Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Turning the wierdness up a notch

In attempts to break the awkward or weirdness level with a girl in my ward, it seems I have only made the ice thicker.

You see, I moved into this singles ward two months after I came off the mission, so naturally there was bound to be some weirdness and awkwardness. With a certain set of girls, this has continued. It may be attributed to the fact that at one of the first times at ward prayer I told Melinda (Names changed of course) that she laughed like Gollum, meaning it as a compliment. Combined with being a tad socially awkward and shy, there is a perpetual barrier of awkwardness whenever we're together at stuff like FHE, and we've never really had an actual conversation besides saying what is up and briefly chatting through facebook.

So tonight, I get home and see her online on facebook and I decided it would be a great way to break through that barrier, maybe get Melinda's sister, Nancy, to chuckle a bit. To say the least, I failed, utterly. For your laughing pleasure, here is the transcript:
Nice love in the family, what with your sister liking a photo because she thinks you look like a guy. :)
10:49pm Nancy
wow do you really read everything on everyones profile?
10:51pm Sam
yes, obviously I use every minute of my time to read new things in facebook profiles,(please note that this is supposed to be sarcasm here!!!!) or it just happens to appear at the top of the news feed
10:51pm Nancy
yeah, seems like it
10:53pm Sam
hmmn, I had not realized that I have the aura of a facebook stalker. I guess my work is succeeding in keeping up the level of awkwardness though.
10:53pm Nancy
its not awkward. its weird
10:55pm Sam
Well I do apologize for being weird. I shall punish myself by saying Kni at myself in front of a mirror.
10:56pm Nancy
ok that's even weirder. i think you need some sleep. goodnight Sam!
10:57pm Sam
Hmmn, how unfortunate that the humor of Monty Python is not grasped.
10:57pm Nancy
yes, quite unfortunate.
10:57pm Sam
So what do you find funny?
10:58pm Nancy
nothing. i'm going to bed. goodnight
10:59pm Sam
how unfortunate, I guess my plans to conquer the world by giving them asthma through laughter have failed. I shall have to consult with Pinky to formulate a new plan
but goodnight.

So, although at the time it was slightly humorous for me, I failed. One can only wonder how church will be on Sunday.


Green Giant said...

wow that is awful. hope she will understand that it was jokes. :(

I_is_Sam said...

While I honor your optimism Green Giant, I don't hold out much hope. Unless I learn enough about the Armenian culture to joke about it in a funny way, there isn't much hope.

And no, not even the Tin Can Mobile can save the day.