Sunday, June 15, 2008

That one book, Twilight....

Yeah. I finally read it. After the hype my sister made about it and seeing all Edward rocks discussions or how he is superior to Mr. Darcy in every which way, I finally read it.
Now, before I offend all you Twilight fans, I do have to say that it was an interesting read. I am not sure if I'll ever read it again, but it was interesting. A good tween romance novel. That's all it is.

I mean, come one. The hunter wasn't even all that evil or malevolent. I though I read somewhere that the best villain was one the reader loved to hate. All he did was catch Bella's irresistible smell, and decide to be civil about about hunting her. He's a vampire that kills people regularly to eat, since when should he care if he attacks the father, her friends, her mom? Instead, he uses a small phrase from a video to lure to a dance studio, sparing Bella the pains of losing her mom. Or maybe he is bad at math and doesn't realize that two humans to eat is better than one.

As for me, I am confused at how Bella is in love with him. I know why Edward is, that is obvious. The book makes that clear, due to Bella's smell, he has to exercise self control, and for whatever supernatural reason, he can't read Bella's mind. That gets him interested. Bella shows interest in him, and as he gets to know her, actually know her, he falls in love with her, which is understandable for a 90 year old guy. But Bella? She could have had any guy she wanted really, but because it seems every guy thinks she's hot and she now has all this attention from males, she ends up crushing on the one guy who avoids her. I guess it is the Lois Lane complex, falling in love with the uber-strong guy who saved her life. But going back to the point, as far as the reader knows, she is observant, and for some reason can help looking at the chiseled greek god who somehow saves her life. So she pokes and prods, and gets through some of the mysteriousness that is Edward, and with the help of big clue from the Werewolf indian reservation, finds out that Mr. C here is a vampire. Kudos for not freaking out, I suppose. So what does Mr. Edward have going for him? He is eternally young, is exercising self control to not freak out and eat her, super strong, super fast, can read other people's minds, and has had 90 years to develop such talents at playing the piano superbly. He also is completely unaware of any other girls who stare at his irresistible face. So we have an alternative, 90 year old eternally vampire, with all the maturity to go with it, and some 17 year old girl who wins his attentions. He gets to play 20 questions (or maybe 100) and asks all about her, getting to know her. She uses all her questions to find out about his vampire condition and that he likes to eat cougars over bears. I dunno. It seems like a crush to me. What girl wouldn't crush on a guy that saves her life, has extra-ordinary powers, is perfect at everything, is the ultimate hottie and just so happens to be dedicated to her and her safety?

That and the only character that develops and grows is Edward, with the self control he exhibits throughout the book. I do think that he is to chauvinistic and commanding.

So, needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when I read the book.

Oh, and to solve all debates about Darcy and Edward, this is all I have to say, that if you gave Darcy supernatural vampiric powers too, Edward would be so blown out of the water, it wouldn't even be funny. If Bella did meet the vampire Mr. Darcy (assuming that Darcy eats animals as well) then Edward would lose Bella so fast it would be impossible to get it back.

I can only hope that Hollywood doesn't stick too closely to the book with the film coming out in December (yes, I know, my sister told me) because they might actually improve it. Otherwise I probably won't see it until it hits the dollar theater, Or I grab it for free off the internet, either or.

so let me know if I am to be expecting a mob of unruly females at my doorstep anytime soon please.

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