Friday, December 19, 2008

Missionary Update Friday

Yeah, usually this occurs on Wednesdays, but due to the holiday season Elder Fields and his companion cannot find an open library terminal to send e-mail at, and so he has had to write by hand.

That and due to the Universe hating on my family this week, coupled with the need to brush up on ancient hieroglyphics to just be able to read my brother's writing and type it up, has put this update for today instead of Wednesday. (Basically I am the whims of when my father e-mails Elder Field's letters.)

So here is an excerpt from his latest letter:

On Monday, we finally got back in contact with our only progressing investigator. We taught Marilyn the 2nd discussion. Afterward, she gave us a REFERRAL. Imagine, a referral giving us a referral…. WAHOO!!! At our next appointment we will be teaching both of them together. This last lesson was awesome because it was my first time to teach it.

Tuesday was a good day too. We found more investigators through media referrals than we did when we went tracting. We actually got inside to teach someone!

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