Saturday, December 13, 2008

Operation Christmas Day 6

Tell there is not much to report. No one knows when I will come by, due to my inconsistent schedule, so they're caught off guard.
The one amusing thing is, besides trying to run and not slip on the cold ground, was the girls apartment. Generally the same girl answers the door and she amusingly seems put out by all this. I find it oddly entertaining. Her words today was "Oh No." And then said something like "yeah" to someone else, probably confirming the day's gift.
Well here is the paper I made, not that ingenious, but it was what I could think of.

Yeah, I gave a half carton of eggs (cut in half/6 eggs) unsurprisingly.
Anywhoo, I am all prepared for the next few days, just needing to find something for day 11 and day 12, and then all will be set.

Tomorrow's will definitely fun, it will especially be fun to listen to what they will say. I'll let you all know tomorrow what I am leaving them, for suspense and what-not.

Have an excellent weekend!

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Green Giant said...

wow, never could've thought of this. this is awesome