving and not a single one is coming in to take their place. That means that they will have to close four areas. Our area will most likely take the path of Woodridge 2; it wasn't doing well when I got there but then at the end of that 6 weeks we got a baptism and had the area fired up, but then they closed it anyways. I predict the same thing will happen right here. Just when the area gets fired up, they shut it down. Only time will tell what really happens.

Other than us working as hard as we can to get something done here, nothing else
much happened this week. We're both very exited because tomorrow is the Mission conference with Elder Perry! how often do you get to meet with an apostle? especially as a missionary?!!

That's all folks

Sincerely, Elder Fields.

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