Sunday, June 8, 2008

It is definitely official

Ok folks, here is what is new, it is a little late but yeah, I definitely have asthma. I made an appointment to see the family doctor on Friday, so I drive up after work to his office in West Jordan to see him. I must say he does have some cute secretaries. But back to point. He gave me this breathing test analyzer thing, so I breathed into it a few times and when the results came in, it did show some asthma in my lungs. So now I have the medicinal inhaler which helps heals me, and has actually helped a lot actually, the Albuterol stuff for emergency attacks, and cough medicine. But all in all, I am doing better. My voice is a little hoarse from coughing and the like, but I am doing well.
As for Saturday, apart from laundry, I didn't do anything productive at all. That needs to stop happening. Bad me!