Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Religion Profesor,

You have all probably heard this, and he has too, probably. In fact I should have switched out of the class as soon as I read the syllabus.

But needless to say, my dear religion professor, you are a bit demanding of your classes. I understand there needs to be some academic focus, but since I have roughly written a paper a week in your class, I think I am entirely justified. It is a two credit class, for crying out loud.

Am I slightly procrastinating my paper now? Yes. But that does not matter. I understand researching and knowing what all has been said in commentary is all well and good, but cmon.

I see your point to see what what non-lds commentators have said, but really, a paper a week? And not just three paragraphs or so, but a well researched paper documenting all I can find on a verse of scripture. This, my man, is lunacy. I do not have this type of time. Not when I have have two tests this week and a major lab assignment due.

And my dear religion professor, yours is a general ed, two credit class. I should have to put in a couple of hours a week reading the scriptures you want me to read. Not worrying and writing a single spaced two page paper. We both know I am going to bs it anyway.

So why give it to us? Really? Do you really want to grade that much paper? I honestly have more important classwork to work on. You know, stuff that is pertinent to my major?

I appreciate all you teach professor, but this is slightly ridiculous.


And yeah, I am off to get back to my paper. :(

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TechieGirl said...

This is the main reason that I refused to even apply to BYU, let alone attend.