Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Declares She is the Prophet Tiresias!

Late Tuesday evening Governor Drop-out Sarah Palin declared her ability to see the future like the blind prophet of Greek Mythology; Tiresias. By declaring that she can see November, she declares that she is more than the mortal coil that we peonic humans see her as; she is able to glance upon the 4th dimension and relate what she sees.

Notwithstanding the criticism of of such claims, one only need look around to see that Sarah Palin is indeed the Prophet Tiresias, for while able to see future events, she is blind to that which is around her. One only needs to look at the book that is written by her, and the writings upon her hand to tell that Sarah-Tiresias Palin cannot see reality for what it really is.

Nor should Democrats fear the power of her prophesy. After all, just look at the tragedy of Oedipus and Antigone to know that by listening to such words results in incest, eye gouging and other depravities.

So rest assured Americans, despite Palin's claim to see into the 4th dimension, it won't land her the White House. Just a seat on Jerry Springer.

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