Thursday, June 19, 2008

My sub conscience doesn't think I'm funny.

Well where to begin? So much to do and so little to say... or just resisting the urge to speak like Willy Wonka.

Well, my sub-conscience was berating in the night in the form of imagined comments from some girls in my ward who decided to agree with SWKT and say that I am not really all that funny. I think maybe it has to do with being put on a pillar of hilarity in the eyes of Giovanni, or maybe the desire for honesty in that I am not all that funny seeing that Comedy Central nor the Laugh out Loud or the other BYU comedy place has recruited me. So I guess this is an attempt at humility, honesty, low self esteem (or all of the above?) to say that I am honored if I have made any of you chuckle.

Tooele still fails. It shall always fail. At least until some unlucky soul decides to dive into the granite vault and see if he can find any reason as to why Tooele was named Tooele. No one knows. That and it is still boring. Thus Tooele fails, except to a slightly lesser degree to which I will discuss later on.

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