Monday, July 28, 2008

Creepy Crawlers

I am not the best of roommates. It's not that I don't get along with them, it's just that I frequently talk in my sleep and say crazy things in English and Spanish. With my current roommate, this has not been a problem. He is here from Hawaii over the summer to save up some money for school, and frankly "Ted" sleeps like a log. He also happens to get up around two or so in the morning to go to work usually.
Now frankly, there are times that I wake up, and I either remember vaguely, or not at all. Sometimes, like on my mission, I remember about being slightly woken up by a lot of cats, saying something that there was a great cat war, and asleep again. I only remembered because my mission companion told me about it.
And then there are nights, like last night, where I sort of woke up because my roommate was stirring about, and then going to sleep again. When I went to leave to work today, I discovered Ted on the couch asleep. I assumed two things, one he had missed work, and two, he was probably on the couch because I was speaking in my sleep.
Being concerned that he was way late for work, I woke him up slightly, and asked him about work. It turns out he wasn't scheduled today, but was on call in case. But he also said that I woke him up twice because I was speaking Spanish in my sleep and also that I was typing at my computer too.

So I have pushed the bar in terms of sleeping disorders, there are many people who sleep walk, but I have pushed the limits and now type in my sleep.

So please please don't hold anything against me if I post something in the early morning hours. Thank you.

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