Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Waterfall

Well I think I had half a mountain on my pants last night.

You see, last night my FHE group went up to Bridal Veil Falls, and half of us hiked up to it. It was cool. It was actually my first time visiting it. I also thought that the restaurant at the top of the mountain was some abandoned Forest Ranger Outlook post with a pulley system to bring up supplies. I was thoroughly corrected by the 100 hour board archives when I looked into earlier today.

Anyways, we're at the top, we take pictures, and then head back down. Only instead of coming exactly the way we came, the person leading decided to take us down another path, one quite slippery that caused most of us to slide on our butts most of the way down, and me being the most graceful of us all (sarcasm alert!!!) I went last with clouds of dust in my wake. Then imagine clouds of dust coming up as I tried to dust off myself. Yeah, it was just barely enough to start to tickle my asthma. Luckily it wasn't set off. Almost though. Hearing one one of the girls talk about past experiences of flirting with guys in other cars and getting them to pull their pants down... well lets just say we were lucky we were stopped at a red light cause that got me laughing hard, and I happened to be driving.

Also, I have realized that having five people in the Tin Can Mobile causes it to groan and make weird noises from the back end. Like a creepy old house.

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