Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Because of you

Well the year is ending, and I, for some reason or another, am at work today. So this is out to all of you, who have visited my blog. I've only had this blog for a little over half a year, but I've enjoyed writing and listening to your comments. So here are some stats, from mid July (when I added Analytics) to now.

Top Ten Visiting States:
1. Utah
2. New York
3. California
4. Texas
5. Arizona
6. Ohio
7. Washington
8. Idaho (Technically #8 is listed as "Not Set")
9. Oregon
10. North Carolina

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Day: 3.5

Record of Most Unique Vistors in One Day: 44 (Friday December 19th)

5% of you have visited my blog more than 200 times.

Top Ten Referring Sites:
1. The Board MB
2. Quiet Mischief
3. Facebook
4. So This Is My Life.
5. Some Twilight Forum (The Shame! ;o) )
6. Fred's World
7. Twitter
8. Chilly's World
9. bismark's Blog
10 Terminal Velocity

Top 10 Searches:
1. most heinous crimes
2. "can't turn palm up
3. "the average runner begs when limp"
4. twilight dating
5. "support proposition 8" persuasive essay
6. ask date guy + "too far in advance"
7. every guy has one-book
8. lurpy string bean
9. obama is an alien from another planet
10. vampire mr darcy

Top 10 Pages Visited (Besides the home page obviously)
1. The Twilight Dating Plan
2. Operation Christmas: Day 12
3. The Most Heinous of Crimes
4. Making-Out isn't Funny (Ongoing Conversation, sorta, too!)
5. Who Really Is Barak Obama?
6. What You Want to See.
7. Randomness
8. How BYU Are You?
9. Secret Agencies
10. The Unanswered Question.

Well I guess we all know what this means, people read this for my attempted humor, and not for what happens in my life. I guess it is true, I live to entertain. Anyways, I'll be in the back, nursing my poor ego and developing a second personality to talk to as no one appreciates my life.

Have a happy New Year everybody!

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Rachel Adventure said...

No way! Jeff is this mysterious Sam character who keeps commenting me? What a plesant surprise!