Friday, July 18, 2008

Other weird dreams

I was walking down the street. It was sunny. Typical for Utah. I knew there was a point and time I had to meet up with them to discuss the latest mission, but I had to be casual about it, no mess ups, no one could afford to know who I was working for, who I was meeting. I thought I was safe, I thought I had been careful. I was wrong.

I don't know how they knew, nor how they found me, but turning the suburban corner speeding towards me was a red convertible with three lovely ladies seated inside. As they spoke to me, I knew my cover was blown.
"Hey Nanti! How are you doing" Shouted one of the blond headed girls. The other two giggled at her side as they pulled up beside me.
"Umm.. Fine I guess, how -" but the driver interrupted, asking "Where are they, we know they're here and that you're going to meet them."
I knew I couldn't tell them, not when I was houses away from the safe house. If I told, the consequences would be dire, chaos would ensue, a riot would form as soon as their whereabouts would become public. They had after all worked long and hard maintaining secrecy, hiding their identities and only a select few citizen who the agent picked out himself from the endless applications decided who would get to see his face. There could be no telling what would happen if their identities were made known, so I did the one thing any guy would do when questioned by a hostile female; lie.
"They're just 6 houses to the right of the next street." I tried to say in a hopefully still surprised tone.
The three girls smiled at each other, "This is too easy, like taking candy from a Baby", said the girl in shotgun. With a rev of the engine they sped off, giggling.
I knew I didn't have moments to spare, thankfully the actual house was just two yards away. Running quickly up to the door I knocked twice and the door opened.
"Welcome Agent SARRMM, you're a tad late." Said a man in a blue Sunday shirt, tan pants, glasses and short dark hair.
"Yes Agent Claudio, I ran into some trouble."
"I hope you weren't followed, either way, Agent Foreman will be down in a minute, he had some business to attend to." Barely were those words out of his mouth when three loud knocks came from the front door. Agent Claudio through me a sideways saying "Not followed eh?" while I just sat down, leaning foreward with my face buried in my hands, waiting for the right moment to plug my ears.
The door was not open for more than a second before the three same young ladies burst in, screaming like giddy little girls at a Hannah Montana Concert, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" All talking about how cute Agent Foreman was. Agent Claudio let out a sigh while he looked at his watch.
The next few minutes were uncomfortable, Agent Claudio looked bored, fielding a question every now and then from the incredibly hyper girls who mostly were talking to themselves about like how great the weather was, you know, and like how incredibly lucky they were to finally meet the incredible Foreman, in that obnoxious Preppy high school valley "like hello" accent.
Another minute passed by before Agent Foreman entered the room, causing more squealing and shouting. "You certainly took you're time" Claudio mentioned to Foreman. "I heard we had unexpected guests, and I guess they are after these." Foreman responded, waving some papers in the air that each of the three females watched in wonderlust, following every movement of them.
Turning to the females, Foreman handed each of them one of the sheets of paper and a pen. "Okay Ladies, you probably have heard about these applications before judging by the looks on your faces, so fill them out and hand them back." Turning back towards us he saw the incredulous look on my face and said, "This will only take a few minutes Agent SARRMM, then we can brief you."
The next few minutes passed uneventfully while Foreman chatted with the ladies while they filled out the applications that Foreman had given them, receiving a question or two from Claudio as well, and just generally being charmed over by that famous Agent Foreman charm and wit until at last they had completed the applications and handed them back over to Foreman.
"Thank you ladies, I'll review these and get back with you shortly." He said, winking at them as he took their applications and showed them the door.
As soon as the door was closed, Agent Foreman turned back to me saying "Sorry for the wait Agent SARRMM, this seems to happen every so often. So lets brief you on your mission..."

That is all of the dream that I remember, or maybe it ended there, I don't recall. But memory of the dream came about while talking to Chilly. But I hope you enjoyed the second view into my dreams.

I really need to get out more often though.

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