Thursday, July 10, 2008

I don't know what to name this actually.

Well first off, it as been three, maybe four days, since I put the little counter at the bottom of the page. I know you all don't like to scroll down there, but it's there, trust me. What boggles me, is that this site has been visited near to 40 times since I got this. I know it isn't all me either, so I am just wondering who is refreshing the page over and over, because I know I am not that likeable, or funny enough (Shush Giovanni, your rantings about me being funny don't help me here. ;) ) to have that many people view the page.

Or maybe it is just search engine robots passing by.

In other news, Questionable Content is amazingly funny. I know I have converted Green Giant and Yellow M&M to its pages, it just needs more. More I tell you! MORE!!!!!
The world must be filled with laughter!!!

In other related news, there is a non existent study that has just been released showing that guys who go by Nanti-SARRMM go insane in the late hours of the night, especially when blogging. He was last heard shouting into the streets that he would conquer Stronbadia with the Homestramy first, and then the world. He also gave a random old homeless person a heart attack by leaping out of the shadows shouting Kni.
The world will cease to believe the mad claims that a return to normalcy is good, or that it is supposed to be a historic symbol of some sort.
We can only hope that he hasn't turned into an avatar of pure evil bent on destroying the world and is only attempting an attempt at humor. On the Internet. Oh will the madness ever cease?

Last thoughts: Bluetooth and broadcasting dreams through it.

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