Monday, February 1, 2010

Meaning of Names

Apparently there is this facebook meme going around to look up what your name means in Urbandictionary. I at first was skeptical, but then I took a look and realized that it thinks my name is awesome. At least the first entry does.

First name: A name that represents honor, caressing, and love. Also known to be a very romantic person, or very successful person in life.

And for Sam, well I am going to skip the first entry and post the others:

Sexy Attractive Male, Sam is a very common name. it is usually given to people who are very cool indeed. people by the name Sam are the greatest.

So what are yours?


Alexandria said...

"a beautiful person; that of which is consumed in greatness; usually has nice hair; loves attention; chooses hardcore over normality; friendly yet bitchy; easy to get along with; creative; the leader of the pack; not easily put down; determined; a non hate-ful person; not easily jealous; content with the matter of life; loves realtionships; not as friendly with the same gender as opposed to the male species;smart; daring; and fearful of nothing."

Yep...minus the no jealousy and loves relationships is legit.

Seneca said...

Cool! Umm.... my name's meaning according to urbandictionary isn't appropriate. I was ticked at whoever submitted that. However I know that my name means 'rock of strength' and I love that. :D