Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A hilarious response.

It has become apparent that some people, for whatever crazy reason, think that this blog is awesome. I am not sure what possessed to think that, but they have every right to think so.

And then there are those who see me for who I truly am, a crazy guy who talks crazy nonsense just for the attention and impressing cute girls with my wit. Even as I had gone through some effort to prove the silliness of twilight, this enlightened person constantly proves my silliness and immaturity. It is to this person, SWKT Parachuter, who I bow to, for there are only a handful of people that have made me laugh like he did today. Some may think of this person as mean spirited, but SWKT is only a purveyor of truth.

This is what he posted today on a message that gave me cause to laugh so much.

Dear Anti-Smart,
I enjoy reading your blog too!!!! It means I get to think about how AWESOME you are even if you haven't commented on here lately. And plus, I don't leave mean comments on your actual blog, so I get to think about how awesome I am for restraining myself!!!! Talk about a win-win!!!!!

SWKT Parachuter

1 comment:

Giovanni Schwartz said...

I still think it's not the real Swicket.