Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Short Missionary Wednesday

From the latest of my brother, Elder Fields.

Dear viewers,
I never thought that I would have a week where absolutely nothing happened but this was that week! Nothing out of the ordinary or even mundane happened. As for the work, there really hasn't been any this week. We’ve had very few appointments and even fewer went through. Things haven't been so good here. Even our star investigator C. hasn't been doing well. She had a bap date for this Saturday but we haven't been able to meet with her all week and it’s really hard to just get a hold of her and talk to her. It doesn't look like that baptism is going to happen any time soon. I’m really stuck right now. All I can do is ask everyone who reads this too fast and pray for C. and the rest of this area. I’m sorry there’s nothing more to say but that's it for this week.

Elder Fields.

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Alexandria said...

Ah man. I am sorry to hear about your brothers star investigator going MIA. Sadness.