Friday, July 18, 2008

Strange Dreams

I have mentioned some of my dream weirdness to a couple of you, but last night, well it was just crazy, and further proof the my subconscience hates me and that I need to get out more often.

Here I was on a computer, either at home or at work and I started IMing Dragon Lady saying I changed her last name on the program that my team administers, to which she gives me some reference in a policy book saying that any changes must be requested and wanted me to change her name from Mrs. Yellow Dragon Lady to just Dragon Lady. The the odd thing happens and I start IMing Yellow as well. From what I recall, he was questioning why I changed the Dragon Lady's last name and seemed to think I was trying to flirt with her, or something of that nature. After a few minutes I managed to convince him that I was a man of honor and wouldn't dare flirt with a guys wife. (unless we happen to be innocently mocking him in combined effort, poor poor Sethicus.)
So we start talking about code, Dragon Lady keeps IMing me to find out I found her in the program, and then all of a sudden Yellow challenges me to a duel, exclaiming that I am lower than the dust of the earth and summoning the elements to eradicate my very existence. I mean it was super weird, he even said that even the mighty rivalry between bismark and Hobbes would be small in comparison.

And then I woke up.

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