Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Really is Barack Obama?

I know, you are all probably sick and tired of being asked who really is Barack Obama, but the truth must be told. Now I know that McCain's campaign strategy is to paint Obama as untrustworthy, but you should notice that they only allude to what he could be, but they never say who, or what, Obama really is. Maybe it is because they are unable to reveal the truth about him? Maybe Obama is more than just untrustworthy than they claim? What if in fact Barack Obama is an alien? And no, I don't mean an illegal immigrant, but that he could be a true, blue extraterrestial.

Yes you may scoff, but under the pretense of humor at a political dinner, Obama admitted his extra-terrestrial origins, saying that he hails from another planet.
Now you would think that being born on an alien planet would disqualify the senator from the presidency, but apparently Obama, and his alien race, is above such things as a human constitution. Apparently he has an in with aliens, as he would support visits from another race, so long as they were registered in the Democratic Party. That sounds a wee bit suspicious if you ask me... In fact, they recently released a statement saying that they even want to know how his health care plan affects them, and has even gone so far to throw their support to him. Even Steven Colbert revealed Obama's true nature. (go about 4:15 in)

Now with all this, people still support him! In fact, due to the economic crisis, his numbers have swelled! Many pundits claim he looked calm and composed, that while the $900 Billion bailout bailout bill he was in contact with his leaders. Of course he was in contact with his leaders, of course he looked calm and composed, everything is going according to their insidious alien plan!

So America, look again! Don't let those fake human ears fool you! Elect McCain to the presidency. With luck, Governor Palin might fall into a vat of radioactive goo and gain super hockey mom powers. With McCain as president, we all know that no one, not even hostile alien forces, would dare challenge US supremacy, after all, we all know how everyone fears a riled upa hockey mother, especially one that sports a hunting rifle.

So America, do your patriotic duty! Vote for the unstoppable force of team Hockey Mom and Old Guy!

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yellow m&m said...

I'm sorry, I already have been bribed by the other side. Extra-Terrestrial chocolate is so much better than even British choclate.