Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strike Two

Strikes abound, but is this bowling, or is this baseball?
A strike before and a strike again.
Striking at the little things that matter.

Hoping not baseball, knowing it's not bowling.
Still, strikes have been called,
Perhaps only the batter knows the score

The score of life, seeing two strikes, focusing on that
Focusing on swings missed and not seeing the ball out of the park
Rounding the bases, thoughts not on victory

Thoughts on the strikes, not on the laps
Not on the score that shows the overpowering odds

Just on the strikes. Not concurrent, separated.
But in his mind, he wonders what the third strike will mean.

Not a strikeout, this known to all but him,
But he is blind to all but the missed swings
as his performance throughout the innings slide.

1 comment:

Alexandria said...

Your vague-ness (is that a word?) drives me crazy. Just fyi.