Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Small Pet Peeve or Two.

Ok, I pay attention to politics and everything that goes on. Why? Because I like to be informed, and find that I am not informed enough. And then while forming my opinion I listen to other people's take on things and I draw from all that. I don't know why I just wrote that.

Anyways, today has been hectic. I am trying to understand low level programming, writing in assembly code. It's complicated stuff that I barely understand, so I won't get into it. The point is, I have a lab assignment that still needs to be turned in. I thought maybe before hand that I could have completed it by 6:00 pm or so, and I was wrong. At 7:00 I had a date planned, and yes while I could have planned better and called sooner, I called at 5:30 or so to postpone the date to either tomorrow or either next Wednesday or Thursday. None of those days worked for the girl, who I shall call Shelly, and so we agreed upon just a quick game of bowling. Which isn't really possible. So about 6:00 or so I walk to my car to go to my apartment and get ready, wondering why I couldn't have just said no and canceled completely and done my homework like I should have. Then I watched some of the game, where BYU was slaughtered. At least we scored...
So at 7:00 I drive to her house, it's a double date and we head to the Wilk to go bowling. It was fun, got my mind off the homework load at the very least. On the way back, the election is brought up, and it appears that I am the only one who leans toward Obama. That of course is no problem, I don't care who supports who, if they support the other candidate or not. But what does irk me is that the only reasons they stated for not wanting to vote for Obama was that supposedly Obama didn't wear a pin lapel because he didn't want to choose sides and for his wife's statement about not being proud of Americans until recently.
That is what gets me, if you are not going to vote for a guy, at least have some intelligent reason for it; instead of basing your opinion on some made up drivel spouted a year ago and his wife's pessimistic view of society. I am not entirely proud of our country, and that depends on how I view the country and if I feel hopeful or not. There are certainly more than enough things to not be proud of. But that is a different story.

The point is, that irks me. I decided when I got back to look it up, and read it for myself and found that snopes article explaining everything. All the news sites have Obama's real explanation.

So, I sent that snopes link to Shelly. I may ask her out again, depending on how she reacts to it, to make up for the poor date tonight. We'll see though. I guess that reveals something to me, I want to marry a girl who can make informed decisions and opinions. Not someone that will believe every little thing.

Good night!

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yellow m&m said...

you know what, that annoys me too. which is why I havn't made up my mind yet (yeah, boo me). I just can't see myself choosing someone before looking at all the options, and I find myself too busy to look into all the options. (bad excuse, I know) But, at least I know that I'm not voting for someone just because they're republican, or they're black. There's more to politics than that.