Friday, February 12, 2010

The 11th

Yesterday, February 11th was the 31st anniversary of the Shah in Iran being deposed and the current Iranian government being formed. Celebrations were planned, and protests by the opposition were planned.

While I wished I could retweet many of the events on Twitter, or help out in some other ways, I was at school. In class, working on assignments, studying/working on a test. But while I was learning, there were people protesting for their freedom. People who's rights to gather peaceably were threatened, being thrown in prison or losing their lives for that freedom. People not afraid to go against the government, to suffer bruises, to protest an election and a dictatorship. All while I was sitting in class, working on a trivial java program.

And so while it is a day late, I thought I would share some of the tweets and other information with you all.

Mosahebe Ba Shahin Najafi - Interview with Shahin Najafi

Rights groups say 1000s arrested in #Iran. Relatives speaking to CNN are worried...

Some youtube accounts suspended by the government marking them as spam...

RT @LaylaMca They can't arrest everybody! #22bahman will show them millions are willing to fight them to the very end-azadi!

Plain clothes attacking &beating people on the north Kargar #iranelection #22Bahman

Iranians arrested in advance of the protests.

RT @Sannri RT @jhod RT @J1T2 Anxiety is very clear in the face of Basiji and Special forces #iranelection #22bahman

RT @iraneema Huge crowd in Falakeh Sadeghieh, Greens ask people to attend there to protect Karroubi #Iran #iranelection #22Bahman

Tips for Iranian protesters.

RT @JShahryar: Update15: News is slowly trickling out 2day from Iran.Now reports of chanting "We are countless" from Azadi Sq #IranElection

... I do not have time to post all the twitter updates and other news that has trickled out unfortunately. But please pray for the Iranian people as they suffer at the hands of a dictatorship and whose rights are being stifled.