Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Case of Pedophelia?

First off this is a shout out to the most awesome four year old there is, Bob's sister Siri.

She says the most random things, which sometimes can be worrisome, but at times, like last night, the sheer randomness of her statements make them hilarious. I had passed by to give Bob a late Christmas present, a game that I happened to guess correctly that she wanted, (Guillotine) and we were talking when Siri came in and after a minute said out of the blue, "Speaking of Bras..."

Which of course got me started laughing.

So I decided to post that in facebook as a favorite quote, and a co-worker commented on it, resulting in the title of this entry. I am posting the entire conversation here as to simply state it wouldn't do it justice.

Mariachi_Man: Speaking of bras..
Sam: yes
Mariachi_Man: I try to stay away from that subject
Mariachi_Man: for now!
Sam: Same here
Mariachi_Man: sorry!
Sam: The little girl just randomly said that. Which made me laugh
Mariachi_Man: Where at?
Sam: A friends house
Mariachi_Man: :O
Mariachi_Man: What where you doing?
Mariachi_Man: ok
Mariachi_Man: you don't need to answer
Sam: Just hanging out
Mariachi_Man: sure!
Sam: Like I'd be doing anything else in the presence of a four year old.
Mariachi_Man: I don't know!
Mariachi_Man: and I don't want to know, thanks!
Sam: There's nothing to know as I was just talking with a friend
Mariachi_Man: I'm sorry if you have pedophilia. :|

Which started all sorts of laughter.


Chillygator said...

I got guillotine for Christmas, also. Who doesn't love a good revolutionary card game?

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