Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Having asthma sucks

It was the dead of night, with only the glow of the computer screen, his roommates snoring and the oddly glowing interface of the alarm clock to surround him. He glanced at the clock, and upon seeing the time had slightly advanced past midnight, he decided it was time to retire.

Everything seemed fine to him as he climbed into bed, but as he lay down, he soon felt the attack. It came out of no where, no matter which way he turned, no matter what side he lay on, he felt the attack, the odd sensation of abdominal muscles spasming and the short quick breaths, the heaving.

He leaped out bed, dodging what was probably his backpack and reaching for the one the weapon that, the one defense to save to him... he took a puff of it, and felt a little of the its effects and a minute later another one helped strengthen him further, when he could finally breathe normally again, he climbed into bed, hearing distant screams of promises of revenge as he faded into sleep....

So, all I can say is that this sucks.

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