Thursday, July 17, 2008

What you want to see

So I have had this blog for a month or so, thus far I have heard from a select few, and I was wondering what you all wanted to read about. Spiritual stuff, funny antics like Marriage, True Love, as if post, daily thoughts, thoughts on the news, conspiracy theories, weekly diss myself entries, super awkward posts attempting to weird everyone out, book reviews, etc. The sky is the limit. So submit ideas that you would like to read about.

It'll be like voting on Dancing with the Stars or whatever, but not.

Also, being the socially out of it young man, how soon in advance should a guy call some friends up to go hang out or whatever? Input greatly appreciated.


Giovanni Schwartz said...


I enjoy everything, as long as it is brief, not too deep, and not too emo. Or if it is something that is interesting, like the funniest thing that happened to you that day or something.

Yours Truly,
Giovanni Schwartz

I_is_Sam said...

You and your rapier wit.
I did leave it quite open didn't I about the variations of Sam didn't I?

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I think you should just post everything you think of. Blogs are most interesting when they show everything that crosses the owner's mind.

yellow m&m said...

I've liked everything you've written so far. That one about marriage was downright hillarious though. And if you have any ideas about my blog, I'm open to suggestions.

AllofYourBaseAreBelongToUs said...

You should tell us about experiences in your life. Without being to specific. Well I guess be as specific as you want. Stories about people you work with are always great, school, your major. What girls do you like? What are some of your major dating questions? What are you passions in life? Fun weekend things? You get the idea. Let us into the wild and wacky mind of Sam the Nanti-SARRMM. (By the way what the heck is a Nant-SARRMM?)
As for the last questions: How soon in advance should a guy call some friends up to go hang out or whatever? Depends entirely on what kind-of "friends" you are referring to. If it's just buddies, that depends on your friendship but usually right before hand or the day before. If it's a girl it's a whole other can or worms. If they are just friends, like no dating interest, asking the day before if they want to hang out, play games, or watch a movie the next night is usually good. Unless you're on really good terms with them. Then you can just call right before hand and see what they're up to. the other side is say you want to ask a girl on a date on Friday. The ideal date to ask is Tuesday. Wednesday is the latest. too far in advance and they think you are a stalker, if you wait too late they think you are unreliable. I know, girls are complicated.